Grécia 2002 | 1€ Euro  (Mocho / Owl) | Moeda Corrente

Grécia 2002 | 1€ Euro (Mocho / Owl) | Moeda Corrente

Hello and welcome to “Portuguese Numismatic” Today I bring a very special coin. There’s an owl. Yes an Owl. It is a currency/coin that is much sought because it is different than usual. It is a coin from Greece and the year is 2002. It has the face value of € 1 euro and weighs 7.5 grams. It is a bimetallic coin and is 23.25 mm in diameter. 23.25 mm in diameter. In the front (Obverse), you we can see the face value, the map of Europe and also the 12 stars of the European Union flag. We can see this face in all the currencies of the Eurozone countries. the currencies/coins of the Eurozone countries. Turning the coin …. We can see the drawing of an owl, as well as the number “1” and also the letters “E Y R” and the symbol “Omega”. Below is written the year “2002” The owl is referring to the currency of ancient Greece, the “Drachma”. Speaking a little more about Greece, it is one of the few countries in the European Union that has all the different national faces in its 8 Euro circulation coins. The 8 coins are divided in 3 themes: Ships referring to the history of Greece,

00:01:18,000 –>00:01:23,280
Greek Celebrities

00:01:20,850 –>00:01:24,780
and Figures of Greek mythology. Greece, when it joined the European Union in 2002, was not able to produce the minimum required number of its currency/coin, demanded by the European Union. Then, with the help of other Eurozone countries, part of the coin minting went to Finland, France and Spain. In the case of 1 Euro coins, Greece was supported by Finland and the mark is the letter “S” in the star that is between the date. In the Reverse side. I hope you enjoyed, Please subscribe and like, Thanks and see you next time.


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