Iraqi Dinar Revaluation | MRI Bankers’ Guide To Foreign Currency

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation | MRI Bankers’ Guide To Foreign Currency

everyone is Nick G with global currency
recent Iraqi Dinar Revaluation – MRI Bankers Guide to Foreign Currency net or gonna talk about today’s very
brief video that I just wanna go or with people it’s regarding the current notes being
used in Iraq now remember on the last video why was
talking about %uh the so called new rates or the Lord
in all notes mri bankers’ guide to foreign currency or the new dinar notes that some people
in talking about I just wanted you to see this is proof this book was published I in in January
of 2014 there’s another addition that’s due to
come out in ice-t’s April eighth today it’s gonna be coming out the next six
weeks is what I was informed by the publisher so many go ahead and show you this is
two pages here pay houses sent this I ask the gentleman to email I said I these two current notes in Iraq and
easy confirmed disses just this is what is in the
latest book so just gonna go ahead and go through the
PDF really solely you guys can just read this and I have the old book which actually
has a saddam pictures so you know status current notes there is this real quick issue a new
saddam and the new new notes were announced
that was in july in these new ones came out in October so I just want you guys to see that oh
and also talks about on frat even mention this ago was as the
Swiss notes which were in kurdistan were taken at a
hundred and fifty dinars per for wanted our so this was a another you know read I wish that they
had in their own countries so school and keep going is the current
notes member this is from January 2014 they
have that book attackers go ahead go that site because
so you guys didn’t know what I was talking about on
gonna Google unit type in MRI bankers of it sorry there bankers guide
to foreign currency here’s the homepage this is the latest book this is the one we’re
looking at right now addition umber 79 okay so the score sherry this is 17 this is a 79 right now you can see there’s a $250 dinar bill explains what
it looks like the colors told you the sizes tells you when it was
issued and it gives you the code I QD CI QD tu fifty-point 3 okay pay to chat issue date: mri bankers’ guide to foreign currency okay look at when this one was issued
the 500 in our bill was actually issue in October K so little bit later this is another want
the same date october fifteenth thousand dinars another one October 15 so the five thousand dinars K ten thousand dinars once again the same
date october fifteenth and finally the most common one is a
twenty-five thousand dinar note issued on October 15 2003 so as you can see these are the current
notes from the current addition the MRI
bankers guy so Iraqi Dinar Revaluation there were no new denomination notes
that were printed I contacted the publisher this magazine
I will be getting and a sample love the eighth edition
which is due in six weeks from today and today is on June eight so join him
at six weeks a C-one 234 fy6 okay surround the week the seventh me sometime around that time I’ll be
doing up into this video but once again it’s going to be the
exact same I can’t promise you guys right away you just gonna see these notes you’re
not gettin new notes there’s no need for them to get rid of
these old ones in fact there’s actually talk that there are making a fifty
thousand dinar note on that’s not gonna happen it was just talk
about it they wish wanna stick to these on smaller notes okay alright so that’s basically entry guys have any
other questions go ahead and summit them in the comment box if you’re
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the site you want to make a little more user-friendly their social links here you can find
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feel I get a face pic first you can register are for both the newsletter and the Facebook at the same
time okay right guys thanks very much for watching this video
was against the any questions submit them below this video thanks – dinar revaluation mri bankers’ guide to foreign currency


  • Currency365Vlogs

    April 9, 2014

    THE 1, 5, 10, 20 will probably be gold coins and they will keep the 3 Zero notes for 2-3 yrs once the coins are issued. Seems like they will increase the currency at a low price then control float it up. 

  • Denis Gagnon

    April 9, 2014

    hi you forgot the 50 dinar note

  • Bill Harper

    April 9, 2014

    When  when when ????????????

  • Global Currency Reset

    April 9, 2014

    50 dinar is not included in the new book.  The pdf is posted here

  • redrik11

    April 10, 2014

    4-9-14 OkieOilMan: We should be hearing news soon about what has already happened not what is going to happen. Stand tall, pray hard. Blessings galore.


  • Nick Giammarino

    April 11, 2014

    Hi everyone, please repost the article share it with everyone you can!  I just got word the rate is expected to be $3.71, I really hope this is for real this time.  Like you I'm tired of waiting.  The private exchange rate is expected to be $6.  I'll be calling UST/CBI and IMF shortly.

  • Jim T

    April 15, 2014

    The power of the cash reserve to support the value of the national currency

    Suri described Balmusdh protective oil price fluctuations
    Baghdad – Mostafa Hashemi
    represents the economic stability of any country component of equal opportunities for the supply and demand for services in it, where he sees an economist that the presence of stability as well as to isolate external influences and minimize the national economy and revitalize the work of the productive sectors and solving economic problems internal push towards strengthening and enhancing the value of the dinar. overall stability , said economic expert, Dr. Majid picture that the economy is affected by a factor of stability is totally reflected directly on the value of the currency as well as the presence of internal and external influences play a role in determining that value. He added picture in a statement (morning): The amount of cash reserve represents bumper biggest fluctuations in oil prices follows affect the fluctuation of the exchange rate where it not for the strength of the amount of the reserve sovereign to the value of the dinar. purchasing power and has a cash reserve of the dinar – as announced recently – more than 80 billion dollars paving the way to be because of the Iraqi currency purchasing power larger than it is now, as well as that it will contribute significantly to raise its value against other foreign currencies. In a time when cash reserves of some countries declines or great heights of a sudden, the cash reserves of the Iraqi paced a solid upward stable away from the fall or the sudden rise. economic reforms and pointed out the picture that enhance the value of the dinar comes by isolating external influences and mitigate the effects of internal factors of instability in things in general and economic chaos, as the increased demand for goods and services lead to increased demand for the dollar. stressed that economic development impact of the strengthening of trust and strengthening of the dinar itself, where the economic reforms and the elimination of the problems that hit the Iraqi economy represented by unemployment and the housing crisis, poverty and diversify the services that will balance the need for services in the home, explaining that the activation of the productive sectors will greatly help to provide employment opportunities that reduces imports. domestic production and stressed that offers the possibility of parallel supply and demand for goods and services and local production within Iraq will lead to enhance the value of the dinar, adding that the currencies of other countries as dollar and the euro, the yen and the yuan and other currencies derived its strength in the currency market of the power economy of their countries. they also did not get the position, but to solve its economic problems of the Interior. dollarization and hinted the picture that dollarization phenomenon in Iraq, something naturally, especially that all imports of external financial relating to oil is in U.S. dollars, and therefore linked to the national economy in this currency is very large because of all exports and imports in dollars. added that the phenomenon of resorting to the dollar and Aktnazha linked to the weakness of the local currency and to go to a strong currency in which the trust to be saved, stressing that confidence in Iraqi dinars strong at the present time, because it has a reserve of sovereign strong. revaluation was an academic economist earlier called for those in charge of the economic sector in Iraq to re-evaluate the value of the currency after it enhances the cash reserve quantities of gold. said Dr. Majid Baidhani he supposed After adding about 1.5 billion dollars to the Central Bank reserves to rise the value of the dinar to a higher level compared to its exchange rate against the dollar, praising the procedures followed in the context of monetary policy, stressing the need to speed up the move to re-evaluate the dinar to strengthen the foundations and pillars of the national economy. should be noted that the bank Central boosted its reserves of gold to up to 90 tons after announcing the purchase amounts of it for the purpose of selling them to the public in support of enhancing the value of the local currency.

  • Jim T

    April 15, 2014

    Central Bank (of Iraq) announces the increase of its reserves of pure gold Print Save
    BAGHDAD / NINA / The Central Bank announced on Thursday the rise of its reserves of pure gold up to /90 / tons , after it bought 60 tons during the last two months .

    According to a statement by the Central Bank of Iraq today said that the bank's reserves of pure gold reached / 90/ tons, after buying 60 tons during the last two months from various sides in the framework of diversification of its reserves and supporting the value of the Iraqi dinar.

    The central bank said that its gold reserves have been doubled to three times of what they were at the end of 2012 , which contributed in rising the rank of Iraq to become in the first third of the world rankings regarding the central bank reserves of gold. / End

  • HHH100

    June 17, 2014

    I knew they were not going to print "new" notes.  That was a bunch of BS.  The new notes were already printed and we have them now.  Iraq already spent $ for De La Rue in Britain to print their new currency after the demise of Saddam.  Who would believe they would throw all those away and do it over? LOL  The Iraqi Dinar is already rising in value even with the turmoil.  No brainer.

  • Global Currency Reset

    August 30, 2014

    Conquering the Coming Collapse | Global Currency Reset

  • terrorgirl

    September 27, 2014

    the smalles note in Iraq is circulated not the note of 50 dinar butt 250 dinar!

  • Hafiddin

    October 9, 2014

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  • ken cox

    December 14, 2017

    Do You have any new up to date things about the Dinar today is 12-14-2017, What's happening with the Dinar today and the next few days, weeks, and months and where is it now!!! What's the most current news? Not something that's happened months ago ?? Everyone keeps reposting OLD News.


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