Is a Cambridge CELTA Worth the Time and Money? Teaching English Abroad TEFL

is the CELTA worth it well full
disclosure I’m going to tell you I don’t have one
I started out without one how did I do it I started out I did get to a point
where I needed that Tefl bullet on my resume I had it employer requested it so
I did a quick one online I’m not saying that that’s a one-size-fits-all I’m not
saying that if you do the same thing that it’s going to be accepted pretty
much always I can use to be you needed like a hundred hour or more now they
want 120 with a practicum but the CELTA is always going to be that gold standard
so it’s going to be the best one okay if you have CELTA on your resume nobody is
going to dispute that they’re never going to say that that your TEFL sucks
or anything like that it’s the CELTA it’s heavily scrutinized it’s it’s
internationally know right it’s got this going for it if you have a temple from
Bob and Larry’s English Academy and Phuket Thailand who knows you know I
don’t know I don’t think that anybody can answer that but you have to make
sure that it’s a legit program and it’s accredited so let’s talk about the
CELTA what’s the drawback why did I never do
it well I never did it personally because it takes a full month I was
working my ass off most the time and when I did have a month open I wanted to
like go scuba dive or go dive with great white sharks or you know do a motorcycle
trailer do something the idea of sitting in a class and doing teaching English
for free even worse paying for it to get a piece of paper that my employer was
not requiring at the time pretty much made me want to scream as I got further
into things as I had been teaching for a while you know the idea of going back to
square one and sitting through that class with a bunch of people with no
experience you know it they really made me cringe people that have been through
it will tell you that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread is that
marketing isn’t the truth I’ll let you decide I would recommend the sell to
person who knows that they want to teach English for a long time they could get a
good deal on one and has the money to put into that and it’s worth it to them
okay and I have another video where I talked about the way to do it on the
cheap there are several places in Europe like Latvia Poland also there’s a cheap
course in Vietnam if you do the early bird payments like 1300 I think there
are cheap courses in South Africa there’s one I’m thinking Joburg Cape
Town or something but what I’m saying is if you can get it cheap enough it could
potentially be worth your while the good thing is once you have that something
you’re like done you don’t even nobody’s going to
criticize it or scrutinize and whatever all right I got my TEFL for the rest of
my life I have a lot of people who get a TEFL and then later on they want to go
back for the CELTA because they feel their TEFL is not good enough this
does happen okay so the sells up isn’t worth it it’s totally up to you I
personally don’t have one if you are a person who has started from scratch
you’re scared shitless thinking about getting in front of a class you don’t
know even how on earth you would begin to teach a conversation class you know you
could always watch my video on teaching conversation class and go from there but
if you want to build your confidence that could also be another really good
way to do it okay keep in mind that they interview you first and you have to like
pass an interview to get your spot with the CELTA I believe that this is kind of
a mental psychological trick a lot of people for whatever reason if you sign
up for it and pay not as many people will do it as if we’re gonna make you
sit an interview that they feel like oh I’m chosen I’ve been selected whatever
okay those are my thoughts on the CELTA is it worth it I don’t know I don’t have
one I never did one but it could be worth it for you

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