Pluto EURO – обзор тензорных средних шипов от YINHE (Milkyway): эффективность и контроль

Pluto EURO – обзор тензорных средних шипов от YINHE (Milkyway): эффективность и контроль

My greetings to all
table tennis lovers! Hello! Today we are going to review
rubber by Yinhe – Pluto Euro. We are going to try version with 1.8 mm,
it’s the thickest modification for this rubber. It is black one. We put it on the blade Venus 12.
It is Kevlar-Carbon. And it’s Off. We’ve just tried this pips and we liked it. It creates a good effect.
There is a good combination of control. And it has several advantages. At first glance you couldn’t say it’s a classic
short pips, I would say, it’s medium pips. There is medium pips without
notches. Almost without notches. That’s it’s not very grippy. When playing, I tried to
make low loop, and failed. It was just no-spin low serve. But first things first. I want at once mention,
that this rubber impressed us. Though I have tried a lot of pips, but
we both were impressed by its abilities. So, let’s start with pushing. Well, Sergei, what can you say,
what pushing I was serving? Pushing was quite quick, with slight
spinning, which confuses the opponent, because, if he misses and underspins, the balls
goes high and you have more chances for attack. I also want to mention speed. The ball flies
quickly, especially if to consider blade of Off class. Of course, the angle play an important role,
because in classical return the ball goes higher. but it may be improved with due practice. I want to point out short game, it was
easy to push, as the pips have great control. And you push no-spin ball,
which is hard to push farther, and if opponent will slightly attack,
you may counterattack or return etc. We will show you. Let’s move to drives.
Let’s see its behavior in FH and BH. So, we have tried drives, and I want
to mention one important peculiarity: with these pips you have
not to spin but just hit straight forward. Then the ball is very
controlling, both FH and BH. Sergei will share his opinion, but I want
to say, that the balls fly at low trajectory. It’s well seen that the ball is without
spinning, flies on opponents side. And to take the ball,
opponent has to spin a bit, then you correct an angle
a bit and hit the ball forward, so the ball to be on the table both FH and BH.
That is it’s very controlling. What can you add? The balls are very unpleasant,
I would even say gliding. The balls are low, fly at low trajectory, So, yes, you need to spin them, because,
if to hit forward, the ball will fly in the net, So, I think, it will be very unpleasant
for classical attacker to take the serves. Either for those who prefer
no-spin serves FH or BH, you may easily attack and
they will have some difficulties. As you have either to open
the racket or to spin. Now we are going to try
blocks and counters. Let’s see Pluto in these moves. Let’s try. So, about blocks. We were also very impressed, because the control is realy great. FH and BH. You need just hit
forward, the ball goes on the table. Sergei tried different spinnings, and power attack,
but I hit forward and the ball was on the table. Even though the trajectory was
so low, short and long serves. I saw it was hard for you to take
blocks, what can you say? Yes, it was. Because you always play
different spins, but as the rubber has slight grip, spin returns and you have
to react quickly, in different zones, short and long, and as result
there is many mistakes. In counters situation is the same.
It’s important to hit. To hit the ball forward and
direct, like with pool stick. You hit forward and
the ball is on the table. It is harder to play BH, as you
need to have your arm tough, but in serve you need
to ease it, so it’s mixed situation. But for those who play with
pips this change will be easier. Sergei, what can you add? I paid attention to high stability in counters. Almost no mistakes. I think, it’s one of the peculiarities of this rubber. Now we are going to try passive serves. As the control is high, sometimes, when hitting,
you fence out the opponent from the table, then you push, changing the zone, opponent
runs closer, serve higher and you again hit. Now we will show you whether it’s possible. Let’s see. It was good and I needed
to do some fancy footwork. Yes, it’s true. Look, you cut,
opponent runs closer, hits lightly, and you
may counterattack. But opponent may cut the ball. So, it’s interesting to see
opening attack, FH and BH. So, pips Pluto Euro.
Opening attack. Let’s see. So, opening attack. We were very impressed. The hit is the key element.
You needn’t spin, just open the angle of the
racket and hit forward. I didn’t mean to hit the table,
but the ball always went on it.
What can you say about it? I was shocked by opening attack. At first Maxim tried to spin, but he failed,
and then he started to hit with open racket, I played low backspin but the ball hit the table
and in attack was really fast. And if to take into account,
that the ball was without spin and
you need not only return, but to spin, it is difficult to beat an opponent. So, you need to play short serves, make
opponent to push. And play the first number, what is a
real surprise, considering these pips. Let’s conclude. Firstly I thought that it’s finally the rubber,
that will make blocker to win those who spin. But trying it, I realized that
it’s not for blockers only. Of course blocks with
this rubber are perfect. Not only to put, cut and returns,
but it’s great for the first move: very powerful and strong. This rubber if good for
counters: just hit forward, and due to the sponge, and mixed
with these pips with notches, the ball floats to opponent’s side. So, these pips will be great for
those who like bright attack, either for those who like
defense and counters. Sergei, what can you add? Who this rubber will suit? May be, you are right. But I think, you saw all the
moves with your own eyes. If you liked one and think it’s your style, try it. Believe me, you will be surprised. As you see, Sergei hasn’t
managed with his surprise yet. So, that all. We are Sergei
Baranovskii and Maxim Cherepnin. See you!


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    July 3, 2019

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  • Sergey Kh

    July 3, 2019

    Странно что ни на алиэкспресссе ни на ebay линейки EURO нет. Хотя на ebay что-то видел краем глаза…

  • Miguel Garzón

    July 4, 2019

    Greetings from Guayaquil – Ecuador. Excellent dynamics among you. I really liked the video. Please record new videos by testing more table tennis products. I would also like you to attach subtitles in Spanish as an option. Thank you in advance for your attention to this message.

  • Miguel Garzón

    July 4, 2019

    Привет из Гуаякиля – Эквадор. Отличная динамика среди вас. Мне очень понравилось видео. Пожалуйста, запишите новые видео, протестировав больше продуктов для настольного тенниса. Я также хотел бы, чтобы вы добавили субтитры на испанском языке как вариант Заранее благодарю за внимание к этому сообщению.

  • Сергей Елкин

    July 4, 2019

    Накладка Spinlord Ozelot. по видео говорят что она быстрее и более тянущая и вращающая чем ирбис 2 и при этом еще более контрольная. Может вам стоит взять на пробу?

  • Илья Мартешов

    July 7, 2019

    Здравствуйте, от обычной версии шипов pluto, евро сильно отличаются?

  • umints

    July 9, 2019

    Hi Guys,
    thanks for the great review.

    How is this rubber in compare to K.O or Aggressor by dr.neubauer?
    moreless deceptive ?

  • Алишер Юсупов

    September 29, 2019

    Будет обзор avalox mo?


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