How to make profit trading binary option using PTIM strategy

How to make profit trading binary option using PTIM strategy

hey yo what’s up guys it’s JessiBoy
back again okay and today I’m here with you all with a new presentation okay and
guys today it’s not about foreign exchange okay it
is about foreign exchange but the only the asset is a foreign exchange okay but the
trading platform and the trading okay type okay
I mean it is totally different okay mean the asset class which we are today gonna
trade is an option okay and it’s binary option and it’s not totally a foreign exchange okay guys so today we are not talking about the foreign exchange but the
binary options which we are to trading will be of a foreign exchange currency okay so today it was a weekend okay guys so
on the weekend day, we don’t have a actually real market trade, okay but
there is over the counter (OTC) mean Over The Counter and this is an IQ
option broker this guy’s so where we can trade the binary option this is I assume one of the best binary options broker okay which I also used to trade in past okay but
for now I’m trading forex okay but sometimes I also check about the binary
okay because the binary is only best for those okay scalper okay
all those who love option trading okay so if you want one of the best I mean best broker
around here so far I can see okay or I know so far that is really good in
option trading okay so this platform is really good okay guys so if you really
like to check furthermore okay I will link in the description about the IQ option review okay where you can see what is this broker okay. This whole information about the broker okay you can also check ok guys so everything No huge capital okay and it is really important
to have a good capital to trade forex foreign exchange but that is not same
for the IQ option okay because I mean the options trading you can barely you
can trade using dollar $100 to $500 okay but in foreign exchange, those capital aren’t
good okay because in foreign exchange it is really a trader or investor really need a good
capital to even start okay but that doesn’t go the same for the binary
option okay which I mean because you can even trade minimum trade
dollar $1 okay so you can get a return like seventy to eighty percent guys okay
but the main thing is the binary option is totally highly risky assets ok guys because this is not same as the foreign exchange because here if you
win you get an eighty percent or above eighty percent okay… below 90% so
far but sometimes market is totally busy or highly liquidity then
sometimes broker offers like eighty -five to ninety percent also okay so
those are the really high busy days when a broker offers such
return of the investment for now, you can see 86%
okay guys which mean that if I trade $1 okay and this is
call and this is put okay. Call and put mean that where do you think the price will go? If you
think the price will fall and that is the low put if you think the price will rise then that is a call ok guys so that’s the basic of it and if you trade $1
okay for now and then, for now, I am just in practice account ok guys I’m just
testing everything and I’m just trying to show you today I’m making this
whole presentation about iqoption broker and how we can at least sometimes use it
okay if we really like to have a short term or we can say scalping to intraday it
is the best trading platform okay in terms of binary option trading in
option trading okay this broker is the best I assume okay
because I haven’t seen much greater than this broker okay and they are also somehow regulated I
already showed you okay They are also somehow regulated so
here is the time okay this is all expiration time okay what does
expiration time means expiration time means if you think this trade will
expire ok if you trade put ok and assume that you choose this
time for now so it is like 1 minute for now ok and if you think that this
trade will fall one minute with this trade will fall so you choose the
expiration and you I mean put all this is called lower or anything ok this is a
sale okay in term of basic language this is a sell this is a buy and in term of
options trading it is like call or higher ok so guys if you think this
of you think that this price will expire okay lower than the current price level
okay then you will be doing put okay and how long will how long do you
think the price will move on that directions or when you think the price will
expire below the current level that is your
main challenge ok the main challenge and assume that if I did a put ok
guys just for test ok and I am choosing now price will fall okay
below this price level okay current price level where I did put and within
one minute okay I mean in one minute timeframe the price will be lower below
the level where I did put okay so that is how that is what it all mean okay guys so I had I did now it is running but I don’t know if it will go right or wrong but I was trying to show you
ok guys I just did a random short you guys can see here I have now
31 second okay so it means that the price has to expire within one minute
below the level where I just did a put so that means that yes you can see
here now I have only expiration time is only left for 15 second okay 14 seconds
13 12 11 10 nine eight seven six five four three two and one
boom that’s it guys that’s it okay that’s how a basic way you make money in
this platform in binary options or we can say iqoption so that’s like
$0.89 dollar meaning that I received an 89% return guys of
investing my $1 okay so and I have choose like below 2 minutes but it
was like one and half minute 1 and half minute I guess like this 1 and half minute
I did choose and this is okay one an half minute this is 30 sec you can’t trade below the
30 sec ok you have to decide I mean above the 30 sec so here we can see now 1 an 30 sec so
this is all the basic ok guys I was I was just showing ok and here you can see
the histories okay chat of course where you can chat with other guys okay leaderboards
where you can at least check what do you have to bring in a pending one okay guys
but seems like it is for foreign exchange well you can add on keep appending water
but it doesn’t work for pioneer your option of you guys so here you can see
there are different kinds of Isis yeah it came like dining of this was they are
different types of opsin shooting of it but binary is most ah sir so he is also
for you next thing is talk community so hip I do CFD city contract is severe
contract on contract see CFD contracts for differences like XTF is located
where you get profit in the defense of controlling assisted contract for
defenses I don’t that means that so guys without talking father of it so this is
what the binary options I explode I just showed you all the bits for everybody’s
information I think you see the amount and depending on the amount will get a
discount of what pocket I mean offered by the proverb or not
they have offered a pin and bushing and I already saw that too and told you all
play the weekend of the ice which is Saturday but also the market cross
because you seem like a clowns are long over the counter and I think I am I can
handle this working so Maggie is open that’s one thing for oh and there are different guise of the
other one with you for a few people what you can see here two indicators which is
only indicators times there are moving from thing volatility moving average
falling this googly eye on each other squids all charting or timing but I am
you would basically they have also platform okay on Windows tonight and
behalf of the absolute it so this is highly I mean recommended for those who
loves pioneer absence of soft contouring okay and we like who like to trade on
option trading so this is all so strange not quite stating the community trade
this is no indices okay are not a strong essence trying nothing but we can’t do
those SS crappy option of it because we have some likes on track for different
uses it on that extra so we can also choose here by or X okay
I mean this is the different a hold defenitely but within the option also
they offers like like furnaces plays we can you get so we have they have suit
but you can see it they offer even gold looking for gold is this is of the CFD
comes into so you can see really stocks okay so you can see they offer stock
community I just did so on D even it’s a
justifying University offer although as its class also for and for elections
it is totally foreign at me right what Greece weekend looking so Michael is
closed for now okay so they offer also finances but they are some different
kind of like we have to understand tippy-toe
okay we have some day create the video if I have to okay because here I like
the hair is moly lip and all I’m going to stop okay all them that take pop it
and stop awesome but we have to do that all okay but this
is beyond the presentation of video hey guys loose if someday I have to link and
you multiply okay but that that works as a relay circuit like there is one is to
one day being anything so far I’ve seen but depend on the foreigners currency
here is like 101 pointing in one is to 500 to one is to 1000 also again so I
know that but get is know like an ox online live is it but there is only like
multi Clarence for next okay so that’s all you know about is shooting and here
you can see of this tree Hey and talking you are now back to our
also known you guys so today I created this video okay
I couldn’t wait to just show you all how can we share on this awesome coming I
mean I just wanted to show you all clear Oscar
I’ll give this meaning honking don’t worry about it don’t worry about it okay
so I guess who I have covered a lot of you know about this platform ahead and
the purple and however everything so now you know what is I Gerson it so if you
you will not see our OTC or weekdays of it in we can use your decision that’s
all over the counter it moves on we can also and that’s handled by IPOs and
rotary but in real these tiny the week days of it by any of our boxes which are
really puts on putting it to the real world market okay so for those who don’t
are still safe okay and they can just turn you and the trailer on the all week
we can do it because I have one especially to see you all okay this
probably engaged two types of over the ominous one is dealing extruder and one
is not dealing this prefer okay so now I’m dealing extra mega those folks who
doesn’t handles rice O’Donnell who doesn’t
who doesn’t manage your price coat okay you don’t do that I mean those truckers
like non dealing disapproval pages they have a lot of light of all the utility
provider okay like banks okay so from them the shoes okay which one into this
I have a little price and they just match that by the system okay and they
provide the price to their question finally we have this tire shake so that
system is called easier it’s better electronic communities NATO or something
like that out there so yeah all electronic connection make up something
like that easy and Google it so don’t is here and SPDR of them straight through
processing is that processing me you have to talk to me there are two main
types of rover like Jane takes a non-degree make scuba down giving this
Bogar like STP and ecnv and ask you initial produce a beautiful like check
your price quote by James up and trade of certificate and also did all handle
up sure and they’re flying deal okay because name do everything
automatically and this is that’s their orders with some good price
good okay from the liquidity provided you stay here with it so if they have
like three for me to be the cooler they will just solve all the all the broker’s
price I mean sorry I all the throughput because if you provide a surprise okay
and then the through the bitch price for the client we have this long door shot
and that’s how the ECNs will go through it but feeling this
Boogaloo produce you just feel okay you did whoo-oop their own right okay
depending on the market situation and also there is mass effect a mess but
price like doing the primes in your book his account thing I mean if they are
like 1,000 here okay and within that Google within that trying to think if
one tries by one tried until then Google is just hand until those two it Frank
stay in the middle okay so that’s how the feeling this they feel the price
okay they do the okay till the clients order okay within their own times is to
do that the being disproven and now reading this product do their prime city
we find order would be no crimes because they have a lot of nice you just choose
to be spread right and but so that was the thing of it why in we can use it we
can also we can see white Margaret O’Connor if I get over the weekend also
because this is it doing X photo building index to go to the stadium
using their plans officials in C still active obviously those like trading OTC
market doing all cheering me on weekend also and it is certain we can also and
those traders sharing they will have bangle singing excellent weeding dip and
this is how the market works okay Megan awesome but if you team if you like to
work in a real market then you can wait for a week David did binary option
doesn’t work like for real like and on that day you can I mean real mark and for in exosphere region on US dollar is
true let’s go into point okay so I just told you all the basic about how can you
can make money okay now the main thing is how we’re gonna shit without doing
anything so I was just trying to share you all strategy you guys but this means
a lot of fashion funny a lot of like practice race so I will practice even
for now because I’m just trying to show you some
ideas and opinions really it’s not like hundred-person walk hundreds per person
again Hey Turing star zero together I just wish this very odd strategy at
least which may work with it because my narrow think is really Harvey is already
more investment but it is uh but where there is fixed is more coffee and also
there is more opportunities into so that’s the one sad and good thing about
the pioneers and repeaters it’s also proves okay I mean close and cons if you
talk about advantage and disadvantage all about the binary options trading you
get option trading okay the advantage is that it is cause of
questionnaires overhead I mean literally you can make like whatever among people
are always and you can return how you can get it written up if you go seem
awfully enlistment and that is also like if you wish for like five minutes okay
you can even we know like if I picture a 10 dollar okay generally nothing is like
dollar eight point nine zero okay fifty-nine percent written off like
totally investment without end and you want that is like in a second guys we
saw second in some second branch within countries against our guys we can see
that because we can’t ship below the fifty second exercise but we can sit
like this thirty five thirty pool party to beginners to tell how to do is you
can trade fabulous details got no party we can say focusing so you can say we
can say that we didn’t have a thirty second guys we can make any money I mean
whatever one you like depending on the coffee pot in this
reggae that’s the main advantage of manual right so why did you smuggle is
famously 3u creativity so why do people fall like most of our people are really
interested a lot lining up some guys but this is a band is about that is right
you do 100 person you can keep you all the skills you will be using hundred
questions being that if you checked on Odette you win a pennant Ocean regret
but depending on what pocket for a person who is offering you you will get
that but if you only guys lose the market okay so you will be losing 100
question saying that you isolate the caller 10 if I win I will receive the 89
question anything if I lose I lose 100% meaning that I always my daughter Jane
flasch that’s very much without stalling ever
and that is I assume or disadvantage of the buying it up until you hit so had
one day the I always – I already tell you all the things that one is it that
you will be making a lot of money within a second guys within some juice in below
1 min attention but the disadvantage is that it is highly risky
hi little sketches a lot of little more than anything guys
if you can even if you can somehow master the binary option there is no
probably any market out there which you can beat okay
I with my own expense that I have even like bad news or sauce like in one one
year ago booty but I actually the dog changes
market a lot of different and more focused before in essence right okay I
just I’m just like typhoon done like the two months two months PVR I mean
truman’s Russell my investment planning so for those who don’t like to rush in
doing this again I mean to make the morning your cake like daily basis yeah
and those who want to like on daily they’re like not so like we find I mean
I was just trying to say that they they are like some kind of cap lower intraday
trader so like to make money on building because that’s your personality
operating style that’s the Porsche analogy and that’s
the Turing’s country so I knew nothing is also cool even of the training on
Starla I mean type of sugar but this personality what he shooting stars seem
like if not he’s like an Englishman I mean like you can English to Rick’s low
and one click if you can go but it’s steady and consistent manner then they
try and those 30 who don’t like risk higher okay they were making out our
house mean to say those who tower like to risk much those who are high
detection and those who think you’re failing or anything like investing so
for them binary option is I mean it could be like they need to make really a
different kind of strategy which I know but I mean which I want to play I as you
haven’t assumed you guys that kind of strategy because I’ll be
standing right strategy for like Scott from trader course Cabo and enjoy
anything so but for those type of trick they have two highly make their own
strategy it depending on the time so guys I mean so I already told you okay
those who are like for you necessarily why do you have to like boost light
shade and high like long-term trading anything why do you even like to like
chilling subscriber on small expert so for those okay well I about the intraday
rate they like to like if they wished women hold their trade for more than a
day okay then 14 days like we have like one how I won yes one how they produce
hardly the high knowledge gather okay not on you sorry
I mean even if they are incorrect I assume the intraday will use this 1/2
agent they will click it if they have a trip and they will seek it give you the
feel for it they will kick the door and you should run for one holiday it’s one
thing for now it is for them your day so dad is the only option how long some
clearing and shooting binary option here I mean depending on their trading style
of the guy depending on a portion of the earth if
they are long trailer if they I have after all if they are sure look we’re
having a very passionate with in depth then they have text they will be really
using a hard time time again expert higher time from X hi not I I don’t like
to see the higher time to go houses like is a bit higher expiration time they
have to use the higher expression than taken these are all folks camera so tube
and lower the expression time so higher the return on you guys this is like
three portion go looking for long term long long expression and solve
expression together and they are like these are to tell your Scavo a first
scale of their first gaveling here I mean you can see a 5 min on it also in
the x5 in five minutes so pure ever been correct under personal or ginger or
something like that this is only made for this table but
this is made for interesting traders like introducing Jules I like I mean
that fiducials line swing trading intraday style I mean
like if they have to stream from here to here at it and that’s lying in traffic
which if they have soft I had a expression kind of like 10 minutes and
they started this and the whole oh I’m sorry
this is not only 10 min is is like 20 to 25 we have it so if you start it here
again and then you can wait and that’s like a traditional
it’s embarrassing so yeah singing from high to low and then so they can like but there is to be like you know real
markets real market there is to be within an expression like end of the day
we split that the option will expire with in dr. day okay and they will be
the end of the week also it has really high also roots to only X prices I mean
for I hope I hope intraday traders produce and the end of the days made for
like end of the day is made for Internet I hope you enjoyed it
intraday trader normally instead within a day okay so that is very useful
intraday trading trader so it is only available for weekdays okay one of this
binary options or sn1 we came very guys so we can see we can see the expression
okay in real market if it is we can see the actualization for the end of the day
also and for the end of the movie call something so video movie news that it’s
option expires also may expire within the mood in a week oh yes remove the
expiration time thing and those expiration time frames also
Raja to remind what our children should food you hit depending on these are hard
cheering style hey guys and portion around be okay so that that was one I
overall wanted to see you all guys okay so
if we should you know I mean lower expansion guys that could be a cool of
your bad idea of it I just because I is hiding something
so engine up guys so I’ll be treating like 25 million let’s see
alright think that despiseth talk that’s one call you know I need food sorry put
or call I mean these calls to tourniquet option trading language you think coughs
including we said we can quality and fun out here using the higher also you can
have a lower loss again and it so I like an expression of tons I mean otherwise I
just don’t I mean expression and I’m doing that because those are like very
stiff expiration on it because anything can happen why we are wrong and if we
are wrong then how we can raise our children have higher time fingers now I
will be talking about you all the strategy okay guys the main strategy
which is how we can stay on binary option okay so without higher higher
risk higher risk are only for Heinrichs are only can’t happen
hi heids can only have occurred for those okay who use the wartime criminal
yet for those who use a higher time frame i’m higher expiration time they’re
probably not be risky Matsu execute and lower expert you know it yet so as i
said you all guys if you used okay if you are not a scab locate and on you
don’t you okay because scanner usually to do
the fighting like writing or typing an exploration of you know the final
expression so those are really risky guys excuse expiration time and those
are only triggered by scabbard and skavlan Sousou is calving is really hard
type and scalping is also really risky type II the scalping is risky because we
are playing and time and we have made he women okay all showing and in a be in
whichever market you see volatility is one of the key and depending on the
polarity the timing on timing is also moving with it because we are every time
we are showing in the time it like opening price closing price and all that
shit is all they are all talking about the time yes how does the market closed
today okay how was the market making high today
that was all about time guys lose time in volatility I really I am i okay in my
point of view and being a trader for like more than a few years now yeah that
those are only things I hear most about that should ensure you nicely or any
market financial market here so now we as we have said the time of you guys
trying to fight me okay now it is toward you to make fun of the expression as now
pollen load so you can see Gary a different kind of graphical tool so guys
we say me three and I am using a 15 second hey guys because 15 chicken is
good for expiration of it this is a scrabbling share of it but I’m scrapping
like for like in like a do the long trauma in trauma binary option okay
you just force off from okay you can x-ray like five minutes I think that’s
like a sore thumb but this overall what we are doing today
is scheduling or intraday oh yes you can think about that you can think that we
are doing like not internet most what blue the intraday okay and I was this
cabin yes it was scrabbling like it’s kept really scattering out on like five
to 15 years I reject but I’m ever get and in credit is also close within the
day okay but I am NOT doing that also so this could be say that about this
capping and building traffic yet but overall this hour
I’m today showing you on is about a soft functioning okay so and below the
intraday you can say so you see guys I have used a higher time to expiration
which is really okay fine because I know now how the market will react okay and
even if I fell then I have time of the I am the time to just the market oh yes so
all I have do you can see the else happen is really good and if you like to
change the time cuz you can see the time can come here every time so this is one
minute for now I’ll decision one minutes to look here guys I have do too great
and she okay because because of having a lower dampen if you sit in the lower
time come guys you your end she prize will be really good and that’s a good
thing about changing your time family if at the main time frame is lower if you
can chicken because we can quickly enter an exit strategy that’s the benefit
advantage offer throwing in a lower timeframe X they
turning lower tackle but you should also Java overall a long time frame again if
I sit here like 5 min and you can see guys this is
now higher time frame okay yeah I am now also watching the higher time frame
I am also not sharing in a wartime thing okay so this is my double advantage okay
double advantage of dollar advantage double advantage of being I mean double
advantage of not getting loose in a trade okay
I mean that’s how I will be more secure on my children okay so let’s guys okay
so that is one thing winning and now if you I think now hybrid candle would be
bullish candle then that would obviously be a bull way strength in your lower
timeframe where guys like a 15 Yin so that is that is what I’m doing this
and it’s called all this training what method is called one key more time can
analysis okay so we are doing a multiple time from here which is also here
because I am seeing the higher time frame okay higher time frame is making a
very scandal so that will obviously be out like you
can see here this is the descending trainer and is this descending train
line indicates wind ever try this for me lower so assume now the what I am making
today affinity strategy is all about like this strategy name is guys okay I
would like to name this in strategy the name of strategies okay p PT i am we started name is Petey
I’m miss Perry Petey I am strategy okay I am saying this as appreciate pretty I
am strategy why I’ll just show you okay why I’m saying this is try to the PT I
am stuck I’ll be saying oh I’ll just sharing with you all now on the anything
why I am saying this strategy PG I am strategy so here you can see try zooming
upper for now okay okay if this is for real
okay I mean if this price has to be bouncing back then we have to think
again what I was trying to show you all one strategy yet which is named Lefty
see I am strategy and this study is made for Binary Option trading money okay
guys I have made strengthened by notion tuning and I it will also work in fall
story well I have to dress the system on Phonics is also it made it when I use what does PT I am stagnant TGIM study
means that guys we F we can okay we can we have to keep we have to trap I would
like to subtract trap the price in the middle in the middle in the middle of
our order so what touch turning and they can cannot hear you put
order okay all you can see lower or we can see she’ll order okay so here is the
sale order now I’ll be targeting in social-label guys in such as demand
level or you can say demands on all we can to support them our area in case of
case where I’ll be again I’m trading off call I mean then that will be like call
you can see they’ll be like buying or higher or chanting with you guys what I
work it so I’ll be like doing again a call okay if I only think there’s a
level where price is reaching and from that level try to go bounce
I mean prices bounced me I log into a by okay so what what would that make now
I’ll just like practical through all the people I haven’t I don’t I can’t see a
good level at it okay to buy okay so assume that for this example the azimuth
if you price has ever reached at this level okay
and you can see this level seems on great our demands on okay because prices
price has calmed here and then it couldn’t break up break out below this
level and bounce him okay need tension bounce and that also
foot-pounds right so if only price has to least in this level then I all Arjun
do a call I mean by okay so if I did that then guys what will happen do we
have any idea if I did if I do a buy here for what happen if I only have to
buy here guys okay then we one thing what will happen is
that if left as unit okay this whole let this whole thing let me as you move it
if price will fall below the screen below and I’ll this level okay and as
you know in the past okay this one was good supposin okay okay guys this we can
call it okay you can also follow here it’s great to talk technical analysis
Todd okay we can really have a good experience on
technical technical drama here a technical term I mean in technical point
of view okay IP Austin has this bro this awesome
broker has one of the best charter moving and we’ve charting – looking are
even starting who’s ever for now I’m in with this this is the hotel ok with this
but we can also have you know we can also have you know software version ok I
mean Windows computer PC version also ok so now for now if I’ll just like two
weeks okay man let me buy you guys no matter what again ok if I even lose the
trip let it be oh yes this is all for demonstration so far okay
and I am on being practice for hours just trying to show you all on trading
strategy of you guys which we can do in our doing this pioneer of snow and this
is this stirring star is only made for the special for pioneered River so what
i just repaired guys i just trapped the price within my order so this is
strategies putting on this is that the name was peih-gee I am this charge okay
so what one two now I would like to show you all the full form of the Pidgey I am
okay so the PTM is price trap in middle okay so that that is what those
strategies mean okay so you can see here price has been strapped in in my order
in middle okay so P GIM means that price trap in middle okay surprise is trapping
middle middle of what we do love my order guys I have a sort order here
guide and I have long order here guys okay I mean I have a put here I have
called her but price has been trapped big on why I am doing this guy’s
I’m doing this because right away I am assuming this prize will be closing okay
within this price River okay which is 0.64 five four nine and price
velocity cooling reload this river seven six three four six six two
so if price even closed okay now below these two level and this dance is the
success of our strategy for him which is near that price trap in middle PTIN
strategy okay so this is the only strategy which I have made by my own
other guys it can work sometime it can may not be wall sometimes okay it is not
100 percent accuracy strategy okay guys but this is how a basic way of we can
make a pocket okay guys in oxygen look here guys
I am now yeah cheering like dollar truth and the return is like the physics
person reading for dollar please like 1.73 yes so I have 11 min an exploration
fun hour yet so even if the screen fills but I was here my my main aim to for
this three generation okay no I was to show you all this kind of strategy thing
given they’ll day some so this strategy like this room guys we should can be
combined okay you know some trading in a okay so that then that will remain a
mission for today over yet so if you really like this recognition guide
please for those who are new to my channel ok is to see the parts ok but I
used to train in binary so I sometimes we get away and today’s in weekend I was
just showing you all some studies of a new option okay so I got easily right
okay I hope you if you felt this one useful valuable then please these guys
do like and subscribe so I can bring you all again some new strategies ideas
plans ok I hope you like and subscribe ok but all those new heroes also and for
all the please do support a few guys your support and love with what
encouraged me for to do more and more a lot so scared of to sharing with you all
those kinds of strategies plan ideas ok and you can see guys the prizes to the
trap ok try this will attract within my crew orders okay so this routine of my
crew all and that is like being in the middle of price being in the middle of
my to order so this is why I say tight the strategy is name what you actually
draw the thing PG I am PG&E right track in middle so that’s it this is one of
our strategy during it and this is start so me was it high time to experiment yes
though I was from this car you just saying you want in or controlling if you
have a – expedition guys ok it is really useful and advantage because you can
just watch over all the market and you can estimate that how much could be Eric
how to train is changing wow what the cinnamon is now for now you can have
probably everything to taste the market for now ok so you can judge the overall
market guys so that is the main important thing off your hand and there
is the advantage of having a shooting in hi tantrum or hey guys so you can see
the price scanner is still breakout 0.63 4-6 6-2 which is my call time in
food ok so and you can see prices totally now above the zero point six
three four five four nine okay my by ok Lucy the call so price if the
price expires you know I have Kate minute here guys okay if price expired
we can hate me and feel of this to level okay then I’m gonna make it like one
point $72 here which is the 86 portion pocket
octonal to hit total in there so this is it this is the main thing which I was
trying to show you off and guys as I said please if this is a highly highly
I’ll get rid of it guys I’m just showing you on your practice again guys okay
so but you can test this strategy okay a lot of time a lot of kind of lost and
then finally if you feel like trading strategies really useful then you can
make money yes you can now you can see the tray is now moving like human mind
trying to move you on my tail order okay so that is the thing guys
it can be a really big spirit so you have to be you have to not only depend
on this training strategy I think you have to be also feel good you know on
you have to be a good trading understanding all those key labels
against the support level the resistance levels you have to know the how the
training is me now for now okay if I can see okay this is now for now like this
okay okay so if this break up then I’m out of the film I have a feel of it for
my spot okay I mean you look good okay so if this freaked out because you kind
of iron price is working in a S&M channel ok so you have to be perfect in
such such understanding of the market is structured also yes so you have to know
the chart patterns and all that thing okay you have to know the volatility
look here guys this price has just bounced back again because it was sa new
channel and price was testing this a lot of family
is a specific power place for j48 and organ for so if it falls and still hold
again but I haven’t it will not work again so depending on expiration times
have you guys you have to be careful okay depending on expression than your
tread is dependent either you can to your right or wrong so if you have every
time if you fill on entering on right timeframe okay and you are every time
lose the money in office including okay that’s what related sad part of
dachshund reading it’s all depends on timing right yes so issue and manage the
timing of protection then you never make a money at it so you have to enter in
really perfect timing okay give anymore the projection and you have to be a
really good understanding in candlestick pattern or candlestick pattern or
candlestick is the one thing which can make most in for the schedules or in
seventy percent I Binary Option trading or I concentrating on okay
price action is the main thing which makes the most profit you know trail so
you have to really be careful on the price section of yes so for now I am
having breakout on my channel run again so you can see how this pair is not
going in opposite direction with it from my side I’m having profit from Michelle
shall I’m having a lot follow but you guys knew already now looking at how
this trading strategies work so for now I may not be 100% success in this play
okay but here at least I just save you all
Australia okay which is whose workforce was kind of
shit so you can see you guys now why I’m feeling this okay how can how
did I knew I had also got some time now to just the my and I knew that this till
this called a good trade as we filled because Christ has break
out of it from this single channel so and you can see here why I just passed
I mean white straight walk straight walk because I had like we did a call okay
from the law of the ascending channel and there are also area of English that
was probably so this is how you know what this is the benefit of training and
threading enough training in a load expiration time frame oh yes
if you thread in a lower time for expiration time I mean sorry are these
feature in a higher time for expiration this is one of the benefit oriented so
how you can serve the market for Polly okay and decide what to do next okay if
you if I can if I was available to sort this trade organ okay I will I would
have sought from here okay so this pushes will go on but we have to
increase our just order we have to increase our all about reading so
because the higher out shred is profitable the more we can make money
okay so what this whole trading strategies about trapping the pricing
middle of our order okay and making our self profitable okay that’s the main
strategy of this PG I am strategy okay PG I am study which means that price
track England okay so we should trap apply the middle and
also we should find such area okay I mean if I had tracked from if I had an
opportunity of driving price from this point okay this level to this level okay
honey that was me guys I would have made improper okay person i effort create
demonstration okay I have somehow failed okay because I
have trapped the price of the awkward a little bit too low or okay which is not
favorable surprise and so you know so in this case guys we have to track the
price from life and really high to low is so depending on that how we can do
that we can do that only because of right timing okay right expiration time
so if you can right expiration time then we can track
the price of it I think that if we have a trap from this price level to display
level of grace and I assume their prices floating around here and that will be
the best thing and that’s of me think what we are trying to do without preachy
I mean strategy if that means price drag in the middle we have to track the price
in a very perfect manner by figuring out of true supply and demand zone okay so
that is how we can make a grid a perfectly okay for now you can see I was
quite from this point ok but I was filthy
actually I failed from this point so I have lost like Germany okay that’s like
a fucking sink loss but you can see you guys after using this strategy okay we
can we have also minimize our losses okay so this is the one another
advantage of this strategy ok p.m. Pt AIIMS
PT I am strategies one benefit is that we are also minimizing our loss okay
because I could have lost like I could have nearly lost like on 100 okay I’m in
total one sorry I could have nearly lost lines only one
but for now I am only having lost like 0.46
it is like 40 cent loss if he is only because I I had used his PG&E strategy
and I had a pocket from the lower but I have a lost for now ever okay I could
have lost like one dollar but I have walked like I have made a profit again
from here 0.86 in so I have an only loss of judgment
port in sync okay so final price has fallen guys as you can see my this upper
level okay which work perfectly as I thought okay so that in doubt of the
reason I said that if we have only trapped price from this level okay if I
had trapped from this level then try and if I have bow bow from this level okay
and 100 cushion guys this traders 100% profitable and I was like traffic
every one dollar one point something send okay so this is how the strategy
look guys I hope you all loving strategy okay like okay four three two one them
guys we made it guys it’s so much funny guys we made it but you could understand
our guys so what is happening heavier I have trapped the price pudding – orderly
all of yet this is so cool guys you can see that I did some random sort and just
by watching just by reading this video guys but if I had to promise to tell you
on this trade okay then 100% guys I would I would have somehow
placed an order from this level okay assume that guys Ejim guys this level
okay I assume this level was this level was the poot okay
I mean say okay this table I figure it out for time okay
I made a high here and for an uncanny pick taste it and I shall I let me say
that if t2 tower Tahoe double top nice price reversal okay
and if I had a stock position here guys okay and then and I had a like even buy
here okay because of some like here is a really effective price was stretched in
be still a lot of time okay so I thought that price hooligan bounce
from this rule so if I had only bowed from it and sold from here again fostro
from him bow from you and then it all have to be a perfect expression time
also okay so we have observed the market with
4px fashion time if we have four per expression time and judgment okay and
then if we have cost here we realize that price would fall under cushion from
it and we also figured out there was of or fix demands own okay we’ve priced
100% pounds okay stops level and then we are giving suit calm so and in this
process and and from this time okay price has been like this spiraling okay
I mean floating below below the proper order and lower
a dollar out of shit put order below the lower order by order okay and price was
totally trapped within these two level so this is the main aim or this is the
main this is the main thing that our strategy must work on this way over here
if our strategy won’t in this way that is the main way of how our Peachy I am
strategies can evoke a fit so again I would like to say PT I am studying price
track in middle okay so you can see price will have 100% travel in the
middle if we have substrate okay and you can see you guys I had booked here I
have I will buy here and you can see after that the price has 100 personally
it was totally floating in this table okay we didn’t this look in this range
you can see guys you can see it this is the range this is the range where price
was hundred percent floated and you know under cushion being floating okay around
this level and this black line okay so you can compare you can also follow
taste okay how I mean for the cap for the figure out okay how most distance
from here behavior get in from of people okay so and we have to figure out stocks
to major level okay so we we can trap the price and that’s how it will be make
dal profit in one problem the word profit and even if we had a loss of you
guys as Enterprise was like here I had all year and Jimmy Fry’s was wrong about
the one really order of it and that will be like hazing also get guys do you know
what what you mean by hazing is hedging means that you will be just protecting
your losses inland normally by reducing it or by
making it less loss I am if you are realizing a profit missus okay higher okay then you can just his
easy means that really didn’t opposite direction circuit or you know in any in
any se sterile just do the opposite of what from your quite in essence is the
thing where you actually okay and that will just are Daniel just minimize your
losses oh yeah so it’s also like kind of like a hazing
hippies altering studies really cool guy together it actually next dollar profit
in one point okay in one point you talking about the first point rate it oh
I got the advantage of this trading started it first make a double profit
okay and second is which case before it hit the Rick’s opinion meaning that it
minimized our losses okay because if our want to is hundred person working there
if our if even if our another ship friends we get then then it will just
mean eyes our loss again so this strategy can I assume our work in any my
financial my here but they always ready totally depend on their forces okay so
for now this is a hundred portion our process for only on option trader all
easy options for anything he sees an option trading strategy for now and
strategies like TGIM on you guys price trap in middle Weiss coffee tea and
because price has been traveling price would have to be trapped within
true order to it and that’s all we did in Christ I will meet up in in the
middle of two orders okay which will which will be obviously one music or bio
and one with one we divine one is still and sell me to happily from all of area
fringes of top of supplies own word prize 100 bushel fault and and social
level we’re driving 100% power okay the call or the price
Pratibha demands only one okay so I hope you all enjoyed this video guys I was
finally profitable here but I was somehow somehow my my soul okay I mean
video where I had to be started once a little bit not a good idea because and
this Dolan in here Pinterest guys here was some small suppliers in but the
actual supply was the issue is natural distribution actually supply them
without this alone yes so this was the best possible path to put order form in
a calm way and then with this was per second based all okay so this way i 100
person I could have hundred person trapped price and it was no leaks at all
yeah I was undergoing fine guys and I was making a dollar profit and I was
wrong in any loss so this could be the best thing l and this is a bit chanel of
how we should trade this trading strategy okay guys so I have you now
understood this whole strategy guide and for now we will see all you can see that
guys I think that I had a price I have a buy here okay and I have a sale here
still I had been profitable I have been talking off like five to ten year and
still I’m I’m in Las Vegas you can see this order biome and if this order of
sale tomorrow that was the best PT I am sure in
studying that was this how precarious perch equal give us a profitable because
prices proton you traveling these two levels okay guys and there is no
undercutting profitable trading strategy if we can only figure out some
on level okay so this is the main thing you have to understand from where you
have to buy and where you have the serum for this is strategy and you have to
also manage how long okay price expression how long expression is
perfect for – PD I’m starving just the second game we should have to
clear about and the talking is like I will ever microscope and all the things
it is always you have to manage that okay and you have to trap the price
within the middle okay within the middle of the price within the middle of the
middle of your two orders okay so that’s how the price trapping new okay that’s
how main turning strategy out reading strategies my trading star lab real-time
I all know to get experience below and how this is strategies pinky I am
studying in turnover that’s the thing that’s the main thing how’s the retain
strategies on a walk if you can only figure out to order level to get when
you can track price ba correctly so that came that dad where you can make a
dollar pocket I didn’t let you I am by here now it okay and I thought that you
guys you guys are over here okay and if price will rise above here guys
assume that if price has again try to rise above here then and I get over here
okay yeah if I take up right around here then I’ll get shot in hit or even know
what corner as you can see guys I’m doing like only for five minute okay
and this is really not a good thing yet this way you know how we will be tasting
of this PTIN strategy I guess we can I am strategy the only water for
have signed in yet or above below 30 minutes even if you like to change it I
would I mean this studies can only walk in
your heart and coverage and higher higher expression time you know
I’ve ever higher explanation been so you have to be careful on higher expert in
time guys you can’t just do it on a lower leg person and because I just
wished a get suited Audi on five minute okay 5 min expressions to this will not
go home minute because and you know guys right there are the period price also
need some time okay even if it has to be bounced even if it has to go with in our
direction okay even if it goes price needs some time okay so that’s the
important timing is amazing but most of all anything I was talking a lot of it
from the beginning so if you have no perfect expression time than your
children or go then your chair will not work fine
yes so you have to also be focused more focused on your ex-wife in novelty if
you manage your exbest and positive 100 pushing now you can beat the binary
option also is indirectly so beating that time and volatility is the
main thing on binary option okay and also on all financial Michael I
using that guys today so you can see guys why did I call him I called here
because they are asked to leave us we this is the beam on demands own level of
you guys where price used to bounce again so price is also having bounce but
this straight Manor 100% guys will get because the expiration time is really
risky and I don’t recommend for new by traders shred on the lower expression 5
min okay because that’s highly disguise goes up for cooperation of scam little
who can who knows what they are doing ok even they when they lose they have to
know why they are doing anything if they don’t know why they are losing them they
are not they are not on neutral and all through an experience to do so they are
new white services so you got rid of them mixed your money ok on binary
options not at all they will blow their I come guys I’m 100% sure to blow the
legs also please stay on your head stay away from such high risk es
like binary options and even if you wish to okay you just have this 100 time of
it on Jackie’s account you have to fish a lot of family even if no matter and
today I’m sharing you all with you all started it that doesn’t mean you to do
100% right it all depends on you guys it is my
strategy I can handle this strategy in my own stuff and it may work in my own
stuff but that what that does not me not you guys it can work for your hundred
percent okay because this is maybe my own and it’s a question designed by my
own for myself okay so if you don’t mmm this it’s like 400 times in game oh
okay then if you just trading live okay count then I’m sorry guys that’s not how
team soul and you may blow your account okay guys I guarantee that so please
please take and have State Fair okay I and I just told you all an idea of its
old fishing machine was all about a binary options trading idea okay you
just go through it and I hope you all love the idea and and what I like to say
please if you you don’t understand it okay you can just go back and you just
and watch the whole video game of yes and I would like to see that guys excuse
one of good strategy with you and use on pile it up into enjoy okay I determined
to again and I advise you don’t enjoy and share my videos from the beginning
okay and please tell me on every video here because every every every minute I
have explained you how to turn a good way of it right it it doesn’t matter
okay which was platform I’m always shooting each team and I am showing it
but I am just sharing you all with the offered at
ideas and opinions overhead so which was really valuable for new by traders
overhead so if you are chewing if you are new white shirt and if you
are a new trader guys then this video is on Turkish mobile for you okay
this video will under question give you all good ad advice or open you know how
to get started on cheering on yet so it doesn’t are only about authoring
strategy for today okay it was also fun to use who whom I am sharing my all
exchange which I have accumulated or grab from okay
so I hope you all enjoyed this video please give a like and please give a
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and we just support and love guys I’ll be making stops beautiful not okay my
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everything guys and I’ll be back again with some more food ideas plan is about
connecting okay our products and so thank you guys and

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