Mortgage Calculations using BA II Plus

Mortgage Calculations using BA II Plus

Welcome! In this video, I’m going to use the BAii
plus calculator to solve this amortization problem. A $450,000 mortgage loan, financed at 2.8%
compounded semi-annually, requires month-end payments of $1850. How many payments are required? To solve this, let’s first set P/Y to 12
(since payments are made monthly) and then we set C/Y to 2 for semiannual compounding. Press 2nd Quit. Next input 2.8 I/Y for interest,
450,000 for Present Value, 1850 (negative) for payments (since payment
is an outflow), and then 0 Future value since we plan to pay
off the mortgage at the end. And when we compute N, we obtain 358.53. That is, 359 payments are required. The size of the 359th payment however will
be smaller than the previous payments of 1850. To find the principal repaid in the 10th payment,
we press 2nd AMORT, set P1 to 10, ENTER, scroll down,
set P2 to 10 as well, ENTER and when you scroll down, you see the outstanding
balance after the 10th payment, when you scroll down again, you see the principal repaid in
the 10th payment which is 823.06. Next we want to calculate the total interest
paid in the 2nd year. Since payments are made monthly, the first
year comprises of payments 1 to 12. The second year will comprise of the next
12 payments which will be 13th to the 24th. So we set P1 to 13 ENTER, scroll down, and
set P2 to 24 ENTER. Scroll down to interest, and we have a total
interest of $12,126.51 for the second year. Next we want to calculate the outstanding
principal balance at the end of the first four years. Since payments are made monthly, in four years
we have 4 times 12 which equals 48 payments. So 2nd AMORT, P1 can be any value less than
48 but we want to be sure we set P2 to 48 ENTER. And when we scroll down we see that the balance
is 409122.15. To find the total interest paid in the first
5 years, we set P1 to 1, scroll down and set P2 to 5 time 12 which
equals 60. ENTER then scroll down to INTEREST and we
have 59,172.31. Next we find the size of the final payment. Recall that N equals 358.53,
So the final payment is the 359th payment. So we set P1 and P2 to 359. And we can see here that the outstanding balance
is 870.25 which actually represents an overpayment if we make the regular payment of 1850. So to find the required last payment, we subtract
the overpayment value of 870.25 from the regular payment of 1850, and that gives 979.75. So the size of the las payment is 979.75. And that’s it for this video. Thanks for watching.


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    Where can I find this emulator of the calculator for MAC?


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  • Paco Rabanne

    September 6, 2017

    Please help me, my calculator said it is error 5

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    October 17, 2017

    This video helped me learn how to use my new calculator. It's much easier to learn from watching someone else use it and understand how the functions work. Thank you.

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  • Josh Webster

    June 17, 2019

    Hello, is there any way that the BA II plus can be used to calculate interest only loans. An example is trying to calculate interest payments (monthly) on a two year loan for 520,000 without paying down principal.

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