Royal Caribbean Tips and Money Saving Tricks

Royal Caribbean Tips and Money Saving Tricks

Hey Cruisers! Royal Caribbean is awesome for adventure travelers
of all ages, families with kids, and fun-seekers wanting an adrenaline rush. We’re stoked to share some general tips
with you, and finish off the episode with some expert money saving tips from Matt, the
host of Royal Caribbean Blog. But first a little love for our sponsor If you haven’t checked out
yet, head over there right after this video. You can find reviews, tips and photos from
real, everyday cruisers, no matter what class of Royal Caribbean ship you choose. So much cool stuff there, so be sure to check
it out! Let’s get going with #1. If you’re splurging on a drink package,
book your package EARLY using Royal Caribbean’s cruise planner. Die hard Royal Caribbean fans KNOW that if
you wait to book your drink package onboard, you’ll pay more for it. You could save up to $10 per DAY by booking
early. Of course, the drink package doesn’t always
make sense, so be sure to calculate how many drinks per day you’d have to drink EVERY
day of your cruise to make it worth the cost. If the drink package isn’t your thing, you
should know Royal Caribbean still allows cruisers to bring two bottles of wine or champagne
per stateroom, a great way to save a little cash. Leave the non-alcoholic beverages at home
though, you’re no longer allowed to bring soda or water onboard. #2 You can also make your specialty dining
and activity reservations early using Royal Caribbean’s cruise planner. If you book early, you might even be able
to get a discount. Whether it’s venturing down the rabbit hole
at Wonderland, indulging in a traditional steak at Chops, or booking a show, a little
pre-planning can ensure you get the most from your dining and entertainment experiences
onboard. Insider tip: DON’T book your Aqua show tickets
on the first night of your cruise leaving Florida. Rough seas tend to lead to cancellations. Also, when it comes to activities, showing
up early is always recommended. Great examples of this are the parade and
aqua shows, it’s best to arrive early to find the best seating for you and your crew. #3 Visiting Labadee, Royal Caribbean’s private
destination? We have some tips for you. First, you’ve gotta try a Labadoozie. You can order this citrusy, tropical concoction
with or without rum, and it’s a cult favorite for a reason. Want to know a secret? The recipe can be found on,
but don’t tell anyone. There’s a ton to do in Labadee, including,
shopping, zip lining, an aqua park and even a roller coaster, but renting a cabana, if
you score one early, is a total treat. You’ll enjoy little luxuries like a cooler
full of water, extra towels, privacy, and even a beach attendant. #4 Let’s jump back on the ship for some
dining tips! The Windjammer buffet hides a little secret
that many cruisers don’t catch on to until later in their cruise, and that’s the custom
food stations. You’ll find everything from omelets at breakfast,
to carving stations at dinner, which go way beyond standard buffet fare. That’s not all. Royal Caribbean’s Cafe Promenade offers delicious
coffee, which is considerably better than what you’ll find at the buffet. Café Promenade ALSO offers killer roast beef
sandwiches. They’re a huge fave amongst Royal Caribbean
cruisers in the know. #5 How about some activity hacks? Quantum-class’s North Star is awesome anytime
you can take advantage of it, but you’ll get the best views on sea days, because the rising
glass capsule sometimes can’t extend out as far while in port. Catch the North Star on sea days for a better
chance at the full 300 foot experience. When it comes to activities, one of the best
tips we hear, time after time, is to maximize that first day! Some of the most popular activities on Royal
Caribbean ships tend to be a LOT less crowded on embarkation day, so pack your swimsuit
and sunscreen in that carry-on bag, and check out the FlowRider, Ripcord by iFly, rock climbing
and bumper cars on day 1. While everyone else is getting a feel for
the ship, and hitting the buffet, you can be crossing adrenaline rushes off your list. Now, if you’re super serious about this
idea, you can even sign the waivers for activities like the zip line and flow before you cruise,
so you can save time and hassle on your first day. Just check for them in your cruise planner
on the Royal Caribbean website. #5 Want to get the inside scoop before your
Royal Caribbean cruise, from verified Royal Caribbean cruisers? You always hear us say “know your ship before
you cruise” and in this case, the best way to do that is to check out tens of thousands
of ship, port and even cabin reviews at If you’re looking for a way to connect with
other cruisers before you sail, check out ShipMate App as well, and don’t forget to
upload YOUR review and photos when you return from your cruise. #6 Work that Cruise Compass! Your daily newsletter is the key to making
the most of your Royal Caribbean cruise, so pack a highlighter pen, and a magnetic clip
to affix your daily newsletter to the metal walls in your stateroom. If you’re cruising with kids, they’ll
love being involved in choosing activities for the next day, and you may even minimize
those “what should we do now” situations. Now, we’re honored to bring you “five
money saving tips for getting the best Royal Caribbean cruise deal”, from our friend
Matt Hochberg, the host of the award winning podcast and website, Matt is commonly asked how someone can save
money on a Royal Caribbean cruise or just get a good deal on their sailing. While Matt says there is no silver bullet
solution that will work for everyone, there are some good guidelines Matt can share to
getting you the best possible pricing. #1 Book as early as you can to get the lowest
possible fares. In general, Royal Caribbean rewards those
that book their cruises early with the lowest fares. As more people book a given sailing, prices
tend to rise because there is less inventory available. Matt suggests we place a deposit on a sailing
that can lock in that price until your final payment date. This not only gives you the lowest possible
price, it also gives you the most time to make payments on the cruise. And, that deposit is fully refundable if you
happen to change your mind later. #2 – Use a travel agent. Whether you are brand new to Royal Caribbean
or a veteran, book your cruise with a good travel agent. It is their job to stay on top of the various
deals and promotions Royal Caribbean rolls out and because they are constantly pricing
a variety of sailings across Royal Caribbean’s fleet, they may be aware of deals and savings
that you might not have considered. In addition, even after you book a cruise,
Royal Caribbean is constantly rolling out new promotions that could save you even more
money, and a good travel agent will be there to re-price things for you while you plan
the fun parts of your cruise. #3- Book a cruise during less-busy months. Matt’s first two tips will get you some
great prices, but if you want to find those super low cruise fares, consider taking a
Royal Caribbean cruise when many others are not willing to. What does that mean? Since Royal Caribbean is a family cruise line,
you can save money by avoiding taking cruises when kids are off from school for holidays. Summer, Christmas, Spring Break and Easter
are all times when families have built in vacation time and many look to cruise. In short, book your cruise while school is
in session. Here are the specific times of year when you
will be able to save big: January (except New Years), February (except Presidents Week),
the First two weeks of March, October, November (except thanksgiving), and the first two weeks
of December. #4- Consider ships sailing from alternate
ports: In addition to considering time of year, also consider the ports Royal Caribbean
sails from and which ones can get you a better deal. Royal Caribbean offers cruises from a variety
of ports around the world, but some sailings always seem to be priced lower than other
sailings mainly due to where the cruise departs from. In North America, you can often find great
rates from Galveston, Texas, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Tampa, Florida. #5- Skip the brand new ships. When you watch any of Royal Caribbean’s TV
commercials, you will see scenes from their Quantum and Oasis class ships and they are
absolutely amazing experiences, but they also come with premium pricing. Royal Caribbean has a fleet of 23 cruise ships
and they all offer really fun experiences. The thing is, Royal Caribbean charges a premium
for its newest ships, so some of the best deals can be found with the relatively older
classes of ships. Here are Matt’s five favorite ships that
offer a tremendous value for the money: Independence of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas, Enchantment
of the Seas, Navigator of the Seas, and Brilliance of the Seas. There are plenty of others as well, but the
bottom line is if you can look past the latest and greatest, you can find great deals on
some truly amazing ships. Huge thanks to Matt from
for these awesome money saving ideas. We hope you’ve enjoyed this episode enough
to give it a thumbs up. We have dozens of videos on topics like packing,
dining, and cruise planning, so check out our playlists, and follow CruiseTipsTV on
Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for the latest cruise goodness, and an inside look at our
cruise travels. Most importantly, leave your Royal Caribbean
tips and tricks in the comments below and until next time, we’ll see you on the high
seas! Cabana boy, bring my Labadoozie! Hey, click me to subscribe


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    March 4, 2018

    Money $aving tips for cruising:

    1. Book future cruises while ON a cruise. Royal Caribbean has a NextCruise office on each of its ships, and they will usually give you a better deal on a future cruise than if you were to book that same cruise online yourself. Sometimes they'll even throw in small perks like extra cash for on-board spending.
    2. If your schedule permits, try cruising during January or February. Not only is it cheaper because it's not during peak season, but the Caribbean is typically much calmer during the winter (no hurricanes), AND it's much milder than in the summer months (slightly lower temperatures and humidity levels).
    3. $ave $$ by booking an interior room! You'll hardly ever be IN your stateroom anyway. So why waste extra $$ on a balcony that you won't be spending much time on?!
    4. Unless you're buying toiletries or medicine that you FORGOT to pack, don't shop on board until the last day/night of the cruise. Toward the end of every cruise, most merchandise in shops will go on sale by approximately 50%.
    5. Speaking of medicines, bring/buy OTC medicines BEFORE you get on the ship. Cruise lines will charge a premium for Dramamine, Ibuprofen, sun screen, etc..
    6. BINGO: Most RC cruises will have at least two or three BINGO games with the reward of the final BINGO game being a free cruise! Although your chances of winning a free cruise may be fairly low, paying $29-$69 for a cruise won in a BINGO game is a much better deal than paying hundreds of dollars for that same cruise.

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