The New Currency

The New Currency

(calming music) You know what we’re not
going to beat the machines at is doing things. You’re not going to beat the machines and the computers at thinking. Not going to beat them at making things. So the question then is, should we even be trying to keep up with those things? Should we be trying to keep up as thinkers alone? Should we be trying to keep up as doers? Instead of playing a
game that’s unwinnable, what if we just go back
to the most uniquely human of endeavors, which is creation. Well instead of trying to
win a game that’s over, instead of trying to be the
first place, second place, third place winner in
a game that’s actually passing us by, you can begin to be a
practitioner of the new currency. What is this new currency? Well it’s the only way
that any of us is going to be able to continue to move forward, not only to survive but to thrive, to actually grow in the most uniquely of human ways possible. This new currency is not gold or oil or guns or money or land. This new currency starts with the most human of energies. Your intuition. And this is the first
piece of the new currency, this ability to intuit, to feel something, even if it’s undefinable or unexplainable, that doesn’t mean it’s not real. But you can’t just stop there. If you just stop with your intuition, then it just remains as a good feeling. But we want to be able to
make this real for you, right? We want to be able to ride this wave, not only to feel something that feels like the right
idea for you right now, but how do you take that
feeling and bring it out in the world. Well we’re on to step two
of this new currency here. If step one is intuition,
step two is inspiration. And I’m not just talking
about you know being fired up and just feeling energized and motivated for the purpose of, what,
of enrolling other people in your own motivation. That’s a pretty closed loop. That doesn’t really go anywhere. But when you allow this intuition
to turn into inspiration where that idea grabs you and
that idea pulls you forward, where that idea comes with
its own batteries included, the idea comes with the energy to execute that idea. So intuition can become inspiration, and then you only have one
more piece of the puzzle. There’s only one more
piece of this new currency that can actually be your golden ticket to freedom in this era
that we find ourselves in. The third piece of the
currency is adaptability. Adaptability. Gone forever are the days of saying, well I’ve been doing this for 50 years. You know a few generations ago, your last name defined what you did. That changed to where people
started having two careers, you know they started having three careers in a single lifetime. But what we’re looking at now with this accelerated pace of change, we’re talking turning careers around every four to five years. Now that may sound scary to some people, that might sound scary
to you if you’ve put a lifetime of work and
education into being good at what you do. But there’s no need to be afraid. In fact, this is the best
news that human beings have ever had. Because your desires don’t stand still, why should your skills? Your dreams aren’t stagnant, so why should your actions be? Your intuition, your inspiration, and your adaptability, these are the three forces
of this new currency, and the future belongs to
those who become practitioners of this new currency. Yes you can practice intuition, and yes you can practice inspiration, and you can absolutely
practice adaptability. And you can start right now. You are already a
practitioner of this currency, intuition, inspiration, and adaptability. And the best part is, it never finishes, there’s always more, and then more, and then more. We’ll see what happens
as this journey unfolds, and I’ll see you on the next one. (calming music)


  • Paul Rezaei

    December 21, 2017

    Love the edits and flow.. and of course content! Thank you!

  • Truth'b Told

    February 9, 2018

    Energy is the new currency

  • Truth'b Told

    February 9, 2018

    Hooked !!!!…….Because you spoke my language…..NEW SUBBIE Alert 🎯🚨

  • Benjamin Ugoji

    March 29, 2018

    Thanks for the insightful information. Very interesting to hear your idea about the new currency … Intuition, Inspiration and Adaptability (IIA). I think that Adaptability is the realm of intelligence. Hence your idea could be (III).

  • Ms Nubia 365

    April 2, 2018

    Awesome !

  • Kristyn Garcia

    May 17, 2018

    I can understand practicing intuition and adaptability. But how do you practice inspiration?

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    September 6, 2018

    Thank you for your videos 💛
    I love your coat! 🦋

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    Just found your channel. I’m so grateful for your videos. Please make more!!! I love your message!


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