How To Master The Art Of Day Trading Video One

How To Master The Art Of Day Trading Video One

hello traders it’s Samurai trader here I
just want to quickly show you a trade I’ve just entered I’m about to do two
extensive training sessions and I’ve just jumped in early on a t20 now I’ve
only got a 5 ticks stop which is served if here so I just put this on hold and
wait for this to deliver traders eyes we can see I took a bit of heat on this t20
went through I then had a reversal t20 however I stuck with it and my four ticks
stop because I got in early otherwise I would have I needed that full stop kept
me on the safe side so I’m after five ticks see which is 625 getting very very
close so as you can see I’m down to four ticks now it’s taken probably what about
thirty minutes um why didn’t get this recording while under way but I just
thought it’d be good to get this under way now what was wrong with this t20
I’ll explain in the members video I jumped in earlier but as I’ll explain on
the members video it’s a high-risk trait so one I’ll explain that on video to
video one will be for more public dawn I’m about to run through and then I’m
going to do a complete breakdown of all of the trades and questions from members
over the last three or four days plus a number of fantastic trading
opportunities what we’re looking at here traders is the 233 share bar on the ES
so I might just put this on hold come on no no it’s yeah what have we got there
at about 75 contracts to get through just way to I Murphy’s Law as I turn it
off and we punched through nothing like punching through so we’ve been in this
line of orders for quite some time so we should get filled fairly quickly
would you go to allows for traders it’s quite often you’ll go down and you’ll
touch your order three or four times and then bounce up or not
get filled in this particular case we’ve been in line for quite some time there’s
been a lot of activity in our price levels so hopefully we get taken out
fairly quickly in doing back-testing traders the safest way and you can see
here here’s my order right here let me just get something up here for you
where’s my pointer so you can see my order sitting here is to always allow
one extra tick and one of the questions that came up the other day in
back-testing what’s it a slippage should you allow for on market orders well when
you’re trading a 10 lot particularly on the NQ I’d always allow one to two ticks
slip on on the NQ for sure and on the ES one tick if you build that in you know
yes 10% of a time you’ll get in with no slippage at all but when you use he
market orders you nearly always will get some sort of slippage you’ll pay a
little more now what we’ve got down here of course is is a potential 89b so this
is always issue when you hit the T89 now do the buys keep coming in at this level
and typical what is it it’s the T89 support here level that we’ve got so
just waiting for this to punch through and you know who knows it could bounce
back up again but hopefully on the second big push down we do come through
on this so just waiting patiently so just to repeat this particular trade is
a t20 there we go we punch through at last we were very lucky we got fuelled
pretty much straightaway some big orders coming of a market there I think we’ll
probably see it may even fall away a little further now so with that being
said I’m about to start the main presentation like I trade his five
minutes later two minutes late if you’re just wondering what’s happened you can
see here that we took through by one tick this we’re still hovering around at
this level and natural fact you’ve just got a t25 setting up so let’s now get
into the main presentation or recording so I can’t remember what I said at the
start of this video so let me just go back to this slide here so in today’s
session I’m going to be covering members questions and answers in to recordings
recording one what does it take to reach master day-trader status and recording
two I’m going to be covering a lot of specific questions on some of our core
trading strategies at T1 T2 T20 T25 34 and T89 bounces these are questions that
have come in over the last three or four days from members and these will be
posted in the members area on my Google Drive so some of our members still
haven’t received the links of a Google Drive so if you I remember members only
please please drop me a line but you should have the link by now so as we get
underway and as per the live trading of course there is risk in trading if you
are new to my videos please make sure that you read the risk disclaimer what
it really comes down to traders do not trade uneducated trading sim using the
simulator until you master the art of trading and of course don’t trade with
the rent money now everything I’m about to show you and all of the trade setups
of course are all in the day traders fast track program it’s the course now
covers well over 12 of the world’s best day trading strategies and why do I only
charge one hundred and ninety seven dollars because very soon we’re
launching our live trading room and I hope that by you seeing how good the day
trading strategies are over and they’re also swing trading you’ll want to join
the live room as well so if I can give you the world’s best education at four
lowest price you want to trade live with me and we’re getting closer and closer
every day we just we’re just waiting to build up to a hundred people to join
otherwise it pays me just to keep trading live trading it doesn’t pay me
to long run a live room so we’re just waiting for the numbers to build but in
the meantime you can build your education with these strategies so what
I want to do is just cover a little bit of psychology now I know for some of my
members I may sound like a broken record when it comes to this but I receive
emails from traders around the world every day I do one-to-one coaching with
traders I have Skype meetings with traders and I get to hear their pain and
of course over 70% of my traders or members that join me I’ve already got
one or more years experience as traders and many of them have struggled for
years and my job as a coach is to attempt to turn that around so we know
what trading is 5% is money management that is been well under 2% 2% or under
as far as risk parameters go I traded 0.5% level consistently because I know
that suits my personality and it’s safe 5% is the trading methodology or
strategy and a massive 90% of trading is psychology that is where our head is and
head stuff has a huge impact of where we go as traders and where you are mentally
has a massive impact also traders on what on how easily or whether or not you
do pick these strategies up because unfortunately many traders are
battle-scarred they’re really they’ve been knocked around lost three or four
accounts and unfortunately when it comes to teaching them or retraining them it
makes it a lot more difficult it’s a lot easier to train a brand-new trader
because I have the opportunity of training them how to trade the rights
I’m the first time when new traders come in and you know what I’m talking about
it’s really hard to break the old habits it’s because we become hardwired
so everything I teach in my program of course is all about joining the five
cent club the 5% club traders unless you in the top 5% if you’re after earning a
serious income as a trader unless you become one of the best you’re not going
to get there that’s just the bottom line traders I’m sorry there is no easy way
getting there I can fast track you but it requires some work on your part now
this is a slide that a number of members have emailed me and asked me if I could
react explain yes this is this Excel spreadsheet is in the Google Drive
traders so for members you can go and download this and play around with it
and change the figures but you’re assuming a starting capital of $5,000
earning 200 dollars a day per contract at the end of one week you’ve got $6,000
end of week 2 7 8 now to achieve 200 a day consistently you want to be
targeting 300 to allow fear down days and is that achievable well you betcha
and I’m gonna be showing you some spreadsheets and some things from
clients in a moment some of them though adjusting sim but you could just see
just earlier in this video what was I up 62 less some brokerage so up $55 per
contract on one trade and there are dozens of those as you’re about to see
in a moment dozens of opportunities however you need to develop your skill
set now what this shows is by the end of week 25 on trading 62 contracts so how
this works traders is that as you achieve and build to another $5,000 you
start trading a second contract now here yes I know I’m not allowing you to take
any money out and you’re leaving it in the program but what I’m just showing
you here what is possible if you become a master
day trader and when you’re at 34 weeks you’re earning eighty nine thousand
dollars a week and you’ve got over a million dollars in your account now
that’s with a maximum risk of 1.75 percent maximum and targeting $200 a day
that is possible now if we have a look here this is a spreadsheet for
one of our members Rick who was kind enough to allow me to put this up and
I’m about to show you some emails I got from him a couple of days ago so this is
earlier in the month well where I’ve just completed a back
testing on the 34b set up for the month
pretty impressive performance but you already knew that and what we can see
here is at 82 percent of the trades for this time period that is tested now mind
you this is back testing okay so you want to take five percent off however
with this particular trade the 34b is very very mechanical it’s a very
mechanical trade and there’s no real reason except for maybe a red flag news
announcement why you would really miss that particular trade it’s a very very
mechanical trade this is a from a an email a couple of days ago now hi ray
just a short note to let you know your recommendation of tray of using the t89
the volume chart for trading a CL that’s that’s oil of course June Globex worked
like a dream now trading sim last night so he’s doing the right thing
Rick’s testing these in sim and it’s won six out of six trades now this
particular on this market it will be consistent a good 80% consistency he
will find but what it comes down to and what I wanted to point out here traders
with the the goal here of achieving our 200 dollars a day per contract there he
was was he trading two contracts might have been two contracts or there is up
585 for that particular trading session now taking the whole of march on the 34b
he was still at a consistent 82 percent profitable trades now getting back he
rocked the 200 a day per contract in and what was this one here this is on the NQ
two contracts 10 ticks target of 10 ticks sorry the other one was was on the
Black Gold on CL 2 contracts 82% winners and 84% winners now there are
some rules of course on trading that set up within these parameters that he set
that um members I’ll be putting this and going through this with you of course in
the members are video but traders this is only one of a number of strategies
and something it comes up regularly this is for my new traders and and even those
that are looking at joining and becoming a member is yes um I teach a wide range
of strategies but you only need to master two or three to absolutely pick
but as a trader let me put the cave it in there that I
want to say kick but I’ve got to be careful what I say because some people
literally think they can walk in and make a fortune overnight without putting
the work in traders you need to learn your craft and we’re going to get to
that in a moment because there’s a couple of really
important things I know I can help you in accelerating your learning now you’ve
probably heard this before but our doubts become our traitors our thoughts
and actions create our reality and when we doubt ourselves traders we tend to
make mistakes we hesitate we don’t get in on the trades and this is perhaps the
most common issues that I see from traders on a day-to-day basis as a fail
to enter a trade hesitating moving stops etc or perhaps you’re in the profit it
ticks back and you jump out so therefore your win is a lot smaller than what it
should be so your risk reward ratio is out so these are the things that we need
to gain confidence on and we do that through doing exactly what Rick did on
the panel’s beforehand in keeping our daily statistics now by keeping your
daily stats statistics provide the evidence and the confidence now if you
were to take every single 34b your statistics as you go on a trend are
going to run out that is because trends come to an end and that some ik trade is
for my members who I’ll explain and go through again in the members area or
video today the great dr. Wayne Dyer who are passed
away unfortunately last year this is sonicate he said if you’re
feeling stuck in life aren’t happy with the situation’s you find yourself in
that take a second look at your thoughts are you allowing your imagination to
guide you to the things you want your imagination is the first place to
manifest your ultimate desires if you can imagine what you want you can have
it traders I know some of you nodding your head in a negative way and some of
you are probably turning your nose up at me but this has been my success and the
really successful trade as I know just know they can achieve it they just it’s
the way they think the target of $200 a day per contract that’s so achievable if
you believe it and if you put the work in because once again you’ve heard me
talk about this traders is a big difference between competence and
confidence you need to gain that competence and you do that of course
through simulation training to begin with then eventually live trading but
this is where we’re going to start and for more members you know I talk about
this regularly and even if you’re not a member traders I want you to write this
down Who am I going to have to become to be one of the best traders that ever
lived you have to aim for that top 5% write
out the attributes of the best of the best then because that’s what you have
to do to really get there because unless you get there you’re not going to
achieve it you’ve got to do that now the challenge for experienced
traders is completely different compared to new traders because experienced
traders we know that over 90% of traders have failed or do fail so for
experienced traders that are giving them a Gorgon a lot of my jaded and they have
suffered psychological damage from trading and so the skill set you need to
initially build is totally different you need to rebuild your discipline and
that’s perhaps one of the greatest challenges is having you follow through
the because as a an experienced trader
instead of thinking carefully about the trading setup there is a thing that we
tend to do and it’s called remembering instead of thinking it’s something if
you study an LP it comes up regularly that for most of us we tend to remember
situations rather than think about the current situation there’s a huge
difference so the challenge is totally different and it’s something of course
I’m going to be talking more and more about in this area because has a huge
impact so let’s start to drill down on a couple of things so the one reason why
few of us achieves what we truly want is that we never direct our focus we never
concentrate our power most people double their way through
life never deciding to master anything in particular
now what excites me about say what Rick has done Rick is really focused on a
setup and he’s becoming really world-class at it and so I asked Rick’s
permission to use those slides so that email in my presentation today because
the best of the best traders I know they’re specialist you’ll hear me talk
about this with medical professionals who makes the most money it’s a
specialist it’s the guy no it’s the brain surgeon it’s not your general
practitioner so what I really want to encourage traders is that you really
focus on as I mentioned one two three strategies and of course this new
members I’ll teach you what those are and I’m gonna be covering those again in
today’s members video but become an absolute master at it so focus on just a
few things and do them better than anyone else let me say that again focus
on just a few things and do them better than anyone else
wax on wax off off now that’s just such a classic movie Karate Kid and of course
he questions the great master why do I have to do this wax on wax off and I
think I read recently that with one of the world’s best karate
teaches he was talking about there’s only six moves you have to master only
six but it’s not really how many times you use those yeah bottom line is I’m
getting myself even myself a bit confused there but what it was is really
mastering each one of those moves 1000 times or 10,000 times that was more
important mastering one before you master all six and repetition over a
period of time and I think this is one of the great challenges that trade it
really traders have is developing the patience and the discipline to wax on
and wax off become very very good at just a couple of setups and being
patient for those so with my program and with my teaching I teach you the world’s
best battle-tested proven day in swing trading strategies that’s actually easy
because traders I’m going to tell you this look I know there’s over 100
different day and swing trading strategies that work I’ve been
researching trading strategies for over 20 years so I can give you the world’s
best but what I can’t give you is screen time it’s time you sit in front of the
PC when the market is active I can’t give you that so you’ve got a gain
screen time in your own time I can’t teach you well I can perhaps taught it
or coach you on gaining focus discipline in patience but this is something that
you have to do so these four things are things that you need to do and you need
to be really ensure you do do it now one little technique that I teach when I’m
coaching traders one-to-one and to remain focused is online now you can get
countdown clocks is to have a countdown clock for for 30 minutes
you’ve got your clock going out maybe for younger traders you say younger
traders I’m in my 50s and I can focus really well for 30 but then I need a 5
10 minute break grab a coffee or sit back down again may
it’s one hour but you have it’s a countdown clock on your PC ticking away
and for that thirty minutes one hour or whatever it may be you’re 110 percent
focused on that screen and tick it off and maybe you have four or six or eight
of those time blocks that you’ve got to be focused for a new market run off and
at the end of the day you can see that for eight 30-minute time blocks or six
30-minute time blocks you’ll 110 percent focused it’s great for your trading
discipline and it’s also great for your self-esteem and for rewarding yourself
so you’ll hear me talk about and you hear me talk a lot about pilots now of
course many people would love to be both male and female would love to be a pilot
for both the excitement of flying an aircraft done I mean I spoke to a pilot
recently and he said look I get to um fly these 100 million two hundred
million dollar toys and a lot of people have become a pilot because of a
lifestyle flying these some great machines and also the income so if you
want to earn the big bucks what does it take well you’ll hear me talk about
becoming a pilot as far as the discipline comes into it because
typically for a pilot to start to or to join a large or start flying a larged
aircraft they need usually over two and a half thousands of flight two and a
half thousand hours of flight experience with 1000 of those of piloting command
now when they go into a simulator to join a major airline they they’re
usually in the simulator for at least four weeks and a lot of these simulator
rides are for at least four hours with a 15 20 minute break in the middle goat of
a law and whatever and grab a quick coffee now they’re strict when you’re in
the simulator there is no room for error that is you’re not allowed to muck
around and say okay let’s let’s play crash the plane right these are serious
time periods you hear me talk every day every recorded session about
training in simulation but treat it like you’re trading with real dollars because
you’re going to hide why the habits in this is absolutely critical that you’re
serious when you’re trading in Sim now just in reviewing what most pilots do in
the simulator most pilots do at least seventy six hours of simulation training
simulator training before they walk upon board a plane and turn left instead of
right and even then once I’ve done that of course they’re going to have testing
they’re after sitting in this coke as copilot etc etc it goes on and on so how
do can we relate that or pull it back to our business assume you’re a pilot
traders step in to really the shoes of what a master trader adora or a master
pilot someone that’s serious first many of you you need to change your
personality and that is possible take on the persona you need to of a master
trader of a master pilot you need to do that and we start that by working with
the simulator seriously and it’s something I want you to really think
think through now we know we finished on this particular rum video before going
to the next one but a couple of things I wanted to talk about just before I close
off is this this is something that I have on my desk in front of me as a day
trader on patient I’m a sniper one shot one kill a rules-based pattern trader
using a combination of trend following trend continuation counter trend and trend
reversal strategies as a new trader you want to be a trend of following trader
only now if you study the discipline of a sniper that’s a persona I like to take
on because I’ve got to be very very focused one shot one kill how many times
do you want to take a shot at a trade hoping that will come
be a winner one only don’t you you don’t want to be having moldable trades hoping
that they’re going to come off one shot one kill
so that is what works for me so what strategies am I going to recommend you
focus on trend strategies only until you’re consistently profitable now you
want to start off with the t20 but t20s to trend confirmation and the tweet
t20 – 1 & 2 of basically the first second first sorry let me get this right
just over this again but first and second and even the third trade after a
t20 because what you’ve got is a brand new trend
so obviously particularly in a good trend your first three trades are the
best of the best so what are our trend trades traders and this is for members
sister just as a reminder your T1’s your t2 is your t18 your t25 to
34 and 89b in your 34b for being the best out of those two so this is where
we want to start you want to focus on one two three of those and build from
there you’ve got to develop what I call reflex
action where one look at the charts and you can see it in a blink of an eye
which is really important so traders all of this and a whole lot more
particularly these strategies strategies may cover extensively in the day traders
fast-track program so $197 you get all of these and full email support and this
leads you into the live room which is realistically still a month to six weeks
away we just got to get the numbers up to justify running a room because one of
the issues Tracie’s I’m down under at the moment I am moving back to the US
but I’m down under here in Australia so my hours are upside down so I’m gonna
have a moderator a trader master day trader trade with you the first three to
four hours and I’ll come on for second half of the New York session and we’re
going to be moving also into the Forex and the European session as well but to
even become a member of our live room you still need to own the program and
even as a standalone program this will be the last
program you ever purchase um one thing on that trade is once you purchase this
I want to say this we’ve got professional traders or traders that
continually buy stuff stop it stop looking on the internet for new stuff
I’ve been a researcher of trading systems and strategies and programming
this for years you get everything here just stop looking once you get the
program focus on learning the strategies and mastering how to day
trade Thank You traders so if you haven’t subscribed to my channel please
do go to my website if you don’t have my ebook or even more importantly go and
make an investment in yourself and purchase today traders fast-track
program now for my members I’m about to go on now and record a number of recap
videos recapping a whole range of our trades over the last couple of days and
a lot of trading questions have already marked some charts up we’re gonna be
looking at a whole lot of setups traders so well look forward to you so go to the
members area on the Google Drive to get the link traders if you’re not a member
joining you get access to all of this Thank You traders see you on the next

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