Ireland 2016 Euro Coin Proof Set

Ireland 2016 Euro Coin Proof Set

This is the 2016 Irish euro Proof
Coin set. This set comes nicely packaged in this outer cardboard box and then the coins themselves are in this nice soft cover box here. Each of the coins is a proof coin which has been double stamped and is… has a very high finish on it. Each coin you can see is in a little plastic case. So this is our 1 cent here. This is the 2 cent and we have the 5 cent, the 10 cent, the 20 cent piece, the 50 cent and the 1 euro. We also have here the ordinary €2 which has the traditional harp on the back and we have the commemorative €2 coin which has Hibernia on here which Hibernia is the statue which is on top of the GPO which
is the headquarters of the 1916 rising. So all the coins then are in that box and we get this certificate
of authenticity as well as a nice little book as well which is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising. This set is limited to 4,000 pieces. This thing here, this is about the events leading to 1916. We have a photo here of Eoin MacNeill, founder member of the Irish Volunteers. That’s a photo of what was then Sackville Street and is now O’Connell Street, Ireland’s main street, Dublin’s main street. That’s the Proclamation of the Irish Republic. You can see here a reprint of that and then we have some biographical information about the 7 signatories of the Proclamation in Irish and English. They are Thomas J. Clarke, Thomas MacDonough, Patrick Pearse, Joseph Plunkett Éamonn Ceannt Sean MacDiarmada and James Connolly. The printing of the Proclamation, that was done in Liberty Hall. You can see on that banner there it says “We serve neither King nor Kaiser but Ireland”. The General Post Office, headquarters of
the Rising. You can see the statue of Hibernia there on top of the GPO and that’s what’s depicted on the €2 coin. The specially printed €2 coin which is the first one to depict an historical event. Then the Irish flags and identity. Those medals were presented by Eamon DeValera in 1941. Independence Realised. We see here the first Dáil meeting in the Mansion House in 1919. And then we have some information about the coin designers, who are Emmet Mullins and Michael
Guilfoyle. So that’s the 2016 Irish Euro Proof coins set.


  • Richard Kiersey

    May 15, 2016

    whats the story with the new coins??

  • Miguel Salgueiro

    May 17, 2017



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