Where is the best Money Exchange place in Tokyo, Japan?

Where is the best Money Exchange place in Tokyo, Japan?

Today I’m gonna show you most cheapest
exchange counter in Tokyo! This time I want to introduce you best exchange counter in Tokyo. I went so many places today, and checked exchange rate from US dollar to Japanese Yen. 4 places I went. First, Haneda Airport Second, Tokyo Station Third, Shinjuku Station Thenl finally, Ikebukuro station I pick up 8 exchange counters from that, so anyway, please watch the video of my today’s survey first. First, I’m coming to Haneda
Airport. Haneda has a 2 exchange counters before departure, so let’s check which exchange counter is the best. First place in Haneda is Mizuho Bank. Let’s check today’s rate. So today’s rate from US Dollar to Japanese Yen is… 105.82 Japanese Yen. Next place in Haneda Airport is SMBC Bank. Today’s rate is 105.48 Japanese Yen. I found one more money exchange machine at the train station, so let’s check the rate. Today’s rate of money exchange machine is… 101.52 Japanese yen. Second place, I’m coming to Tokyo Station. Tokyo Station is one of the biggest Hub station in Tokyo, so so many tourists coming here. OK. Let’s go! First place is here, JR East Travel Center. It seems like this exchange counter, doesn’t have a kind of sign board to show today’s rate so I checked to the counter lady today’s rate. then she said that here’s rate is 99.75 Japanese Yen. This is second place, Travelex Tokyo Station. Same as previous one, this currency exchange counter also doesn’t have kind of a signboard to show the rate so I asked to the counter lady and she said that rate is 99.75 Japanese Yen. Third place, coming to I’m coming to Shinjuku Station. Shinjuku is one of the biggest city in the Tokyo so so many currency exchange counter around here. I picked up 2 from that today. This is first place, Daikokuya Shinjuku today’s rate of Daikokuya is 105.87 Japanese Yen. Second place, Access Ticket Shinjuku. Today’s rate for access ticket Shinjuku is… 107.05 Japanese Yen. Final place, now I’m coming to Ikebukuro . Ikebukuro is famous city for Japanese animation manga and electric appliances. OK let’s go! I already exhausted. First place, C market Ikebukuro. Today’s rate is.. 106.02 Japanese Yen. Second place, today’s final place. Here is Post Bank in Ikebukuro. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a movie inside the post bank. but I checked the rate rate here today is… JPY 105.52 I walked around whole day today so my legs feel so heavy now. Then conclusion is like this. Best exchange counter in Tokyo is Access Ticket Shinjuku. Rate for 1 US dollars is… 107.05 Japanese Yen. I checked information on the Internet as well it seems like this 107.05 is one of the best rate in Tokyo. Difference between worst exchange counter and Access Ticket Shinjuku is more than 7 Japanese yen. This difference is big because for example, if you change 100 US dollars, Difference will be 700 Japanese Yen. It is almost 7.00 US dollars. I wrote down the rates for each exchange counter on the description of this movie so please check it when you have a time. Thank you very much for watching my video today. If you like it, please push like button. We are ready to show you more interesting and useful videos, so please subscribe to our channel as well. Bye bye!

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    October 27, 2019

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