The Worlds first Market Scanner for MT4

The Worlds first Market Scanner for MT4

The Autochartist Mt4 plug-in is truly revolutionary. It is the world’s first market scanner in MT4 and MT5. It scans the whole market for trading opportunities and allows you to watch all the symbols and time periods from a single chart. Gone or the days of opening so many charts that you can’t remember which currency you’re looking at. So as you can see here, I am on the Euros, dollars US chart. I have the main Autochartist window here with trading opportunities for all the other symbols across multiple time frames, which corresponds to the market watch window here. Now let’s say I want to view this trading opportunity, with just one click it will automatically open up the correct chart, the correct time frame, the trading opportunity overlaid, You also get volatility analysis here that provides guidance for setting stop loss levels based on expected market volatility. Let’s say I just want to analyze this pair, I unpick display all symbols and all that appears now are current trading opportunities for this pair across multiple time frames and as you can see just by one click how easy it is to go to a new time frame chart, awesome right? For a more in-depth look on all the features and how to use the Autochartist plug-in, click on the link that appears on your screen now.


  • B Plancher

    October 19, 2016

    The worlds first laggy/shitty market scanner, it really is hot garbage. ( and i've got fiberglass connection )

  • Surendra Sharma

    December 12, 2018

    Hi, I want this scanner….can u provide ur contact number and what is the price of this scanner

  • Palash Sutradhar

    March 26, 2019

    i need this one


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