Making AC Outlet Ventilator Cover – DIY

Making AC Outlet Ventilator Cover – DIY

You may or may not recognized that AC ventilator
that is kept outside of your AC Room is bearing lot of environmental conditions like heat,
rain etc. It is very essential to protect the AC ventilator
with a cover. I have built one for my one of the ventilator
and I will show you how to build for one more ventilator I have in my home. So you can also make one for your AC ventilator
using simple materials like forex boards. Yeah you heard in right the AC ventilator
cover is just made of forex boards. After measuring, the width of AC ventilator
is common segment which you can taken on forex board as width and length will be the combined
segments of all sides. So I have drawn couple of rectangles on forex
board and I am going to cut them one by one. Forex boards glues well with Kiwik Flex Gums. There you have the ventilator cover to protect
your ac ventilator. If you like the video give it a thumbs up
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  • Narinder Singh

    March 23, 2018

    Which material u used in this cover?


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