Trading™ 🔔 FX Forex Foreign Exchange Market ®

Trading™ 🔔 FX Forex Foreign Exchange Market ®

This video is an introduction to the foreign exchange market everyday euros are being exchanged for dollars dollars for yen’s and yen’s for euros this represents part of the exchanges done on a market called for an exchange market but how is this market organized how I exchange rates between the different currencies set this is a foreign exchange market explained in plain English by public [Music] John and Mary are going to spend the weekend in London they estimate the amount of their expenses at 300 euros as Great Britain is not part of the eurozone they have to buy British pounds and they go to the bank to exchange 300 euros for British pounds at the time of the transaction one euro is 0.866 one pounds John and Mary will get 259 pound eighty-three for their 300 euros amount free of brokerage fees this by same transaction took place on the foreign exchange market behind this transaction there is Peter Peter works it’s crude Bank as a trader every day he gets British Pound buying requests and euro buying requests as for all hoods the price here the exchange rate of a currency is set by supply and demand if the request of English pounds goes up against euros an imbalance is created and the British pounds of change rate increases the British pound will get stronger compared to the euro watch out tourists on earth II only actors on the foreign exchange market goods and services companies states investors and even speculators packaging on the Forex the supply and demand law is not the only item affecting currency rate other items also take place to work out currency rates current interest rates the political situation of countries economic indicators such as the gross domestic product inflation rate etc be careful this is only true in a floating rate system a notion to be discovered further in this course to summarize the fry exchange market is made up by the set of by sales and loan borough transit

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