Uganda 1987 coin set

Uganda 1987 coin set

hello people are you going today today
I’m gonna show you the 1987 coins of Uganda now if you know anything about
the history of Uganda you know it’s been plagued by military governments and
dictatorships and it still has this problem with the current president who
is let me get his name right go where we must save any he’s been president since
1986 so he introduced these coins the Presidents before hand have been
overthrown I think there’s a brief period in 1979 of democracy and before
between 1966 and 71 yeah but the economy has been plagued by corruption and
inflation so we have 1 2 5 and 10 shillings and if you can look if you
couldn’t look close up on the one and 2 shillings it has cotton so he has the
various growth stages of the cotton itself so should be 1 2 3 an extra final
cotton there you can see and he has a bag of cotton and I’m the 5 and 10 has
cocoa no not cocoa coffee so you’ve got a coffee plant here if the actual beans
got a bowl full of a basket full of beans and these are the two major
agricultural products of Uganda they are not the only ones by the day probably
the ones that make the most money for the country and as you can see none of
these coins around these coins would have lasted to about probably the mid
90s when inflation took these coins out of circulation and now they actually she
coins from from fifty to five hundred shillings and
if a is about 1500 shillings to an Australian dollar okay so here I have to
reverse of these coins and he has the coat of arms of Uganda as you can see
there’s two animals on it he has the crested crane and the Ugandan Kolb which
is a as you can see like a type of deer and it has here as a drum the top it has
a Sun and here has the waters of supposed to represent the like Victorian
like help it and down below you have ground with the null in between this
coin is me so it’s got six 12 sided coin just like the Australian 50 cent coin
and it’s quite thick obviously has no milk no milling on it and I’ll show you
decides to so if we look at the sides you can see they’re not milling this who
actually made it the Royal Mint as I know so that’s why do actually
high-quality coins okay so those are the coins I began during 1987 well one thing
I forgot to say is that these replaced the old shilling in 1987 at 100 old
shillings equals one year shilling so this one’s one hundred old shillings
this was two hundred five hundred one thousand old shillings it’s that
obviously the shilling at the time it was really heavily inflated so thank you
very much give it a thumbs up if you like these coins and let me know what
you think down below bye bye

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