Great Day Trading Futures

Great Day Trading Futures

Hello traders its a samurai trade here
giving you a recap of the futures market this morning trading the NQ 133 tick bar
which as most of you know it’s my favorite market to trade just one thing
I received an email about slippage when trading the NQ you if you trade any more
than a really two or three contract you’ll quite often get one ticket
slippage trading 10 it’s not uncommon for me to get two or three so just be
wary in using market orders that you are if you’re a larger trader you will get
slippage on the NQ’s but it’s a great market to trade so we’ll have a
look at some live trades we took three live trades but before we do that I just
like to cover a couple of things first of all breaking news I will be starting
a live trading room I’ve been looking at doing this for quite some time and
request after request it’ll be probably in two or three weeks so I’m just got to
work around my clients that I have that I coach during live training hours
trading out so should say I just need to work out how I move those around I’ll be
operating a live room for mornings a week for five hours during the US market
hours a futures market and will be trading and looking at and trading both
the ES the NQ’s the YM and the some of the main Forex pairs and that not only
will we be doing live trades and looking at lot of trades it will be also a
fantastic room for education so I’m going to limit it to 50 seats so please
email me if you’re interested i’ll be releasing prices within the next few
days so if you are interested in being our live room maximum 50 seats get in
and reserve your seat now [email protected] [email protected]
likewise if you haven’t already subscribed to my youtube channel please
do and if you have any other questions or wish to talk to me about coaching
indicators or whatever please drop me a e-mail now I want to be your success
coach and fast track your success but I’ve got to be candid and at times I can
be a little brush because I’m dealing with traders
and professional traders every day of the week and it’s no good being nice and
as Jack Walsh says and you’ve heard me talk about this many times you know lack
of candor is the greatest killer or business today so I’m going to tell you
exactly how it is because as your success coach I want to see you succeed
I want you to join the five to six percent of traders that really do make
money and I do a lot of coaching at home out of coaches coming either into my
office or at home because in Australia right in my australia office of course early
morning when I’m coaching it’s very early so the US market sort of opens at
12:30 my time so i’ll have that traders come to my home during the day
while coming to my city office and constantly i have them say to me hey why
don’t you talk more about some of the research and development well this is my
pretty face there in the background and I’m not showing you this to try to
impress you by the way because results speak better than words but what I want
to say is don’t do or there’s no need for you to do what I’ve been doing for
over 20 years I’ve been trading our for over two decades I have literally
hundreds of books on darating hundreds of cassette tapes back in the old days
video tapes DVDs and something you can’t really see I want to show you this
because somebody said I really should tell people about this I’ve got dozens
of these folders of research and development folders and what you’re
going to really see there is it in those there might be 10 or 15 systems that are
back tested research not being fortunate over years that I’ve had research and
development teams and work for me and we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of
dollars in research and development we’ve designed many many automated
systems as this one here for examples trade in euro dollar on a full range
totally automated here’s another one applying time charts and these are just
comments for our research in the bottom of it now people turn around and say to
me you look why do I still use manual systems with automated
systems such as these there are great in ideal markets but you look at the market
we’re about to look at for example the Nasdaq today when we enter into chop and
you get what i call chopped up with these systems these are great if you
monitor these are great in a trending market and i know they say well yes
we’ve written codes for training marks etc but you return on capital is nowhere
near as good as being a genuine floor trader or a day trader the automated
system yes our return 20 or 40 50 percent per annum many of them
however, you still have to watch them because of new spike some you know it’s
just like with the quants and the trading algorithms um you still have to
have traders there and because things still go wrong and some of these systems
are fantastic and it worked brilliantly but they’re not going to give me the
returns that i’m seeking as a day trader and i still see many systems and being
marketed and sold the thousands of dollars and most people in n are
bitterly disappointed so after hundreds of thousands all the spending research
and development and thousands of man-hours my biggest aha is do you know
what it is there are no new fundamentals that is books were written 50 years ago
about trading patterns and i’m a pattern trader a sniper waiting for my patterns
uh you know there’s nothing new books that were written or patterns I’ve
spoken about 50 years ago are just as applicable today and be careful of
someone that says do I have a new fundamental you know it’s the same as
beware of the man that tells you he’s manufacturing antiques he’s not been a
factor in antiques antiques they’re antiques so traders I just want to
really bring that up with you because I think it’s really important is it you
know just do to recap this I’m a pattern trader you know I trade on
probabilities patterns repeat themselves every single day so let’s have a look at
some of patterns we’ve got on these charts now
as most of you know I usually like to wait at least half an hour for the
market to appointment and we can see here the markets opened we’ve been open
here about 50 minutes here and at this stage we can see our 200 now 89 or
sideways now we can see here I’ve got a zero line cross which gives me a short
now down here what I did have was a beautiful t89 once again I know you
get sick of me saying this but unless your a counter trend trader you don’t
trade these and there’s a whole lot of reasons I won’t going to them today you
also had a nice little um t25 trade right here and then we can see he would
have been in this trade because you’re after when you’re trading counter trend
we’re after a two to one risk reward that is for every dollar I risk I want
two dollars back so here you’re in this right up to here now I’ve got here a t2
thing you had a t10 by the way and you’ve also got a t2 but the point I
want to bring up on both of these trade here is that where is my target here and
here that they weren’t worth taking why look where my pivot is and that’s only a
few ticks above few points above my entry be five minutes there’s a very
good chance we’re going to start bouncing off pivots we also have that
our long-term moving average a 200 or 89 is basically starting to go sideways we’ve
got a very very narrow pivot range so where’s our target our target is going
to be just below the pivot very very dangerous area in this particular case
so these are trades we had stand aside and this is what I call chop city once
again how do we recognize chop city is when we’re going sideways like this now
these are the trades for our experienced traders if you are going to take by the
way one thing that we did have here of course is we’ve got some very nice divergence here once again a higher is trade but you do have some nice divergence and is almost to t10 but over here you’ve
then got a t89 and sorry just one thing on that you know it’s a little
difficult when you say here’s one you might have taken I hate being wishy
washy is this remember i am a sniper trader that is i’m waiting for the
ideal setup so i prefer to sit back and wait so these may would have could have
should have just well you know it is could be the experienced traders you may
have taken that if you’re going for two to one risk reward these are worth
taking however that wasn’t my cup of tea at this stage this is every day of a
week the t89’s you can see here I’ve had a big fall away I went going to
this this is really more advanced training but we’ve got great angulation
as we do here as well so these are great trades is T89’s so let’s move along
and what we’ve got here is don’t trade against the clusters that is we’ve got
some pivot bounces so we had a short signal here a bounce off the or for 200
and off the 89 sorry if I keep cutting out that we just got some technical
issues i’m getting side braids here in the office down here we had a pivot
bounce he already had this short here i bounced off the 89 let’s just go back
and yep so you gotta bounce off your 89 and 200 these are very very bankable
trades when you get these we’re in a downtrend a bounce off so remember the
89 in 200 bounce and even if you took this long the problem is your 89 and
200 remembered what i say here is don’t trade against clusters these are really
strong resistance areas when the 89 and the 200 close together whoops now note
the sideways action we then start to head into the sideways action you had
another short here look at your fall away of your of your platinum and notice
here our long-term this is a t10 so this is another beautiful trade here then you
head over here a 89 bounce this bouncing off the 89 here
okay now this one here barely scraped in a natural fact you would have had a loss
and you’ll see my life trades in a moment I wasn’t trading live here but
you can see here we also had some fantastic divergence setting up here for
a counter trend traders which paid off you then had another 89 but look at this
sideways action really and you’ve seen a moment I don’t haven’t taken any live
trades here at all because what we’ve got here is what I call chop City
sideways action of the 89 and 200 wait for the sweet spot traders wait for the
sweet spot and we’re starting to head towards the sweet spot now so notice
we’ve got divergence here off the pivot you got bounces now we’re starting to
get some action so you’re just got to sit back and wait and this is one of the
things of course in the live trading room where you can sit back and we just
can discuss once again there’s no certainty there’s only probabilities and
that’s really what gives me confidence in my trading is I’m a probability
trader and work on statistics and once again as a sniper I’m patiently waiting
for my setup so let’s have a look at some live trades that I taught now one
of the challenges and I talked about this in live training and in my webinars
is that you know when you’re trading you need to be focused and sometimes it’s
really difficult when I want to fire off some trades myself and I’m training
particularly if it’s live training it is I got someone with me or we’re live on
skype and go to webinar so sometimes I jump it in a couple of ticks later or
whatever because I’m yapping about something so once again you can really
fire off and and pick up your four or five winning trades very very quickly if
you’re focused particularly on this time chart now by the way if this trading is
too short term for you just increase the time frame maybe go up to 240 ticks like
on the ES 550 ticks over 1000 volume I light as well so if there’s too many
trades well once again increase the timeframe on your on your cheek or on
your on my platinum again I don’t so we can see here we’ve
got a t89 a perfect t89 trade here and reasons I call it a perfect t89
bouncing off the pivot I’ve got great angulation between here and here
I’ve rolled over on my platinum and away i go and i shorted here 10 contracts so
i also increase my target from 11 ticks to 13 ticks and I just come down at my
target here was actually just above my t9 that’s why wait for 13 ticks but I
bounced off it only got filled six contracts load my stopped two plus i
went to break even of course plus 2 then got filled on a couple more in a couple
finally got them all out and that’s why so is only up instead of being up well
what should have been up about seven hundred dollars I was only up 336 this a
little bit more brokerage because on TradeStation it doesn’t all come out at
once this exchange fees comes out later so it was 336 I then shorted here a t2
in this particular case on both on this particular trade and this one which
we’ll get to in a moment I didn’t wait for the zero lag now if i had a waiter
for the zero lag on excuse me on this one and this one I would have got my
full 11 ticks now on this one and I getting a full of 11 ticks but here i
shorted another 10 contracts here on another t2 only hit plus 10 which as you
know for me it means go to break even plus one which is what it did went up
there stop me out plus one so covered my brokerage but then it went on and he was
I still talking so I didn’t take these two trades and then of course some
Hackett ran away so instead of I was only up around a nine hundred dollar
mark but I should have been up $1500 woulda coulda shoulda would’ve if I to
kept on my target here at 11 ticks plus waited for zero lag so but anyway but I
still hit my target because I’d shorted the ES because anyone that look at the
market here and we had a beautiful point a fantastic double top and year so
I sure did live here with my client here we shorted ES and we also short it down
here the ES so is still a fantastic day my over two hundred dollars per contract
which is my target but once again traders wait for that zero lag there
will be at times there where get you in little late but it gives it adds more
certainty so we can see here we had a t10 trade here once again we had the
full the long-term Stoke was rolling over t2 t2 t2 to all winning trades
other t2 if we add a kept trading here we work sure we’re actually short on the
ES up here a 550 tick if you have a look at your 550 those have got my indicators
you’ll see we had the great super scalper their t2 at a t1 there and
here so another great trading day traders once again the rule lesson here
is is to wait for the sweet spot because when you’ve got a 200 and your 89 going sideways
this is where you do get chopped up so patience is a virtue patience and
discipline once again if you’d like more fun on one coaching that I give we’d
start some to ninety seven dollars and if you’re a new trader and how much
coaching people ask me regular how much coaching do you think I’ll need well
depends on your level experience with smoothies you might only need what I
call a tune-up we might only need one or two hours together and to overlook the
trading strategies and to get you set up on those so it just really depends on
your level of experience if you’d like to register for the live trading room
please drop me an email or any other questions traders until next time good

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