New Coloured $2 coins for 2020

New Coloured $2 coins for 2020

okay so hello fellow coin collectors are
you going today this is another informative video today we’re gonna have
a look at the new coins that the Royal Australian mint is going to release so
here is their federal register of legislation we looked under currency
determinations determination not with a plural 201 9 and then you’ve got five
results but as you can see this is number six so it’s actually been a feud
and not showing up so what we want to look you sir number six and here we have
so it just gives you some information how to read it and it gives you the
actual points that are actually going to introduce so here we have a $1 and a $2
normal sized points then we have some more we have 50-cent coin and you can
see that D let’s have a look we have it o obverse our full reverse and then we
have the numbers and 25th of détente 201 9mm what when two weeks ago
something and then we get down here so we have a Qantas intinerary 1/2 lung and then we have a new $2 coin
seven-pointed star in the center of a coin it’s random boy a central star a
cluster oh okay surrounding the central star a circular
border consisting of free evenly divided sections one h of green blue and white
printing with five concentric rings Oh so there’s five concentric greens part
of the actual design and over that is green blue and white paint and that
surrounds a seven-pointed star the four grain is partially obscured by a central
star and color water installers representation or a table holding an
olive branch and it’s big in the background a party of you whited out a
simplified map of South Pacific and Asia region following two dollars seventy
five years in the Second World War so that’s gonna be issued I presume this is
the end of the war in the Pacific surfing that’s paid for oldest when
Japan surrendered can’t remember the day it’s all this sometime play I could be wrong actually let’s have a
look okay so had a look
Germany surrendered in the 8th of May dead on you
Japan surrendered in the 2nd of September so this should come out grants
Tampa some time and then we have some over coins you need Pacifica locomotive
$0.50 2020 and this one’s a Olympic team so he said another 200 coins of the same central super antibody little of the
Australian Olympic Committee incorporated that might be it to do a
lot r-13
what are 13 so we didn’t go up here ah 13 he’s a $2.00 coin so they’ve got new
two-dollar coins coming out for 75 years in the Second World War and he Australia
2020 Australian like the team dedication like a 1 2 3 4 5 6
no Paralympic tina’s are and so they’ve got 6 coins for the Olympic coin and if
you want to look at that and then the guard another $1 in the Second World War
and then they have some have a point I’ll leave a link down below this
depending on what’s actually read it there goes some other stuff so a lot of
it’s just pretty much junk so let’s go to the 2 dollar commemorative okay so yummy one central circles
contain the stylers representation and restrain Paralympic mascot from 2000
Summer Paralympics having Sydney Lisi the frill-necked lizard it’s raining
that suit since circling a stylus board consisting of a pattern of yellow and
green curved lines positioned over four concentric circles so the fact that they
actually continue and pop out these two dollar coins really makes it worthwhile
for me because actually making a lot of money after this yeah mostly is two
dollars actually disappear from circulation so their next year the mint
just has to make more two dollar coins which is really good it’s also good for
coin collecting because people become interested in these actual coins so I
hope this was helpful I hope you enjoyed collecting – our coins because now you
got seven more next to you to collect in just keep your passion for coins like
thing going Hank you look for these in circulation or what people know when
they’re actually gonna come out and have an awesome coin collecting time people
thank you and bye bye


  • Tim Beattie

    December 4, 2019

    i would like those color 2 dollar coin

  • Ricki Christian

    December 4, 2019

    Ripper!! It's going to cost me more money but I enjoy it!! I better start saving up now. Thanks for the info Glen!

  • Penguin Gaming

    December 4, 2019

    Definitely keeping my eye out for these!

  • Silver Valley Coins and Bullion

    December 4, 2019

    I remember the first commemorative $2 coin in 2012. The poppy. Theres been so many since. Its worked out good. I never imagined the $2 coin being good for commemorative strikes.

  • Bradley White

    December 4, 2019

    Awesome 🍻🍻

  • Phillip Tseglakoff

    December 4, 2019

    Great informative vid's Glen. Thanks & keep the vids coming.

  • Craig Smith

    December 7, 2019

    Great video Glen, very informative. Looking forward to getting some of the new coins. It’s a good time to be a collector. Cheers mate.


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