Live Scalp Trading | The Trade Scalper Method

Live Scalp Trading | The Trade Scalper Method

Hello everyone. My name is John Paul.
The focus of this video is to show you the Trade Scalper method at work. Today is March
11, 2014. Even though I took 2 Atlas Line trades (one long, one short), I also scalped
the E-mini market here. You’re going to see the software, the profit, the stops, etc.
This Trade Scalper method is available on and it’s included with the
Mentorship Program. You’re looking at the E-mini S&P on a 1-min chart. The Trade Scalper
software gave me an entry at 1879, so I placed an order. I like limit orders, other traders
like market orders, but I don’t want slippage. I have a target of 3 ticks and a stop of 6
ticks. If this trade does not make my profit target of 3 ticks within a short amount of
time, I will get out of the trade. The stop loss is dynamic and may result in a smaller
winner, smaller loss, or break-even. There is a specific amount of time to get out of
the trade if the profit is not reached. Sometimes, the market is slow, so you can go for 2 ticks
with a 4 tick stop. It all depends on what teh current conditions are. I use the ATR,
as explained in the course, to say anything above 3 ticks, I know I can make 3 ticks.
Anything less, I should go for 2 ticks. When the market is really slow, say anything less
than 2 ticks, I recommend not trading at all. You’re seeing an E-mini chart, but I could
trade the Euro, forex, the YM, CL, etc., but it does not matter. That’s because we’re basing
our decisions on price action. The course teaches you the exact moment to go long or
short and the reason why. You should be waiting for it to happen for confirmation. You’ll
know exactly what to look for throughout the day to scalp any market. This trade for 3
ticks got me in and out. Now, I am going to show you the next trade I took on March 11.
There was a prior short at 1879, but I did not get in on that trade. Scalping has multiple
opportunities. Again, I want to go short. Looks like it’s going to be 1878.25. I place
a limit order. I will wait until I am filled. Some of you jump in right at market – that’s
fine. I want to get in at an exact price showing you that limit orders work with scalping the
markets. The ATR looks fine – 3 ticks – not too slow, not too fast. The Trade Scalper
does not use any type of moving average, Fibonaccis, MACDs, etc. The Trade Scalper software gives
you everything you need. I am going to speed this video up and show you what happens. Included
with the Trade Scalper – I do a live training session to make sure you understand how this
method works along with the software. There’s also a bonus course that’s included on how
to trade E-mini manipulation, which I think is very important. This is a pretty complete
package on scalping the markets with software. Now, I do use the ATM strategy that’s included
with NinjaTrader in order to pre-program my targets as well as my stops. The target and
stop after you’re filled is automatically placed for you. This is important – especially
if you’re scalping the markets. The idea of scalp trading is to enter and exit in a very
short time. The ATM strategy makes life easier. If the trade does not go where I want, I can
click the Close button to get me out. It’s hitting my target and I need to get filled
to validate this trade. And there you have it – went right through within a min. or so.
Be sure to trade this method when the market is more volatile during the day. After hours,
the market is slower and I think it’s harder to scalp the markets. You don’t need 100 of
these trades throughout the day. You can find out more about the Trade Scalper by visiting It’s also included in the Mentorship Program. You get complete access
in one package of you decide to join. My name is John Paul. Hope you enjoyed the video!


  • Solu tionist

    June 14, 2014

    Trying to find the right broker to scalp the market with, any ideas also would like to scalp with forex thanks.

  • swordfish00007

    March 31, 2016

    Do you still do scalp trading?


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