How To Display Additional Time Frames on MT4 and MT5 Metatrader Forex Charts

How To Display Additional Time Frames on MT4 and MT5 Metatrader Forex Charts

Hi I’m Scott Shubert with trading
mastermind and today I’m going to show you how to add additional time frames
into metatrader4 and metatrader5 we’re going to cover why that might be
extremely important in your trading okay so first we’re going to cover how
to add additional time frames in metatrader4 but I am cheating a little
bit by saying that because the way to do that is to not use metatrader4 so a lot
of people will say well my broker has metatrader4 and to that I would say
that’s nice but what would be what would I have to do with what charts you’re
going to look at I’m using motive wave my broker doesn’t connect with motive
wave I’m using key signal in the past I used a signal a signal is a standalone
professional trading platform that doesn’t connect to brokers I’m using
trading view and my broker doesn’t connect to trading view and I am now
often use metatrader5 demo account which is not connected with my broker just to
emphasize the fact that looking at charts is one thing having a broker
placing trades is another thing and so once you realize that you don’t have to
look at the charts that your broker provides for you then we have that
problem is now solved right so with meta trader for the way you want to do this
is to not use it there is a way that you can use this indicator called the period
converter and that is the most clumpy awkward hack
using a charting platform you don’t want to do it
so the period converter just take my word for it try it whatever you don’t
want to use that it’s a hat you can take one of your existing charts and put the
period converter on it and multiply the time frame and open up an offline chart
and have an additional you got to set up all your charts with many many different
profiles and if you do anything to the mother chart it will cause the chart
that you created to no longer be active and the price is not changing and it’s a
complete hassle and why would you do that so don’t do that and instead
one thing that you can do is to use metatrader5 demo account or your broker
provides it whatever it doesn’t have to be you don’t have to have a broker that
uses metatrader5 – in order to use and penetrator five demo account is one of
your charting solutions so with metatrader5 and a lot of people
don’t realize this but if you just go to the if you go to the tool bar and this
one that has the time frames on it is called the periodicity toolbar and you
can right-click on that and then you get these options one of them being
customized and then here are all these other options that you can just insert
into your toolbar so you have more time frames so that’s that’s one thing you
can do to solve this problem you okay then you have all the timeframes in
there but they may not be in the order that you would like them to be displayed
so you can go here and like this is the monthly followed by the two minutes so
you just click on up and while I’m clicking on up I can actually see this
moving over on the toolbar until it gets into the proper place which would be
below the five minutes and then you just keep on doing that with all of these and
that’s how you would further arrange the time frames into a sensible order you
want them to go in you know from the lowest timeframes to the highest and
they don’t automatically do that so that’s how you would put them into that
order so we won’t go through that whole process because that’s unnecessary
time-consuming process that you will need to go through to put them in the
proper order so that’s how you get the additional time frames on to metatrader5
that metatrader4 has somehow never seemed to be able to add as a new
feature making it kind of undesirable to use metatrader4 for charting at least I
mean you can use it for entering a trade but for charting why would you want to
have these additional timeframes first of all I would invite you to go back and
look at one of my previous videos which was like seven years ago not even in the
newer widescreen format on YouTube there’s a there’s a video called best
forex trading system key to cracking the code by adjusting the frequency and a
lot of people don’t know that I actually released this video of something that
was held private within our community and when you hear all these
endless testimonials of people who have made tremendous breakthroughs in their
trading is because they know how to read the charts so one of the things that has
enabled people to make this breakthrough and actually be able to read the charts
is to learn how to adjust the frequency and I can tell you right now that if you
don’t have these additional time frames on your chart it is pretty much
impossible for you to have for you to be able to properly read the charts to read
the financial markets these additional time frames must be on your chart and
once you have made this breakthrough where you can see that the trends that
the market made it’s not my opinion and it’s not anyone’s opinion about what
time frame is desirable to trade on the market forms patterns that can be viewed
on certain frequencies and if you want to view them properly you’re going to
adjust the frequency of your chart so you will be able to see them if you
don’t have them on there you won’t be able to see them at least you won’t be
able to see them very well so more and more the people who actually know how to
read the financial markets are demanding that these timeframes be on there so
that’s one reason why no one should ever use metatrader4 for a charting platform
but if you need to have a good decent free charting platform metatrader5 demo
account if necessary will provide that for you and you can do everything that
you would need to do to be able to see all the turning points that the market
forms on trading view this is no problem you can add all the timeframes you can
make custom time frames and add them in there as long as you have the paid
version if you have the free version soon as you try to add a time frame in
there so sorry this is only available in the
pro-version so with motive wave these are the most advanced beautiful charts I
I’m not having a particular preference on uncharged and I’ve tried all
different kinds of them but motive wave is extremely advanced in all of their
tools in every respect and so if you happen to use motive wave you can see
here how I’ve already customized this to have all the timeframes right below the
charts and also they’re up here under this drop-down menu but much easier to
use this handy toolbar that appears below the charts so as you can see it’s
very easy to add the additional timeframes when you first get in that a
curator fine and it’s very clunky and pretty much impossible to do it on
metatrader4 using an additional plugin or an additional indicator called the
period converter it is possible to do it but not really feasible not really
practical so that’s how you have the additional time frames and that’s how
you can set up your motive wave and your trading view so that you will be able to
see the proper frequency for when the market is going to make a turn and be
able to identify it and when you’re making these breakthroughs and reading
charts there will come a time when you want to learn what really works in forex
trading and when you get to that point just go to you


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  • Pete Stevens

    February 11, 2019

    Cheers for this, do you think traders should look at all 21 timeframes on mt5 when making a trade ?

  • Tosin Shonibare

    February 20, 2019

    Hi, i'm Tosin from nigeria, and i want to say you are the most truthful mentor on trading i have seen… just as Hafid at his youth, begged Pathros to assist him in becoming the greatest sales man in the world, in the book "The greatest salesman in the world "… i want you to be my mentor and assist me in becoming the greatest salesman in nigeria…. please be my mentor

  • Thorn Mollenhoff

    May 27, 2019

    How about larger timeframes like a year or longer? on MT4 I am able to do yearly or 10 years


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