Can’t you turn it on? I thought…. It is like this: he is on It is working A show off standing here … Beautiful Yes it is real … Is he on? He is indeed on … I thought he was spraying or something … Nice that you are watching a new vlog I’m in Dokkum and I’m going to have a look at the ice fountain I had never been there myself What will people think? These people come all the way from Heerenveen for the ice fountain What do you think? I just explained to your colleague, if you do it that way, then it is not allowed …. Isn’t it a fountain? Then something must be done …. He’s not doing it, is it? Yes, he is on …. yes He is on …. A lot of money …. Yes, it cost 700,000 euros … So I wonder …. I am not enthusiastic about it …. Various people accuse me of wishful thinking So, I expected more … Me too Yes that’s what I mean… At the back where the sun is not shining there is a little ice where you can squeeze your hand That is especially the experience of the ice fountain in Dokkum There’s ice …. I don’t think it’s a spectacle I come here every day but I never see that it has ice on it … Are you from the area? No, from Beetsterzwaag Especially for the ice fountain? Yes What Do You Think? He is actually on I think there is nothing to see Does it make you hot or cold? Neither one of them My first reaction is, that’s why I said, I have to see it from afar It is too big for this environment It is an extremely modern sculpture as they say so beautifully but look, those benches are way too close It must have more space, it is much too large It disappoints me a bit, I think the sun has too much power Is it always like this? I can honestly say that I can’t really get warm about it It is also an ice fountain … We are just going to stand a bit at a distance …. … how the ice fountain fits into the environment …. Speak Frisian, then I can enjoy learning it … How does it fit in the ice fountain in the area … The trees are not that close, the benches not so close That banter with the grass around it … That is all nothing I didn’t think of it … Can you also tell one positive thing about the ice fountain? Yes, does water also come out? Do you see that? Does water come out? Where? No, no water comes out … Is that not the intention then? We see if there is anything of water … Does water come out? I don’t know, it’s an ice fountain I thought the purpose of a fountain is for water to come out, but this is an ice fountain This is called ice fountain, no water comes out No, ice is coming out … You have seen all the fountains, right? We have seen them all, all of us And this is the last one …. Out of the ground, is water now coming out or is it the lighting? We have discovered something else Here are, just like in the garden, sprinklers So they are broken, it never worked I didn’t know that either, it might have been in the news sometime So he would spray water against the wall And above this mist should be visible …. That doesn’t work either That is a bit of a shame but otherwise it is frozen … That is very beautiful …

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    De beste stuurlui…


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