Propagating Money Tree in Water – Part 1

Propagating Money Tree in Water – Part 1

hi guys welcome to easy-peasy gardening
I’m your gardener friend Ruchi and today I’m going to show you to propagate the money tree or malabar chestnuts or the scientific name of this plant is pachira aquatica. It is a native plant of South and Central America and it grows in wet lands and that’s why it has the word aquatica in the scientific name so this has been growing inside and it is doing very well. It needs bright sunlight even when it’s indoors otherwise the branches will limp and bend and it grows very tall. But I want to cut it and make it bushier before it becomes too leggy and I also want to make more plants from it. So what we are going to do is that we are going to cut some branches and
plant them so like this is a healthy branch. I think this is the biggest branch of the plant. These are the nodes you know from where the leaves
coming out and these are the places from where the roots grow so I’m going to cut
it just below the node so that this node goes inside the soil or water and the
roots grow from it. Always cut it slanted so that you know the more area
is exposed to the soil and moisture and more chances of roots growing can you see so I’m cutting it slanted
just below the node so this is one branch, here is another
branch I mean you want to make sure that there are at least two three nodes in
each branch when you cut it so I am going to cut it right here, then this one below the node. Now we have 3 branches and we want to plant them. Whenever you have cuttings you want to remove
most of the leaves because you don’t want this cutting to spend energy in
keeping these leaves alive so just bend them in the wrong direction and they should come out, like this so I think this one is okay so this one
is ready same thing I’m going to do with these so now our cutting are ready so I have put
one stem in water and now I’m going to collect all these leaves and I’m going
to put them in water because they root too and I’m going to put it inside the house, where it gets a lot of indirect light and I will report what happens in a couple of weeks. So it’s been 4 weeks that we pruned our money tree if you come closer I’ll show you the places we pruned. One was this top branch and from that node look at this thing it has
grown really tall it’s about ten inches tall
you know we had cut this another one was this and this is really tiny I’m
surprised that one is ten inches tall and this is just half inch long and the
third one is here this one so this one is also this thing has grown about ten
inches tall so I mean and it is summer time so that definitely
helps you know when you’re pruning the plants in spring and summer , they grow very fast. So you can
just keep on pruning your money tree and it will grow pretty nicely. This I have kept
inside my house and it gets about one hour of direct sunlight through the
window and indirect sunlight the whole day because the window is east
and south facing so whatever we had cut we had put it in the water
because I wanted to propagate all the leaves, these leaflets, this whole leaflet I have put individually and one
cutting that I had put in water. So let me show you how they look so they have this white growth in most
of these leaflets and one of them has grown really big root. So this one first it
got all the white growth and then from the middle somewhere it just started growing
this root so this is definitely you know when the roots are about 1 inch long
they are definitely ready for transplantation and all other roots if
you look at it you know they are at least growing this white growth I
don’t know what is the technical term and even the cutting that we have made
it has this wide deposit so you know most of them have these white deposit
and the roots are growing from them so since this one is ready for transplant I
don’t want to wait for others to grow you can see these small roots if you
look closely this is a small root growing from here but I don’t want to
wait for these I’m going to put these back in water
and but I want to plant this because once the roots grow too big then it’s
very difficult for them to take the new medium so you know I have just because
this is a really tiny plant taking a small planter with the potting soil
mix I’m just going to make a hole in it in the middle just enough to bury the
whole thing and just put it in and compact the soil and that’s it, just water it and of
course this thing was inside and in any case money tree likes to be inside it
likes warm temperatures and indirect sunlight so I’m going to keep it inside
and hopefully very soon I will have all these money trees growing
from these leaves so I hope this helps you in propagating your money tree and if you have any questions, leave a comment. If you like this video, press the like button and I’ll see you next time, happy gardening, bye


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