Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge Black 10 Piece Euro Guard Light Kit (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge Black 10 Piece Euro Guard Light Kit (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

This Rugged Ridge Black 10 Piece Euro Guard
Light Kit with Fog Light covers is for those of you that have a 2007 and up JK that are
looking to change up the look of your Jeep, as well as add a little bit of light protection
to the lights on your rig. Now, this is going to be something that will
install very, very easily onto your Jeep. Definitely, a one out of three wrench install. Because there are going to be 10 pieces in
this kit, keep yourself about an hour, or maybe a little bit more, to get these installed. But certainly no modifications necessary to
the Jeep and this is something anybody can do in their driveway very, very simply. This is going to be something that will offer
a little bit of light protection like I said before. But this isn’t going to completely protect
your headlights, your marker lights, your tail lights, especially if you’re in an off-road
situation, you’re getting off camber. If you do make contact with a rock wall, chances
are this is going to bend. It’s gonna break. You’re still gonna break your tail light. In fact, sometimes these are going to transfer
that impact into the tub creating an even more expensive repair than it would be if
you were to just break your tail light and not have this in place. So not going to get a ton of protection from
these pieces. However, these are definitely going to change
up the look of your Jeep. This is going to give you much more of that
off-road safari styling. So if that’s what you’re after, this is gonna
be the perfect kit for you. This is going to be something that is a bunch
of pieces that you can get from Rugged Ridge, individually, that are just all put in one
box for you if you’re looking for the total treatment of front to back. This is gonna have everything sort of a one-stop
shop, but again you can piece this together from individual pieces from Rugged Ridge if
you choose to do it that way. These light guards from Rugged Ridge are going
to be made from steel. They’re covered in a gloss black powder coat
finish, which is gonna hold up really well and, again, give you that kind of stealthy
off-road safari styling that a lot of you are after. These are designed in a way that they just
snap in place. They screw in place. They don’t require any sort of major modification,
but they’re also going to attach very securely to your Jeep. Like I said before, easy one out of three
wrenches to get these installed, about an hour’s time. Each one of the pieces installs a little bit
differently. The tail light covers are going to use the
factory tail light screws to attach on to your tail lights. The headlight covers use your factory headlight
retention bolts to attach. You’re going to be able to clip your fog light
and your turn signal, and marker lights on in place. Sometimes you have to remove the housing from
its seat, put the guard on top of it, and then replace the housing into its seat. So a couple of different ways. No frame adhesive is going to be used. You don’t have to drill and screw anything
in place, so, again, very easy install. No major modifications necessary. Anybody can get this done in their driveway. These guards are gonna come in at around $200,
just north of $200. Now, they’re gonna be very well built. They’re gonna fit well. They’re gonna hold up well, but for something
that isn’t really functional, $200 is going to be at the top of the price range that I’m
willing to pay. Now, if I really like the way that these look,
I am gonna go with one of the better options out there, which I do think Rugged Ridge is
so. Again, they’re gonna fit well. They’re gonna hold up well. But if you are on a little more of a budget,
if you’re looking to spend money on items that are a little bit more functional, I’ll
probably steer you in a different direction. So if you’re looking for light guards for
your JK, you want a complete kit in a one-stop shop, I definitely recommend taking a look
at this option here from Rugged Ridge. And you can find them right here at

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    October 12, 2017

    Rugged ridge products suck. They rust after only a few months


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