Market News Calendar How-To Day Trade To Win for US Indices and Foreign Currencies

Market News Calendar How-To Day Trade To Win for US Indices and Foreign Currencies

Hello everyone. My name is John Paul.
Today, I want to go over some free tools for traders who want to be aware of upcoming news
events. As a trader, even a position or swing trader, news events can really make or break
your profits. I am going to scroll down to the link for the free real-time news trading
calendar. It also appears here in the footer. It’s also listed on the free downloads page.
If you click on the link, you’ll see all of the upcoming news events for the current week.
Since the
calendar is loaded in your browser, you do not need to use a special trading platform.
It operates independently. The yellow highlight will move to the next news event. When loading
the page, it scrolls to the next news event. We usually advise traders to
stay out of the market after a high-priority
news event has occurred. To use this tool, you have to compare your local computer clock
to the GMT (UTC) time in the upper left corner. Right now, it’s 23:08 GMT. In about 42 min.
or so, there’s going to be this Japanese Yen bank lending low-priority news event. Just
refer to the current GMT time and the closest highlighted news event. If you want to learn
how to trade the news, I have a video for this purpose that teaches an exact method.
The video is on YouTube, or blog, and our videos page. You’ll learn how to trade against
the traders trading with the direction of the news. Notice on the top of the page, the
high, medium, and low symbols. If you are trading U.S. financials, look out for the
high-priority events. As an added bonus, real-time events are listed at the top of the page.
Daily settlements, stock prices, FOMC information – it’s all going to be there and updated in
real-time. If you need any help, click on a button
that explains how to use the calendar. The
web address for the calendar is My name is John Paul. Good trading!


  • ratan parija

    April 13, 2013

    can you please give the link where you have mentioned about how to trade using market news calender

  • Day Trade to Win

    April 13, 2013

    sure, do a search on the Daytradetowin Channel under news page. You can also visit the daytradetowin home page or daytradetowin videos page on the website and at the top are 3 free videos. one of the videos is how to trade the news. you can always email us with questions.

  • Yea Baby

    April 15, 2013

    thanks, good resource to bookmark – and best of all its Free baby


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