Secret Behind Lord Ganesha on Muslim Country Currency | ముస్లిం దేశ కరెన్సీ పై వినాయకుడు | With CC

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Welcome to TFC Media Planet Leaf… According to our Hindu tradition… Lord Vinayaka have a great significance. Lord Vinayaka must be worshipped first while initiating any good work. Why because… The devotees believe that Lord Vinayaka will protect them and will avoid the interruptions when they begin any work. Not only that, the Hindus believe that Lord Vinayaka is the symbol of victory and the god who gives enormous wisdom. So all the Hindus will worship Lord Vinayaka keeping the images or small idols at their house. But can you believe if I say, the currency notes of Muslim country carries the picture of Ganesh? Even if you believe it or not…
This is the truth. Even though our India is the Hindustan, we did not have the image of Lord Vinayaka on our Indian currency note. But why did the Muslim country had it on its currency? Where is that country? Why did they make an inscription of Lord Vinayaka who is the Hindu god on their currency? I am going o tell you those things in this video. Indonesia is one of the Islamic countries in Asia continent. Here 87 percent of the population is Muslim. And the remaining 13 percent of the population is Hindu. However, the Muslim population is more in this country… There Hindus and Hindu cultures are given a great importance. In that country, the Hindu temples, the signs of the Hindu history will be more. The 20,000 rupiah note of that country has an inscription of our Lord Ganesha. There the people say two reasons for printing the picture of Lord Ganesh on their currency. The first one is… When Indonesia was under the rule of Dutch… Freedom fighter Ki Hajar Dewantara fought against Dutch rulers to free that country from their rule… And he used to educate the people living there. He was a great scholar. He used to think that if the people in that country get educated just like him… His country will be developed well. He used to carry a small idol of Lord Vinayaka along with him it seems. He believed that Lord Vinayaka is the symbol of literature and victory. So always he used to carry a small idol of Lord Vinayaka along with him. On one side, the picture of Lord Vinayaka and Ki Hajar Dewantara was printed on the currency of their country in honour… And on the other side, it bears the picture of the students studying in the classroom. The second reason is… After getting the freedom from the Dutch… Indonesia was hit hardest by the financial crisis. As the value of their currency at the international market was fallen down… They made several trails to recover from that situation it seems. At that time, the leaders at that place said to print the picture of Lord Vinayaka on their currency… And also said that even Ki Hajar Dewantara used to carry a small idol of Lord Vinayaka it seems. With that, following the orders from the Financial Minister at that time… They printed the picture of Lord Vinayaka on the 20,000 rupiah note it seems. They are saying that since then the financial condition of that country is better. Anyway, we must feel proud that the other countries are paying so much respect towards the image of our little Ganesh. So, friends… This is the reason why the picture of Lord Vinayaka was inscribed on the currency of Indonesia. I will be back with few more interesting videos. If you do not want to miss those videos… Then do not forget to subscribe to our channel.

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