Live Day Trading Futures Now 7 Out Of 7 Yes You Can!

Live Day Trading Futures Now 7 Out Of 7 Yes You Can!

order order filled
sorry traders so I just wanted to damn it I missed this one
and let me just mark this up I’ll just remove this for now I just wanted to
quickly explain what I did here this is a pattern we can see here we’ve got nice
single fully market support on the two hundred convergence of the 89 and the 34
you can see here I entered where our here here on 20 contracts just here and
actually entered over here when I was only filled on one contract out of 20
and the reason I entered 20 on this one is this is a very very reliable pattern
of very high probability and it was until I come back up bounced up filled
me on the balance of 19 hence it shows only one over here filled on 19 here and
I went for 8 ticks which is $200 a contract here so you can see here the
support we had we had a 34, 89 bounce another 34 bounce you had a nice 200
bounce over here but then it punched through and necess it was you can see
here we got a falling market we had good support and when you come down and hit
this support these are it’s a really good pattern so i just wanted to record
this quickly just to show you this one so keep an eye on these so traders have
entered here at another t25 this is going to be my wrap-up for the day on
the es I’m well over $400 a contract now so while we can see here the t25 I’m
in so we’ve only got what 2 ticks to go here we go I’m going to break-even
now because I’ve hit +5 so I’ve gone there we go
come on one more tick please so you can see here I’m I always go +5 go to
break-even at plus five plus one I can’t lose on the trade so come on
follow through just be a nice for me for a day and I’m it’s been a another
very very nice trading morning and once again these are all mechanical trades so
that trade there was $200 it’s 100 a contract sorry amber on six ticks looks
like it’s going to bounce on me come on I just want two more ticks order feel
there we go so it was another six ticks another 75 per contract on a mechanical t25 and let me mark that up for my
students there it is there okay so what’s that that’s um one two
three four and there were two back there five six what do we have there we had
one two three four five six seven winners in a row two of them were very
small though so seven out of seven ain’t bad is it so um traders I’ll wrap this
up very short video and I am going to finish with the es today you’ve got
other things to do these traders whoops one thing I ought to do is put up the
disclaimer on every video so I don’t get in trouble there’s CFTC so understanding
the risk of course please feel free to have a read of that and of course
subscribe to my channel invest in your career with the day
traders fast-track program where you’ll learn all of these setups you

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