Slovenian coins before the Euro

Slovenian coins before the Euro

so hello people are you going today to
the beautiful day to make another coin video and this one is about Slovenia so
as you can see I have the coins from one don t know 250 something off and one
taller 250 total well if you don’t speak a Slavic Slavic language then you like
me will not understand the plural and singular systems in Slovak as you can
see it – Tyler yeah and 5kf have different and plural systems this is you
this is more than more than two and the singular is just taller anyway that’s
enough about language so as you can see we have aluminium stop you know poins
or should I say 98% aluminium two percent magnesium okay these the one two
five Paula are 78 percent copper
twinklin zinc two percent nickel and these aren’t er copper nickel coins at
the standard rate of 75 percent copper 25 percent equal so let’s Picone it’s
probably the most expensive because nickel is pretty expensive metal to use
that’s why in a new coins most countries don’t use nickel at all they use
stainless steel or just steel generally underneath anyway so all these coins are
pretty much the same design okay these ones are issued in 1993 as you can see
from the tube this one was issued in 2000 and these two issues 2003
you tend to 50 people air replaced appointment of same denomination and
these are introduced because inflation have reduced the value of the tire in
front memory I remember there was like a hundred feet Aloha – one Australian
dollar so and I can get stars in like Kim hello so inflation reduced is vary
quite a lot so on the reverse we have different animals as you can see here I
can zoom in okay let’s go up to the aluminium coins
first yes I have a new stand and it takes the few wobbliness of the coin so
on d-10 is an own and then even an phibian it hot at least in Sylvania
actually all these animals live in Sylvania ok this one’s a long eared hour
on the 20 on the 50 is the Western honeybee and on these it has the
scientific name as well like your son as a CEO Otis and Proteus and Guinness and
if you’re not sure about the scientific name the first name Proteus here is the
genus name and Aang Guinness is actually the species name so more than one
species will have same genera name okay on the one Tala is a brown trout as you
can in this scientific name now the third name here means it’s the
subspecies restricted to a certain area and a lot of species have some species
the either precursor to that one species turning into two species or maybe more
okay – has the barn swallow as you can see is flying and actually it is better
than that this 120 Colorado 20 stunning stunning key now the Alice should
actually be bigger wings and take up the whole clan okay before I pass the alpine
ibex let’s go back a bit Alpine ibex and as you can see the scientific name is
Capra ibex so the English name just comes from
scientific name or maybe a vice versa okay d-10 and this one is unique as it
has brow on and that’s uni corner I come across if I can remember that has
Braille and this is just a horse okay d20 has your white stalk also
scientific name in the 50 as a boom not bad not bad at all so I’ve got the actual coins in as you
can see the small coins ah the aluminium ones are plain as you can see here your
bra um yelps a probably brass these ones are readed fine read it II 10 and 20
right course readed and the 50 interrupted milling so you have 1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 8 8 reaches there and then you’ve got a gap and you’ve got another
8 and it goes all the way around so these are the last coins of Slovenia
they were replaced in 2007 by Euro at a rate of two hundred thirty nine point
six for polar to one euro so and the last thing I just want to show you is
who actually design these coins so we have our not even going to say the
same this person and this person design the coins this person design any mugs so
if I can’t even tell the Slovak names which ones male and which ones female so
let me know if your if you speak a Slavic language thank you very much
if you like this video please give it a thumbs up it’s not give it a thumbs down
and let me know if you’d like Slovenian currency thank you have a nice

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