Members Q and A session. 13-12-2017

Members Q and A session. 13-12-2017

helo traders its a samurai trader
here we come to this members QA session as we get underway as always oh do we
need to bring up the risk disclaimer as members of course you see our disclaimer
on every video if you haven’t read the disclaimer for some time please ensure
that you pause the video and you read the disclaimer so the first question
from one of our members and let me just quickly see who it was and I think it
was Fred yes so Fred Owens is what time of day would you advise as a best to
trade I’m looking at trading futures and I know it’s virtually a 24/7 trading
while actually nearly 24, 5 but I typically work 8:00 to 6:00 pm. Central
Standard Time and I’m looking for a good time in the evenings or early mornings
to find some trading Windows will do some great sessions during the globex
session and so once the market closes I call the market ball there’s really
three sessions we have the New York session which then rolls over into the
asian session which then rolls into the London session now my two rules are in
trading the Globex market which is the after-hours market is volume and a
trending market this sort of the really critical factors we want to make sure
that we’ve got volume that is a market that when we go to enter our trade that
we’re not getting too much slippage or there’s gaps between price which you’ll
see on some of the low volume markets so there’s sort of a considerations that
you really need to look at so we look at CL can be a really good market during
the globex session particularly as we head into London so before you head off
to work for London sessions well and truly underway so CL is great and during
the asian session we get a few trades and just remember with all of these
markets you’re going to drop your try your time frame that you’re trading down
there remembering in my program there is a PDF that
as recommended or suggested timeframes so basically you’re looking at a time
frame of about 25% of the New York session so say for example we may be
trading a 550 tick on the ES during New York while during the New York session
that is during the asian session you might trade to 144 tick I’m really liking
the Renko on the Renko during the asian session I really liked the 0.5 which is
a 2 tick brick so that works really well during the asian session so you got CL
as a good market get a few trades you’ll get more on the ES YM you get a few
trades you can trade either the Renko of course or you might look at a 55 tick on
the YM gold there are some good opportunities on gold and I remember
with gold generally speaking you need to have a larger trading account the NQ the
4 tick Renko works really well on the NQ the EC which is the currency futures
particularly as you head into the London session it can be a little quiet along
with the other currency futures during the Globex session but once you head
into London the volume starts to pick up and of course then you got the forex
markets now your specific question was about futures so they’re sort of the
markets you might consider and I’m sorry if you just heard that sorry go off that
was just a setup let so forex markets for our forex traders once again as you
head towards London that’s when the markets going to really pick up so you
need to really drop down to the timeframe now I just want to quickly
show you this let me just pause this video so what we’re looking at traders
here is the ES so we’re looking at the ES 0.5 Renko and so basically you’ve got
these are $25 bricks and we can see here the open that means the Globex open from
this morning so since that time this is so what time is it now it’s now
5:31 pm. Australian time so it’s been open a good 5 8 hours now so not a lot
of action but there’s been some damn good trades here this was a we ended up
here with a divergence here by the way nice forget that one when the market
opens you miss you’re not going to get on that one that would have been a nice
winner for your nice trend trade if you’d have jumped on this one you had a
lot of angulation stopped on that one nice little win a little scalp there
venire a nice little divergence trade head just remember traders you’re going
to usually bounce off for gold so just remember with your divergence
trades and of course until you’re consistently profitable traders stay
with the trend trades right so you had there a nice bounce and other bounce you
had there an entry entry little divergence trade and as we head into the
session there you then had a t10 right here as well and we’ve rallied up
to the 200 and up to the floor pivot but not that I really wanted to cover too
much of that now let me just show you the NQ let me just bring that up where’s
the NQ Gone now I’ve got some additional indicators on here you would not
normally have fun so excuse the messy chart but I wanted to show you here was
the open that move very quickly so here’s your first trade here’s your
second your third your fourth you might being stopped on that trade if your stop
was only one tick above who’d been stopped here but then you formed a
little double top here for your next entry move along here you then had your
next entry another another another then you’re getting some nice divergence now
remember traders your divergence trade you had your first true divergence you
remember we’re expecting a bounce off the golden there we had it here’s our
second divergence trade then we had a t9 and also known there as t20 we can see
very clearly you had t20 there another entry you might have
taken that 89b but remembering we can see here that our 34 in change direction
so here is your entry there yet another entry and another entry and that’s about
it of here we had a another one there remember we are following the gold and
of course don’t forget we’re referring to our anchor chart at the same time so
we can see very very clearly that our anchor chart is confirming the trend
direction as well now let’s jumping around a little here but you can see
there that was he NQ for ticking I apologize I should really put that perhaps
back up there again for you so that was a 4 tick or a one-point
range on the Renko so plenty of really good trades and so you can see there T2
T2 T2 T2 entry T2 so lots of different types of trade entries so
hopefully Fred that covers your questionnaire now the next question that
I had here was from Gavin now my apologies no it wasn’t Gavin this one
is from John John Huston okay John this is in reference to avoiding chop so what
I started to do and I’ve already got a number of videos there in the queue or
in the there’s many Q&A sessions where I’ve sort of spoken about chop but I’ve
decided to do a very comprehensive video so what I started to do is type up the
key points here and are now up to page two of the key points so what I’m going
to do is tomorrow on recording part one and there will be part two on trading in
and around chop and how to avoid chop and one of the best opportunities is of
course is trading straight after chop I want you to reframe the the feelings
that you have over thought patterns that we have around chop chop is actually
good when you’ve got a market consolidation or we going to a chop
be market that can actually be if be a fantastic signal that we’re heading
towards what a breakout so there’s actually a great opportunity where
traditionally we head into chop and even myself I’ll be chopped up one or two
trades because at times you’re not sure you don’t know you’re heading into a
consolidating market what we can then do is prepare for a great breakout so what
I’m going to be covering in this videos is no trend no trade we’ll be talking
about that the Chop warning five to six candles waiting for the sweet spot bull
and bear flags aware of the pivots using the ADX and of course respecting the
time of day there’s a ton of point so as I started to go through every point of
that I’ve decided to do two videos so the first one will be out tomorrow now
as always traders you want to go and let me just remind you where I put the near
recordings now there is a tab on my Google Drive so I know a lot of new
members watching this video don’t forget to watch all of the new videos or sorry
all of the recordings and videos in the welcome email I know there’s about 15 of
them but I cover this comprehensively so remember to go to the tab new recording
so I upload new recordings every week so you’ll find all the new recordings any
new books anything really new I upload there each week now another quim while
I’m on here another question was brought up here and I think it was it was
actually by Charles and so one here Charles was gonna pull this up a mouse
I’ll quickly show you Charles’s question was with over 300 videos down the
program which the best ones to focus on well once again in all of the welcome
videos or all the videos in the welcome email that I send you so you get two
emails when you first John you get the password then I usually send you a
personal email with about 10 15 videos on there where to start where to go and
Q&A sessions etc so start with those but the and one of
the questions was that you had with going back a number of years ago with
some of my videos where some of the indicators I may not use if you look at
the strategy powerpoints the strategy powerpoints the key strategies here have
all of the indicators that I use okay and I use right up to today so look at
the strategy powerpoints and also under the cheat sheet so cheat sheets and
strategy powerpoints now another thing I want to show you here is with the videos
now I in the welcome email now I now send you a spreadsheet of all of my
recordings I want you to go to the John Seely tab and under the John Seely tab
I’d like you to not only watch the videos that I send you the links that
are in my welcome email but also the new membership chart setup and strategy
series one through to four now I want you to watch those and strategies
strategies and concepts from one through to ten these are really gonna truly
fast-track you remember to be patient also and remember you’re going to have
what we call our higher experiences and I know I talk about this all the time
unfortunately some trade is investing the day traders faster program in my
program and they expect to be making a fortune within two or three days and to
understand all of the setups within two or three days traders this is a
profession remember to join the 5% Club we’ve got to be doing things that other
traders don’t do I want you to become the best of a vest but what it means is
you’re gonna have to roll up your sleeves remember the only place in the
world where success comes before work is in the dictionary so please remember
that and by the way Charles that wasn’t aimed at you unfortunately some traders
they just you know think it happens overnight
remember we’re trading in some of the biggest and the best traders in the
world we can make money and you can make an enormous amount of money the barriers
are low to get into our profession what it means is you need to be smart so
please in this a time in watching these video so as a reminder on this
spreadsheet look at the tabs below you’ve got the master there there’s a
couple of hundred videos here they’ve got the strategy videos there’s our
thirty videos there on specific strategies that I teach you etc so
go through the tab that ah this is the the other area all the latest star
setups and the indicators that I use here under the two by ninety minute
webinars they are the ones that I run and that are recorded so if you want all
the latest indicators I use there please look at that now let’s now go back to
the PowerPoint so remember to go to the new recordings area and you’ll find that
now there’s also one other thing when I think of new recordings that I didn’t
mention on my Google Drive which is very very important is the Renko charts we’re
getting some incredible feedback from members where I’m talking about trading
Renko and tips and ideas on trading Renko traders it’s the success stories
I’m getting from members are just spectacular so please take the time in
watching those because if we look at this here
and if we look at what other got here we can so this is the sorry this is a CL
this is the black gold and you can just see how smooth these charts are compared
to tick and of course it’s very very similar to range charts but they’re even
better from range charts and so I talked about in my latest videos on Renko the
reason I’m now using Renko so extensively myself etc one thing I
couldn’t get on TradeStation was the tails which is a price highs and lows
which for my form of trading are really important now this now brings me in so
now we’re onto this into an email here from Simon page in reference to
trendline breaks etc on renko so we can see here the fractal points which
are our little black dots you can see here a fractal points still work really
well with Renko so if you’re using fractal trend line breaks now so viewer
really three questions that Simon had was micro trend lines fractal breaks and
fractal trend lines so let me just show you very quickly
Simon the three questions you’ve got there and cover those so first of all
and let me just get that if here make sure we’ve got that is that gonna play
for me here we go okay so our first fractal trend a fractal break is this so
we can see here we’ve come up we then had number of candles for fractal plots
a breakpoint then is over here so here is if you’re using a fractal break there
it is there they remember fractal trading is made famous was made famous
by Bill Williams from proper tunity and it is a great way of trading I believe
though we’ll get out and I know we get out your entries a lot earlier by of
course taking our 34 bounce here getting our bounce here here here etc so bill
strategy is of course is to have a sell order in there and take out these lows
which does work extremely well but there’s another way simon you can do
it which of course you’re alluding to wanted me to cover and that is we take
that point to this point as many of you we’re back in 2007 through to 2009 we
did a huge amount of work on trading the forex market with fractal trend lines
and in many ways it covers and and Tom Demark talks a lot about this in Newton
I’m just trying to think of Tom demarks book name it just slips I that’s it new
signs of technical analysis now Demark talks about
the correct way of during trendlines and if you study his work it really
comes down to in my opinion fractal points so here’s a fractal point with a
black top here you’ve got one here so we simply draw a line from there to there
I’ll get a close under that there is my entry point so I want an for a short
signal or a short trade I’m looking for an uptrending trend line there is my
entry right there sooner than this fractal point now over here I don’t have
a secondary entry okay you can see I don’t have a fractal point so I can’t
put my trend line in here but I do have a 34b now the next point as we travel
down with our fractal points is this we can see we’ve got one here so we’d
simply draw a trend line from there to there but then we get another point here
so I take it from my further as point I now draw it to here to here at then the
market theme Rises I don’t get a close under it then I get another fractal
point here finally is my close below the trend line that is my fractal point now
remembering for a short trade we want to have a rising trend line for a long
trade we want to have a trend line that is falling so let’s just take at this
point that point there to this point here if we extend this through here is
our trend line break now this is where your personal discretion comes in when
you see you’ve got this distance you can see that you’ve got a lot of price
action and quite often particularly being this is a counter trend trade and
we know we’re very cautious generally of a bounce off the gold that this is where
I would be looking for the second candle or using a rule of two so hopefully that
sort of explains that and there is or there are videos there on trading for
actual breaks in program so just refer to those but
getting back to your third question was about micro trend line breaks what
exactly is a micro trend line a micro trend line is we get this sort of trend
line with a trade generally trading with the trend it’s where you get three
touches or you get one two then finally your break price action Rises comes down
forms if you like a little higher low rises then falls through again let me
try to find another one for you look you could even say this is an
extended micro trend line okay here it comes up you’ve got a touch there you’ve
got another and finally it breaks through
I like the micro trend lines we’ve really just got and and by the way I
just got two points and by the way with Renko because it smooths the Renko
charts more smooth price action out so much of course you lose a lot of the
micro trend lines but you actually have one here now this has actually got a
number of touch points on the way through and finally you get your break
so you could have drawn a trend line there to there sorry there to there
still no break under you had a new fractal point and finally you get your
your break there as a micro trend line now of course up here we had a 200 B
comes down here we had a another 200 B there of course then we had and one
thing we are missing off this chart let me just put it back on there yes we’re
missing our trigger line okay so there we had a t20 t20 there so you got a
potential trade there you could have t20 you had a t20 entry there so once again
this tons of here is a another t20 so you got a ton of different trading
opportunities there let’s not forget your t25 trades so Simon once again long
winded but hopefully we’ve giving you some more I’ve given you some
ideas there so another question here from Charles just getting back to
Charles for a moment just about the most recent videos was the spikes on trading
Forex during the London session you’ve tried the 233 tick but it’s sensed it
seems to spike a lot you get a lot of reversals with Forex I absolutely love
range charts or Renko let’s have a look at this now what we’re looking at here
is and let me just get my pointer right back here this is actually the Aussie
dollar we’re looking up this is the aud/usd on the 3 pip Renko so each one
of these bricks is 3 pips in size and so it’s even better than a tick chart so I
would either be using a 3 or 4 tick range chart or Renko charm and most of
you know how I feel about Renko so the particular with the new Renko so if you
look at your renko chart at just look how smooth air now once again I’m referring
over to my anchor so we can see here that I had a nice t25 and I saw a little
pullback here for a short trade looking over then at my anchor chart here I’m
using an anchor chart there of 5 now generally as a reminder traders with
Renko I’ll usually double the time frame so if I’m using a 3 pip brick I like a 6
pip now here I’ve got five and there was a specific reason I put five up and
I just can’t remember but try a five and try a six but remember the purpose of
the anchor chart is to help you spot divergence on the higher time frame and
to confirm the trend direction but just look how smooth this is for an entry
here at this is 9:30 am. my time we had a nice 34 b also a t25 now just look
how clear-cut here our nice double bottom with divergence is in place here
of course as most of us know this is what we call a bit the fun trade we’ve
got a bounce a beautiful double bottom without 200 we then go back up here and
what have we got we got a great t7 again with divergence on the way up
remember we’re following the goal now trigger line is above the goal so we’re
looking for bounces so we got a long trade you had a secondary long trade
you’ve got another long trade here remember the further you move away from
your EMA’s we’re forming what we call angulation now can you see that little
wedge formation that is what we call classic angulation the further you move
away from your major EMA’s remember you’re heading towards more likely to
have a pullback or a retracement here you’ve got some slight divergence so you
may have decided to jump in and take this tray but just remember when you
take these you time and time again you’ll stall up the high here and form a
double top remember double tops and double bottoms are tied in very very
closely with trend reversals so please drop that down and remembering and
hopefully as members you know this every time you watch one of my videos please
have pen and paper out so here double tops and double bottoms are strong
reversals off or strong signals of a possible reversal so here you may not
have taken this and you can see here at a beautiful double bottom here and a
beautiful double top get getting back to your question Charles here the 5-minute
chart I really like the Renko or the range now
on the spreadsheets that you’ve got there if you look here under where is it
here under Forex on the tabs there and because some of minimizes so you can see
there is a tab there that says Forex let me just try to get along here where is
that we just show you here okay so Forex so you will find a number
of videos there that cover forex trading where I talked
about this and also you’ll find it under the general videos of a number of Forex
video zero as well so I prefer range over tick charts on Forex and even better
still Renko now remember with some trading platforms like mt4 you may need
to purchase a plugin for plotting Renko charts on mt4 and remembering we’re
after the Renko charts which show the tail so it shows us the true highs and
lows and of course I talked about this in my videos on Renko which you’ll find
in the Renko folder and just one last thing I want to cover Kevin Kevin this
is in reference to being chopped up which of course I’m recording a video
there on choppy markets the big thing is is to really make sure and you can see
in all my videos the last year or so I really really portion having an anchor
chart and referring to the anchor chart that is if there is no trend on the
anchor chart if you don’t have and if we just look over here we can see here look
at this look at make a chart here what direction so make a chart is almost
twice the front timeframe now remember as a quick reminder if we’re trading
tick we’re all tick or volume charts or even time-based charts I want an anchor
chart 3 times higher range on after an anchor chart that’s one point seven
times higher so just remember those formulas and there’s lots of videos on
that so only ever trade when you’ve got a
fanning of the EMAs and when the anchor chart confirms if you don’t have those
don’t take for trade now remember in the recording I’m going to be doing on
trading around shop I’m going to be talking a lot about this because very
very important always remember we want a fanning of the EMA’s now when you’ve got
a fanning of the EMA’s that represents what
we call for sweet spot now during various times you’ll get a of the
day during quiet times you might get a breakout get a Fanning then it falls
away and we’re going to be talking about that on the video as well because we’re
going to have certain times that I will we need to be very very cautious and
anyway I’ll leave that for that video now last of all you also brought it up
but Gavin was in reference to the trading platforms that you use traders
there is a PDF and let me pull this up in my program on my preferred trading
platforms one moment ok here it is I just found it so it’s um it’s called
which is the right trading platform for you now it’s only a 9 minute I remember
correctly some ago film back in 2016 just on the various trading platforms
now most of you are aware that I use the TradeStation platform now one of the
disadvantages with TradeStation is you go to open your account with a minimum
of five thousand dollars you can effectively lease the platform but it’s
not inexpensive either it’s um I think if you just lease it that is you don’t
open a trading account but you just want to use a TradeStation platform it is I
think about 200 a month plus your data fees now one way of looking at it is
it’s a cost of doing business remember trading is a business and you must have
the right tools it’s just so critical that you’ve got the right trading
platform so just remember that when you go with a broker’s platform such as own
and or um or the mt4 which is free you don’t get over functionality that you
may choose to have long term so when you’re looking at going professional
just remember it pays you to invest in an outstanding platform such as ninja
trader tradestation of course we’ve got hundreds of think’ll swim traders that
are trading professionally using think or swim but probably the most
popular platform today is ninja trader hands down particularly in new trader 7
many have gone to mt 8 and of course we’ve got a lot indicators
for ninja trader of course when you become a member you get all the
my indicators for TradeStation now and just very quickly there’s only two
indicators see this to smooth indicator which is from Trend Pro and the floor
pivots you see me use there a third-party indicator but I’ve done a
deal where members can go to Traine chrome get them for one hundred ninety
seven dollars for just those two so if you remember go to Roy I don’t get a
cent out of those some when you go and buy the floor pivot over to smooth you
see yeah you can get a lot of these of course I nearly every trading platform
has floor pivots free of charge but I like the way her Roy’s plot and also
most of you know I love the to smooth however if you are starting off on a
budget just use the standard stochastic and you’ve got all the settings in the
cheat sheets and the powerpoints nearly every trading platform has floor pivots
so you don’t have to go there but Kevin getting back to what you’ve seen here
just consider as you advance going to maybe ninja trader or tradestation now I
should just also mention just when I mentioned TradeStation when you’re
looking at at Forex trade station is no longer a Forex broker they got out of
that I think it was early 2017 and might’ve even been late 2016
you can still plot as you can see here the data for Forex and you can then
trade using the Dome of dome would if you want to call it on your broker so say if
you’ve got a an account with or wherever you can execute on their
platform and use TradeStation for your charting now the data on Forex with
virtually every platform that I know is free but when it comes to futures data
you’re gonna pay a fee for that and that’s we need to really look at that
and it can run up I think my data fees are around $100 a month something like
that of course the eraser and once you get my platform free is I don’t pay any
fees on the platform because once you execute 20-plus trades
per month the TradeStation platform is free you only pay for the data so
traders will wrap this Q&A up remember to be on the lookout over the next few
days in the new recordings folder for the two recordings on trading choppy
markets of is a lot going to be a lot of information got a very extensive video
why sorry yeah PowerPoint I’ve already prepared so Thank You traders you will
hear me on the next video

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