How to trade the Trade Master 2 Indicator with the Fast Track Strategies

How to trade the Trade Master 2 Indicator with the Fast Track Strategies

hi traders at sir my trader here welcome
to this video in this video I’m going to be covering once again I’ve done a
number of videos like this on covering the trade master – so how to trade the
trade master – cycle indicator using the day traders fast track program
strategies to confirm your entries we now have a number of members that have
the trade master indicator it is a third party indicators and not an indicator
dye actually own but some of our members are getting great results from it and
I’ve been asked really on an ongoing basis how would I trade it how would I
use the indicator so the purpose of this video is to go through some tips and
ideas and I want to talk a little bit about psychology as well because there’s
some important factors with this indicator but will really streamline
your trading as we get into this I do need to say that put up the risk
disclaimer I should say there is understanding the risk there is a risk
in trading and of course I’m going to be talking about some hypothetical returns
in a moment I’ve just gone back over four days from last week and I just like
to quote you the stats from those days now they’re not exactly perfect but I
was pretty conservative in my approach with them as you’ll see when I cover
them and talk about them in a couple of minutes now if you’re watching this
video it’ll be mainly members watching this
video but if you’re not a member of the day traders fast track program please
visit my website where you will to obtain more information on my strategies
request my ebook and also be kept up to date as I’m going to be reviewing
third-party indicators on a much more regular basis for our members as it
something it comes up I would say almost every day a member would ask me about a
particular indicator from a third-party as I’ve invested hundreds of thousands
of dollars in indicators and programming of indicators in the past so we’re going
to be talking about but in much greater detail as we go along as always this be
my videos are all real and unedited so i fluff anything up please forgive me
now I just want to start with this is probably the greatest book ever written
about trading psychology is the disciplined trader and this is just so
important is that if you are not consistently profitable if you are a
brand-new trader or like 90% of the traders out there that are not
profitable what Mark Douglas says in this book is this to become an expert
choose one simple trading pattern that identifies a one simple trading system I
should say that identifies a pattern preferably one is a mechanical rather
than mathematical one that will give you a visual representation of the market
behavior now using the trade master – the way I
use it and I recommend you consider using it it’s very much based upon
pattern recognition as humans it’s very easy for us to pick patterns and I’m
going to be showing you a number of these patterns that appear in the market
every day the market has a memory so this is just really important so if you
are struggling with your trading the trade master will basically act as a
crutch if you like it’s a tool and by the way traders I have to say this look
the trade master is a tool like every indicator I mean just about every
indicator is a derivative of price however their tools and as master trades
people if you like we have a range of tools for different market conditions so
really that’s how you would use the trade master it’s a tool to be used and
as we move on Jim Rohn the great late Jim Rohn stated successes nothing more
than a few simple principles practiced every day and that’s one of the great
things about using the trade master it makes it your trading very very
mechanical very rural space and it’s simple to apply and as you will see it’s
got an excellent win-loss ratio which is fantastic for either a struggling trader
a trade of it’s been doing it tough in the past or a brand-new trader and yes I
know the indicator is not inexpensive as I said it’s not my indicator it’s
third party indicator however the investment you make in purchasing the
trade master when you look at the statistics and overall and if you trade
it consistently it’s very well worth the investment so moving right along this is
important because we will discuss the win-loss ratios in a moment but let’s
look at it this way what gives the casino the house hedge rules and
probabilities and the same when we apply the trade master now on the casino do
you see the dealer missing a hand or change any rules because the house just
had three losing hands in a row of course not they stick to the rules and
as we know we say blackjack sort of common to see ten losing trades in a row
now with the trade master out of four days and out of five is probably a good
200 trades once in that time I think there were three losing trades in a row
I think it was a maximum we had in that time and there’s some things there which
I will discuss in a moment where you can tighten up your losses and I think
dramatically improve all one be careful on so dramatically but you can
definitely improve the results I’m about to quote you so remember you got to
stick with it but that’s the advantage of this because the plots it if you like
it applies a set of rules this makes it easier to follow because members that
are watching this you’ll recognize the tyonne’s or super scalper plots and
you’ll say well hey I could take them anyway you are absolutely correct but
what the trade master does it just makes it more rules base and it’s just great
for assisting in developing the discipline so I want to quickly talk to
you about profit targets because this is really important with any tool and any
trader you’ve got to have an overall target what is your objective now you
hear me talk regularly about but if you’re an active day trader a very good
target is 200 plus per day I mean it’s reasonable particularly for trading
summit like the black gold and here the chance I’m using is CL oil but of course
you could apply it to gold silver to NQ doesn’t matter what market
you applied to excuse me as long as you’ve got some volatility that’s really
important you want a trending market the better the market trending the greater
the waves and even the violent news is we’re about to discuss in a moment the
better that will really improve your bottom line results so if you’re trading
a CL it’s $10 a tick so if you’re going through five trades by net five ticks
it’s 250 and let’s just say your Commission’s $5 each it’s 225 so if you
decide to target a slightly higher profit target of six ticks okay that’s
four trades a day a fit now if you have to say two trades by eleven ticks that’s
210 so what trade has the highest probability of achieving a target of 11
+ ticks and we’ll discuss that as we go along
you know realistic traders if your goal at the end of a week is to end up with a
thousand net per contract you need to be targeting 300 a day plus you’ve got to
allow for down days so if you’re just targeting 200 a day and that’s it you
wrap up for the day you’re probably going to find it difficult to achieve
your net one person you need to be targeting 300 plus and so I don’t want
to go on this video purpose of this video is not to discuss money management
rules etc but you’ve got to have a target you’ve got to have a compelling
future and I firmly believe that trading the trade master over a three or
four-hour period this is a very realistic target as we’re about to see so if there are two types of trades that
I’m going to talk about and show you illustrate with trend and counter trend
now what’s really interesting is that with this you have a lot more counter
trend trades than with trend trades where the trade master plots however
you’ll usually find that the trade master is not picking up our 21 BS or
our 34 B’s so that restrict the results that I’m giving you here I’m
only giving you the results of where the trade master two plots as I’m going to
show you in a moment so by adding the twenty ones and the thirty fourth you’ll
probably increase the bottom line results that I’m about to cover with you
as well now just a very very quickly so it is Monday the 7th of August 2017 so
the week before so starting with the first of August so over four days I’m
just going to quickly read these out because once again this is mainly for
members that have got the trade master so if we look at one of the days last
week I think it was actually Friday which is the 4th and 5th of August that
rolled over past midnight my time there were actually it wasn’t a great day with
the trading with trend sorry counter trend trade you only ended
up over a twenty two hour period up 15 ticks if you are with your whip trend
trade you’re up twenty three six so that’s what’s that three hundred and
eighty dollars for the day but that doesn’t include your twenty one thirty
four B’s or even your C sevens with the trend another day there we had said me
just a flick over to this so what day was this one okay so this was the first
I think it was last week we had over twenty two hour period there were eleven
with Tran trade so this is actually the inventory day there Wednesday severe
eleven with trends there were 34 counter trends so you ended up with fourteen net
out of the with Trent sixty-six net trading counter trend that’s six hundred
and sixty and a hundred and forty now I should point this out my maximum stop is
seven ticks okay so that’s my maximum stop and here for the sake of exercise
I’ve only used the target of five ticks so my stop is seven my target is only
five so therefore you need to be really over seventy percent for you win-loss
ratio to really make money and as you’re about to
see well and truly do that now where you dramatically improve your results once
again is by taking you 34 beers taking you 20 ones and it’s e7s with the
trend but also going for your runner so I’m going to cover that and show you on
the charts in a moment now another day here we had on the 2nd
of August we had there was trading with the trend there was a net 81 ticks for
the day there was 62 ticks net for the counter trend never it was by the way
that day there was 71 trades on the 3rd this is last Thursday I think it might
have been last Thursday there was once again 34 trades with the trend we had 38
counter trends erupt 58 ticks net or 580 trading with the trend over 22 hours and
880 over 22 hours trading counter trend the bottom line is these are outstanding
returns and once again as a rebuff to discuss and I’ll show you I mean you
could really dramatically improve this in my humble opinion
so when to plot the trade master to let’s get into this let me just pull up
pull up my yellow highlighter and hopefully you can see this okay
we try and attempt to plot the team after every three to five candle pull
back to the 3489 and see seven so because we are waiting for the t1 that
white paint bar that white paint bar you’ll see in a moment if you’re new to
this video or new demise strategies you want to enter a trade after the super
scope of plots and the reason I’m looking for the super scope to plot is
that makes it very very mechanical psychologically it will really improve
your discipline and your self-confidence when it comes to trading but what you
want to do is to be plotting in advance before it actually plots so therefore
you ready to go with your order now so you need to clearly understand have a
super scope of plots now in the course in the videos and those members obvious
300 videos in my program just look for the ones
that are highlighted t1 okay so in the starter pack now if you look down at all
the videos just look at the titles how the t1 works how to trade the two ones
and it clearly explains the super scalper now if you have a trading program where
you don’t have the super scalper of a t1 the paintbar simply learn the pattern
it’s a very very simple pattern so you don’t have to have a plot because once
you understand the pattern you can see it visually and that’s the thing so
after you see a retracement of 3 to 5 Kind of pullbacks back to the 34 89 or
even deeper you are getting ready for a super scalper of the plot now if you’re
trading counter-trend attempt to plot the trade master to it
every t3 setup every double top or double bottom at t7 and every t19
divergence setup where you’ll have the t1 over potential to have the super
scalper or plot so you can get ready get ready for an early entry so at other
times attempt to plot the attempt to plot the trade master to it every t9 or
t10 set up now that is when you have a t10 a money on the floor trade or what I
call it t9 is where I know that I’m going to have a higher low or a lower
high I get ready to plot there and I’ll show you that as well so what you’re
actually doing is you’re plotting the trade master in advance which just gives
you a heads up and remember as traders you always want to be thinking in
advance anyway what is potentially about to happen what can I expect to happen so
it just takes a little bit of practice hey using this indicator ain’t rocket
size it really isn’t and in a couple of days you can really master this and
as members by the way if you’ve got any questions if you remember and you’ve got
the indicator please don’t even go back to trend Pro who manufacture this
indicator come directly to me because we’re using that every and I know I love
it I’ve gone over it over now thousands of trades to come directly to me that’s
why you join and become as a member that I’m there to support
with it so let me help you with it so when you have a traded master to plot
with trend consider taking all qualified T1 T2 T25 21B’s 34 B’s in the
direction of the trend so let me explain that if we look and we see it say
anchor chart confirming the trend direction or we’ve got a nice trending
market maybe it’s a good 30 percent or 30 degree or greater angle consider
taking all of our trend following trades in the direction of that trend until we
get a strong divergence trade so in other words it can also confirm your
trend following strategies and I’ll show you that in a moment and even though in
the recording here in the end of the statistics I’ve quoted that is where we
had 80 trades and we were up to say $1,000 per contract I did not even refer
to the anchor chart okay so I mention I also didn’t take the 34b’s so
there are other things you could do that will cut down a number of trades and
probably increase your win-loss ratios but what I’m just trying to prove here
and show you that you can be very very mechanical in your approach with it now
tips and ideas to improve your confidence and bottom line property you
want in anticipate and anticipation of t1 setting up okay it’s
important you learn why over t1 super scholar sets up which I really just
explained now consider using the 8 or 11 EMA or other trailing stop strategies to
capture the big moves now as I mention I’m only targeting 5 ticks here that’s
all 5 ticks and as you know it’s not
uncommon to get a good 10 15 tick move with some of these I’m entries as
we’re about to see so look at what can you be doing and I’ve actually removed
the 8 EMA because the 8 is quite sensitive and if you want to allow for a
little more wiggle room the 11 can work really well but there’s a ton of exit
strategies you can use such as waiting for abstain a trade until you get your
long lower closes there’s a ton of things
there so once again I won’t cover them in this video you can also improve your
net results by avoiding entering a trade at all very close to major support or
resistance from very very important traders so if you’re about to go long
and you’ve got for 200 EMA straight above you so you’re right Hut up against
the EMA and they say up against the floor peer there’s a very high
probability chance you’re going to bounce consider not taking a trade at
base points now there was some very blatant that I decided not to take but
on the other hand I’ve taken a lot of others but we’re really marginal the
perhaps we shouldn’t have taken but once again I want it to be really lacks if
you like and be what’s the word for it very conservative or I wanted to make
sure I giving you real results that you’re probably going to replicate but
you can improve those there’s a lot of things you can do to improve them keep
daily stats which that means greater a greater confidence so if an example take a
by your spiral notebook not a note standard notepad so have a spiral book
draw three columns and simply with trend counter trend plus minus so what you can
do is have each those columns and I’ll talking and you say one inch apart so
other three inches in your column so you can then write down in order so if
you’ve got to counter trend suit say at t3 what was the results minus 7 then you had
a t19 plus 10 you had at t7 minus 7 then you had a with trend so on the
fourth row down you’re then putting in it was an 89B that was up 5 ticks ok so
then it will take you about half an hour to go back over a full 24 hours and in
the rest of a column that is where you’re undergoing 3 inches wide one inch
for each of those three figures you want with trend counter trend and the result
you can take you can write down comments for an example there I had one trade
there right then candles must close in the trade direction now that you can
take comments little things that you’re discovering as you’re going through you
know I can give you just about everything traders you require but I
can’t give you screen time that’s why it’s very important you spent some
time to keep stats now when trading divergence counter trend stick with the
1d for 2D that is the one divergence if you’re using your anchor chart stick
with the best of the best divergence trades your 1d your 2DS that
is when you’ve got divergence on both your anchor and your entry your double
bottom your double tops your t2 your t19 classic divergence
and your t3 extreme trades now with those waiting for angulation the great
event angulation will improve your results members you should understand what
angulation is and your t19’s and t3 trades we’ve done a lot of train a lot
of videos on that so really look at that and be prepared for an EMA bounce okay
so remember if you’re entering say a t19 trader divergence trade and you’re three
or four ticks above the thirty-four there’s a very quite a good probability
that you’re going to bounce that you’ll get a market reversal a trend
continuation so just be aware you may need to reverse your trade something to
you to look at the keep stats on now look for extreme t3 trades and set a
high profit target t3 is a great for your eleven ticks okay look for your
best to the best here same applies remember on that slide I said what’s
going to give you what the highest probability for achieving eleven ticks
or more well it’s really your any trades after t20 at t20 of course identifies a new
trend so you’re going to have greater probability so for example a 21B or
even a 34b straight after it t20 is going to give you the highest
probability of getting your eleven ticks you get to eleven tick trades a day
hey you’ve busy two hundred net today so just consider that and once again be
asking how can I do this what can I learn from this what is the best trade
ask yourself compelling how can I say what I call intelligent questions now I
already mentioned this but I want to highlight it once more now we’re about
to go to the charts in a moment but when trading counter trend you need to be
ready for a possible trend continuation trade such as the 34B or
having the trade master plot when you’re focused on counter trend trading it’s
very very easy to miss your city trades or counter trend trade so just be aware
of sorry your trend trades my apologies let me save it again when trading
counter trend you’d be ready for a possible trend continuation trade it’s
very easy to be so focused on one type of trade you miss the obvious so just be
aware of that t3 trades that are within the trading arena this is
something kids which is really important is that if you have a T3 trades it
within a trading range so let’s just say if you had just before at t3 trade with
the trend it’s just before hand side within the last 15 minutes you had a
higher high and then you have a T 3 setup it’s lower than that previous
higher high within a trading range that is a lower probability trading if I
remember I’ll highlight that but just beware your very best T3 trades are
setting new highs or new lows alright there are much more higher
probability trade if you’re setting a new high high or a new high low stay at
a chop and I think this is the second last slide is it traders when you see
all of your mas converging intertwined they’re horizontal wait for a new
breakout just set it out there are that many trades with the trade master
because with any strategy that is where it’s easy to be chopped up is once you
start to see your EMA is converging now after you watch this video and you want
more details on the trade master if you are a member or even if you’re a non-member
please email me directly we’ve got some members that absolutely love the
indicator if you’d like more details on its or if I can share any training with
you please email me directly now let’s now go so trader I’m a day
trader obviously and as I mentioned go to my website download buy books even
better still become a member so let’s go and have a look at the trade master in
action ok so this is the opening of the globex session so on the
left here we can see and it doesn’t even matter what market this is this actually
is the CL 233 ticked by the way this is CL 233 but it really doesn’t matter what
marketer is as long as you’ve got a trending market and with any strategy
you go back and back test it I like markets with a bit of we’ve got
some good trading ranges so that’s what I’m really looking for okay a couple of
things here is we’ve got a 535b now 535 b we know is a high probability trade so
I plot it so what I do take the trade master I plot it there now because this
is also and by the way I should point this out this is also a t3 we have more
than 6 candles separate and I’ve removed the 8 EMA by the way we’ve got more than
6 separating from the 8 so this is a t3 and it’s a 535B be ready for bounce
which is off the 34 and you actually then had a reverse trade which is a 34b
now traditionally we’re very cautious of there so here I’m still including them
because the trade master qualified now very important I apologize I didn’t
mention this but trade master 2 is a cycle indicator it is a cycle indicator
works on cycles so if you study cycles b 2s basics it’s quite a complex
way of trading and Roy’s got a very very good book Roy Kelly called the trading
method that can make you rich now some people said well it’s very
simplistic it tells you nothing but hang on I learned something from every book
if you approach it with an attitude what can I learn from this how can I use this
I promise you you’ll pick up some ideas out of a book and unfortunately so many
traders are jaded they so closed-minded if they just you know by walking past
dollar no boots on the ground literally there are some great ideas here but he
talks it briefly about cycles and so I don’t trade as day trader I’m looking
for my 34B’s my 89B you know I’ve got over 12 strategies
that I use so the trade mast is quite a left-field indicator some go to wouldn’t
normally use but if you want to be mechanical
so what going to exactly our works today it works so let me get back to this so
what you do you’d see you’re getting a pullback and potential 535B so let’s
and you can see my paint bar here this super scalper now let’s just say if it
hadn’t plot it plot it in advance okay so what this is giving me as a possible
target and an ultimate target up here and that’s what these hash marks are by
the way this means it’s hit the this is the full target and if it’s just a
straight line like this one it means that the ultimate target was somewhere
down here when I first plotted it and I couldn’t see the final target so so
here’s the target but when you’re trading counter-trend you want to be
prepared for a bounce off your EMA’s okay so here you’re ready for these bounces
you know there’s a high probability bounce we hit to reversal candles okay
you plot the trade master again and here it gives me my potential targets now
you’re thinking okay where is it possibly going to bounce again 5:35 okay
so it actually comes down I did a reversal candle I quickly plot again and
it tells me here’s my extended target now what am I thinking where is it
possibly going to bounce again and it did it bounced on my 200 so I got there
and as soon as I get a couple of reversal counter even one you can always
move the indicator once again you see the speed of it it’s instant plotted
parent it tells me okay here is a possible projection point now I’ve
mentioned I’m only targeting five ticks so if you go back and you can see here
okay it’s giving me I’ve got a nice trend here I’ve got multiple 34b’s 21b’s I’ve got T2’s so you can pick up I haven’t included those in the results
I’m only including trades with the trade master plots now very important
I had divergence here here on this particular trade okay
run away there was only a few ticks in it but the reason I didn’t plot it as
much as the trade master would Done it is ahead no divergence a
divergence or a t7 or a t3 is critical to the rules okay so here I had
divergence I plotted it I had divergence there it gives me my target up here I
had an 89B which is a trend following strategy here you would have been
stopped on that one then I had a 535 200 and members you know what those are
535 200 I plotted it and I had divergence which is great thank you very
much it’s basically a bit the farm strategy when you’ve got divergence in
the direction of your overall trend and if you looked at your anchor chart
you’ll see you also had a great downtrend then right rub your hands
together and once again this is where you can use the eleven or even the eight
EMA to stay in these trades longer you might get one or one contract or plus
five maybe stay in the other one for much longer until you get a close back
over the eight or even the eleven its these homeruns these trades you want to
be in which give you a much greater rate of return now I love the trade master on
t3’s so here is at t3 it’s giving me an extended target of up here now
rallied up now remember our stop by the way is one to two ticks under swing
highs and swing lows okay so be sure to mention that you stop is here via little
yellow dots you see here that is plotted automatically by the trade master but
it’s lagging okay so that mine may not plot until up here somewhere so once
again with thinking in advance of what the indicator may do so I plot it and as
soon as the paint bar that t1 plots that’s when I’m in now here I’m after a
minimum of five ticks so here I really didn’t get anywhere and notice here I’ve
got before twenty and I’ve got a floor pivot just above it so we bounced off a
floor pivot we then get some divergence and finally we don’t sideways and
finally we broke through it okay but we write up a pivot that’s where you
get these lower probability trades at a pivot remember we don’t want to buy in
to resist we don’t like buying into resistance nor
do we like selling into support so up here then I had a 200B and just
remember when you get your deeper pullbacks consider only taking deeper
pullbacks if you have divergence up here now we roll it up we’ve got a nice
divergence trade set of setting up I would have plotted the and it gives me
here a target away down here and there remember I’m only after five ticks and
we’re always prepared for a 34b which is what we got
so we come down started reverse I plotted trade master and up it goes it
gives me a target of way up here thank you very much we had a nice t3 now here
we had a t3 then that let’s see here at t3 of course you don’t need divergence
we had a t3 comes down bounced up forms a double triple top there down it came
we then had a great big picture t19 you can see the divergence there by the way
you had another plot there so you’re always thinking in a dance where might
it plot okay that’s not good oh it’s no it’s not plotting out may plot here but
no paint bar now here it did oK we’ve rallied up Polk on getting divergence
let me plot it here it’s giving me a target down here
moving right along okay we come down I’m potentially setting up for an 89B here
it is here okay I’ve got my paint bar I’m in we come up here no real
divergence here on this one by the way but all of a sudden I get a nice double
top a divergence plus I’m at a resistance area and see
the gray hash line here we formed a two seven I plot it gives me
a target of down here and I’ve got nice divergence and I go thank you very much
can you just see how I’m using it here it’s just totally mechanical in the
approach and once again there’s so many more things you can do with it here at
t3 and you would have been stopped on this trade unless you had greater than
two tick stop here because see it rallied up didn’t give me five ticks
come down but I then had a second entry that’s the thing remember the
probabilities what I mentioned earlier I mean the casino you’ve got to think like
a casino is if you have three or four losing hands in a row are you going to
change things no you keep going I mentioned out of a good think it’s
about two hundred and fifty two hundred and sixty trade there was only one run
of three losses in by the way they were all CT trades if I remember correctly I
would deep pool wax architectural I can’t remember where they are now but
they might have been CT trades and a couple of them there I could have
avoided if I’d have been more particular on the entries like here okay so we had
a had a lost there we had a lost there so there’s two losses in a row so by the
way loss winner winner we’re now this is a t9 okay now this is a higher low so
when you get higher low setting up they signify quite often a new trend
direction so I’m going to put plot them in here now this is a new lower high and
you can see here it didn’t plot okay so and that’s another thing with the
indicators because as I’ve explained in other indicator other video sorry on the
trade master sometimes to reset the cycle you try it on your main candle and
go for the second and third candle because sometimes it real just the
cycle so here I didn’t get one so that’s why I didn’t mark in an entry but here I
clicked on this new high low and it gave me an entry with the target of well up
here so as you get to know the tool you can go for ten fifteen tick twenty
targets so this is telling me I’m in a new trend so I’ve got multiple I got a
34b there I had this was a 34b so here it told me on this this is my potential
target I achieved my five ticks I then had a 34 I could have had another entry
those have not been included in the results moving along here we had been
two losses in a row there including and since but then I had a nice pivot bounce
t19 trade then we had an 89b 5 then I had another 89b then we had
further along we had the opening bell which I don’t trade the opening bell and
this is 15 minutes after by the way if we don’t plot this and the reason
there’s no plot there is that trade master didn’t plot now here it would
have and it did but it was two minutes after opening bell now you could have
traded that and made money we have a lot of traders that will trade the opening
bell as I said it’s just not a trade I take so here are we had divergence that
qualified and we went now this actually had the paintbar plot right at the floor
pivot now I included this in the results but you can see here we straight off
strong divergence we had at the floor pivot so you’re buying into resistance
so it’s a low probability trade we come on down we then get a 535b that
return +5 then we had there a double bottom form I can’t remember whatever
result that was had another one on me so all of these have been included in the
results I’ve quoted you okay there’s a your 89B this by the way is a
descending triangle we then had another 89b thank you very much we had then a so
once again price really is up you get a few candles starting up to plot here I’m
thinking hang on is this going to be a trade master plot i plot it waits for
the confirmation of the super scalper or i’m in thank you very much now and
here’s a good example let me move this over here for you if you’re using your
11 EMA you can see here you stain a trade interior to close on or above the
11 or even when you get a consolidation period after your second move or some
slides of it once again these are the ones that are going to give you 10 15
ticks right and that’s what you just need a couple of those a day so take
your 5 ticks gulps then be looking for your nice runs okay then you had a t3
had formed into a t7 now when you have these you had a t2 a trade master to
plot here just be really aware of these when you start to have you’ve had two or
three 89bs now in a trend you start to get these be prepared for a lot of
failures in this until you get to virgin so if you see a deep pullback if you
want to be conservative wait for divergence so the divergence one paid
off your five ticks then it formed a t7 by the way that was a Loss that smoked
down as a loss then we had a just moving along a little bit I won’t go too many
more so I think you’re probably getting the drift here but here we had then a
great t3 this is another great example great t7 check your anchor chart
look at this run this is where either your eighth or your 11 EMA we then had a
bounce you weren’t filled up until then and one
2- yep so you’re still in that trade still over here so you missed out on
this one which would have been probably a loss anyway so if you had of taken
this one you would have got your five picks over here up here somewhere so
ignore these two trades because you were still in it stay with the trade so your
t3s will give you great returns now we roll it up here here’s your first entry
there was a t3 that gave you five or six in that particular case it wasn’t a
great return on that one as five or six ticks there we then had a great 89b here
it is here we then come up we had a bounce let me just move this along here
what do we got there a great pivot bounce with the trade master so we see
we’re about to bounce off a pivot I plot in advance here’s my extended target and
of course you’re always thinking where’s my likely support resistance area which
is here we then had a 34b but it was set it was buying right end of a floor pivot
which is a danger again so moving along here we had t3 again or for 535 now when
you’ve got a t3 bouncing a t3 with a 535 it’s almost about the farm trade
thank you very much great move again thank you very much use
your 8 or 11 EMA to stand then we had a great t3 the paintbar did not plot to
over here so no paint so would have plotted there nothing nothing no now
I’ve got I’ve got a new high high we’ve got a reversal candle let me plot it
here now it gives me a potential here and that was good a 10 ticks
whatever that was right stopped on that one winner on that one winner on that
one 200 B I don’t know what that one was I won’t go through results right now but
then we had we can see we’re rolling over this is where we had our triangle
formation again that was a bounce off the floor pivot then we had another
t3 down here thank you very much great t3 setup then I had another
535 remember what was once support can then become resistance and as I close
this off for now 41 minutes into this okay so how do we stay in these moves
well here you can use the eleven now here if you use the eleven you would
have been out in this one you would have been in and it’s probably good 8 to 10
ticks but you’re closed on you’re out but then you’ve got a 21b traders it’s
giving you a projection you jump in on your 21 you’ve closed under your trigger
line and you go again then you had t3 again okay there’s t3 then you
had to 34 then you formed t7 then you had a 89 ok now these are all 100%
mechanical that’s what I love about this for traders that are struggling that is
the rules are I must have the t1 plot or understand the pattern of why the t1
plots the super scalper the trade master must confirm I think
like a casino I take every one we come down here we had divergence we bounce
and guess what we hit the floor pivot I got stopped out
and on the second one five ticks thank you there’s my next one that plotted on
thank you very much comes down I’ve got big picture divergence plotted it thank
you very much that was a winner that was a loss but then your next one was a
winner so traders it really is straightforward
and as I mentioned we can dramatically improve these is by when you’re trading
with the trend the counter trend trades by the way taking everyone providing
your got divergence or at t3 if you’ve got t3 you don’t need diverg is a is a great winning strategy if you follow the rules of waiting for
divergence or only trading t3’s or your double bottoms double tops with
your whip trend trades and you plot the trade master and let me just plot it
here for you it gave me a final target of down here okay take your 21
take your 34 take you t25 all your trend trades in the direction and of
course when you’re heading that when you’re heading to support or resistance
you know to be ready to either front run by having your exit one or two ticks in
front of that potential bounce or at least be ready to pull your stop
straight up because you know that when you come down your floor pivots or other
significant areas of support or resistance or what we call your round
numbers on oil there’s a good chance you’re going to bounce excuse me so you
can front run those but this is a winning strategy traders okay here
high-risk i like this one down we’ve gone to another day was that high-risk
right I’m right at the 200 an extended market okay note times of see here’s a
great T3 again here’s another T 3 as a winner my 89 a winner all traded
have it was a loss by the way there was a it was actually a lost that one you
can’t see it now because I’ve rebooted but sometimes I’m when I reboot it
doesn’t show you all of a T1 but I plot these as before I restart the
computer so I know that was at t1 so you would have been stopped on that one
but hey you’ve had a ton already a ton of winning trades on this day
high-risk once again to take this threat after t3 or high risk trades so traders I
will this is one thing I just wanted to show you okay
so member earlier I mentioned that the t3s here’s a closer swing high this t3
entry is a higher risk because it’s not high and if suit is t3 I’ve got here
this is higher than that and that one that’s a much more higher probability
great reversal okay so when I have a t3 and it’s lower than a high and vice
versa the opposite is true okay this is a lower risk because it’s lower than
this swing high when I’m making new highs your t3’s are a much more higher
probability trade want you to remember that t3 s we are making new highs or new
higher lows okay a much more high probability now here is just one example
and I might as well just show you this two trades where you would have been
stopped on these are included these are both legitimate t3’s okay you do
trade the t2’s in the direction of the trend 21B’s or a t2 so when you get
a failed t3 you wonder you can reverse it works well and let me just plot the
trade master here here it gave me two targets and there was a third target
down below this low so you want to be taking these with trend trades as well
so here you had a nice winner loss loss winner you picked up your 5 ticks I
think by the if not you still had t7 all of those are included you then had what
day was this is Friday Friday was quite a particularly tough day so Friday it’s
taking every single one and just to float so Friday what date was that that
was I just give you the date because it’s a good day to go back over and
apply it Friday the 4th 4th 5th of August there were let’s see
sixteen that was that sixteen might have been I can’t remember anyway traders
you’re only up 15 ticks trading of its counter trend trading 15 ticks with trend
23 ticks so that was 16 look I’m just losing
track of how many trades there was in that time period but the bottom line
traders was you were still well and truly up but missing out on a lot of
those other really good 34b’s and the other trades but long winded hence what
I’m trying to say is if you still took everyone 100% mechanical you still had a
really nice winning day as I said here take all t1’s t2’s 21b’s when
you have the sweets but as here so there was actually two losing trades you
picked it up here so here’s another nice two three a lower high but of course
what I’m not including is our classic trend following trades so it’s getting a
bit long-winded here now so let me run this up so members if you’ve got the
indicator and you don’t know how to use it following this Australia I’ve got
there it’s a real winner if you’re considering the trade master
indicator as much as it’s not inexpensive it’s a winner traders and
particularly when you use the our entry signals using a super scalper and
combine that with our t2 we have t1’s, had t2’s had t25 setups of 34B’s it’s lethal
as far as results go so 48 minutes in I’m going to wrap this up Thank You
traders any questions please drop me an email at [email protected]

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