How to use news in trading?

How to use news in trading?

Markets are influenced by multiple factors. The major ones are economic,
financial and political factors. News can change a market situation in a moment. If the news is positive, currency rates
or stock prices usually go up. If the news is negative, they go down. So, which news should a trader follow? The first point of interest is economic
releases, or economic news. These are publications of various
economic reports and statistics, such Gross Domestic Product,
unemployment, inflation or interest rates, retail sales, and other data. Financial news represented by financial reports
from companies largely affect stock prices. If financial figures are better than the forecast, a company’s share price usually goes up. If a company’s financial figures
are worse than the forecast, its shares decrease in value. A country’s health is affected by political events: elections, revolutions, impeachments,
death of political leaders, and other events that may
cause political instability. So, it’s important to follow political news. Some unexpected events such as
terrorist attacks or natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis or
droughts influence markets too. Keep in mind that the market’s reaction to a news
release usually lasts from 30 min up to 2 hours, but sometimes it can last up to three to four days. You can follow our smart newsfeed that
accumulates news from multiple sources in the Market Analysis section
on the left hand side panel. In order not to miss the most important
releases, scan an economic calendar. On our platform, the economic calendars are located in the Market Analysis section
on the left-hand side panel. A detailed instruction on how
to use economic calendars is available in the “How to read
economic calendars?” video. We wish you successful trading.

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