Live Day Trading 5 Winners Out Of 6 Trades

Live Day Trading 5 Winners Out Of 6 Trades

good evening traders at samurai trade
hear welcome to my market recap of the YM i took i’m going to show you my
early evening or the market open trades that i took last night on the YM 89
tick and also the NQ 133 tick and i’m going to show you a mistake i made so I
had five winning trades out of six but the losing traders are about to see was
a silly silly mistake that I made and something that I preach and there’s an
old saying the teacher is the one that really has to learn and he who teaches
learns twice so I’m going to show you this mistake and this some error though
I made and this losing trade because it’s something in my fast track program
I say not to do and so let’s have a look at that in one moment now first of all
if you haven’t already subscribed to my youtube channel please do and all of
these setups and a whole lot more you can purchase in my fast track program
which is well over nine hours now of online video instruction and five hours
of pre-recorded live trading sessions and on top of that traders I have a
news training program coming out which is very much based on that is based on
all of these setups that I called target 400 target 400 traders is my now my new
daily goal of four hundred dollars a day per contract traded now as you’re about
to see I still made just in a one-hour session over two hundred dollars a
contract i’ll show you that and then i had a brilliant morning this morning any
on this trading would have seen that so you know what i want to do is stock in
it how i do that because i believe and well actually i don’t believe I know
from training now hundreds of traders around the world and being in this
business for close to twenty three years that you’ve got to have a compelling
future and money can be a big part of that and if you can see you can earn one
two three four hundred dollars a day entre it helps in creating that
compelling future now suddenly also i want to quickly talk about before we
move on is what would you attempt if you knew you could not fail now I want to
throw something catch you before i get to a chance and it’s this traders
trading is easy my interpretation of easy it’s easy if it’s something you can
physically do now you can all do what i do now if it’s so easy then why aren’t
or trade is incredibly successful well it’s for the following reason the things
that are easy to do are also easy not to do let me just say that again the things
that are easy to do are also easy not to do isn’t it easy to look at perhaps at
your zero lag or your 8 EMA and check out what direction your short-term trend
is it isn’t that easy it is but we quite often by pass that it’s easy things that
we fail to do that can cost us big money when we trade however anyone can learn
so the real thing is is to learn the easy things that’s really important and
you can have an incredible career as a trader now on the compelling future
side i’m launching a website in a few weeks time i was doing some copy for you
and on the compelling side I’m talking about creating a compelling future
because if your future is compelling if you’ve got goals and dreams and you know
you’ve got the vehicle you can move mountains and every great trader that I
work with all that I know personally all that I’ve read about all have come
coming futures traders you need to develop a compelling future more about
this on another session but it’s something I’m going to really be
focusing a lot more now if you’ll tempted to skip what I’m talking about
right now unless you’re incredibly successful traders please listen to
these little messages because it’s so important and if my
voice is raspy I’ll training some trainers this morning some traders that
should say and I’m nearly losing my voice again I tend to one that’s been a
long night and by the way where am i part of the world it’s 10:12 am so it’s
been a big 12 13 hours now understanding the risk of course we talk about breasts
and a you’re welcome to have a read of that and just before we move on to the
chance I want to say this is trading is not rocket science traders it’s easy
you’re just going to learn the easy things you don’t have to be naturally
gifted to have an epic career as a day trader because genius is not about
genetics genius is the realm of practice genius is the result of our combined
habits the things that we do on a day-to-day basis it’s a small things
that make or break us and I know you may feel sometimes I’m talking down to you
but this is true if you’re not achieving or day trading goals this is the big
thing that I can to realize a couple of years ago but was holding me back from
making the really big dollars and making trading easy it’s our day-to-day habits
that we have on a day-to-day basis so without a deal it’s going to have a look
at some charts and some trades I thought so this first one is just one trade I
took on the YM 89 tick now this is a t10 my experience straight as you can see
this is a t10 and I was in this for 13 ticks now my stop was actually larger than 13
ticks and I should have gone from all but the market was stalling at that time
was hovering around that period I felt uncomfortable and I exited now of course
if I’d have stayed in that would have been a mighty fine trade at 13 ticks as
most of you know I’m a scalper and that’s sixty five dollars per contract
you can see for those traders at some let me just remove is but don’t know how
TradeStation work so you can see i shorted up here 10 contracts
TradeStation plots my entries and exits so here’s my entry there’s may accept
650 nice start remembering that $65 a trade what’s my target up to four
hundred dollars per contract so it’s $65 in a few minutes let’s now go and have a
look at the NQ now during the day traders the aftermarket or the
pre-market I normally trade the 55 ticks however we could really see the volume
really pumping last night so I jumped onto my 133 ticks and I’m going to pull
this down a little because it’s probably going to be a bit hard here to set up
debits probably better and what I had here was a pivot bounce and let me just
remove this for you oops was on a cup of sports there okay now we can see here
and if I just go back a little for you we can see here we had a number of our
pivot bounces here and we went up nearly touched it bounced so this is a trade
that I jumped in on I wasn’t in on these straight down here and i shorted here and
my time it was around the 89 the 209 which had bounced off a 200 and we
actually had a 200b 200 bounce here so that was good for 14 ticks and that
was 700 or 70 dollars per contract and this is before brokerage will talk
about the net results in a moment but then I had a t10 so try to certainly can
see the t10 now what do I teach about pivots you always make sure that your
stock is above the pivot where my stock was now we were hovering around at this
stage in the market with some for five or six minutes and you can see here I’m
getting some chopped off to the side here and
you know time as a scalper as a day trader in my opinion is not on our side
I want to see the trade move in my trade direction I did I mention by the way
this ticked up one tick my stop here with two ticks above as I teach you two
ticks I take that one so that was a wipe the brow so that we’re swimming one
ticket my stop but thats what stops at for but also my stock was above the
pivot here my initial stop is well above the pivot I was hovering and when you
see four or five candles starting to go sideways I start to get worried I mean
really what’s railway tracks it’s a sign of consolidation and indecision in the
market so what did I do I started to see some movement so I tightened my stop and
then being it went up took me out by one tick and by the way it went and my type
will somebody down here the point is the silly mistake I made is I brought my
stop in below the pivot now traders how often we got me test the pivots every
day continually so that was a silly silly mistake that I made and I talk to
you about the fast track program about not doing that but i think was because i
was going sideways and whatever anyways as soon as i did it i thought what a
silly thing to do that i want so that cost me 10 ticks right so it was a
disastrous it wasn’t 14 ticks and once again that’s that’s trading so then the market
by this time by the way the trade is the market opened here the market went
ballistic so let’s go and have a look good three other trades that I then took
straight after okay so what we can see here as my
students are very well aware I don’t trade never trade the first 15 to 20
minutes when the market first opens because and last night particularly it
was really hiding the young ES was going crazy the YM the NQ and of
course traders you may remember that in a really fast movie market if you go for
a high time frame or a higher tip count such as 133 in my cup of 233 or even the
550 or whatever that will slow it down however of course in your wrist
increases because if you stopped you have larger stops so let’s talk about
the next three trades that I talk so first of all they had a classic 200
bounce up here the market starting in closed down and I really like this trade
because I had some I great divergence here as you can see here on my platinum
and it was a 200 Bounce so he jumped in and I was actually I went in a market
and I had some slippage on that trade there and I was targeting 14 ticks and so it
was a couple of ticks late but it doesn’t matter because i still had on my
dime i was only after row 14 ticks and great that delivered now once i was still in
that trade I then had a t10 so for my trade as you can see here i entered
off on a 200 bounce I then entered down here this is a t10 money on the floor
and you can see so come down and I then had and by the way it had slippage
again I went in market the market still
really hiking at this stage and come down
and bounced up and I think come in for exactly i think i went down to hit about
10 ticks and because i was just above the pivot what quite often happens at
pivots we get pivot bounces so i got out at +1 so it was 10 contracts by one
which is fifty dollars now these figures here are before my
commissions commissions are about just under five dollars four dollars ad or
whatever they work out to be so that’s before then then up here I had a lovely
t7 t7 our double top slice divergence here but the big thing was is I had a
nice double top here and shorted here that was good for 14 ticks now at this stage
it’s 12:09 am. my time and I’m due to get up at three hours later for some
trading with some private clients so while I called it quits at this stage so
if we take an account the loss that I had their of 500 whatever that worked
had to be after commissions still little over two hundred dollars per contract
and it’s all in one hour and what I didn’t take was a whole lot of other
trades here so you know it was still a great night the listen he was good at
breakeven because of his pivot bounce and the other was just a silly mistake
and you can see here there was still some great trading up opportunities his
here thus marking up as the market was going along but it was just really
moving too fast up for my life look at all these beautiful lumb 34 bounces
all over the place but the market is going very very busy so traders that say
a quick recap if you’d like to know more about my fast track program please drop
me an email at trader at I’m a day trader calm and i’ll send you some
information traders I picked information all the questions come in students of
you as you have questions now for the current students by the way I’m going to
be doing tomorrow some forex recaps on both time charts of these minutes three
minutes chance and also some tick charts for you so like get those sent out to
you so traders still a great night still five out of six and
had five out of seven this morning he had a great morning once I got up
earlier this morning and tell me gonna be get some shut-eye ready for
another big night signing off see you next time talk to you next time

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