GOLD: (14/10/2019)** To complete wave C,  support at 1473.00 gold heading north!

GOLD: (14/10/2019)** To complete wave C, support at 1473.00 gold heading north!

Hi guys! Peace be upon you and good evening.. today i will analyze gold pair in H4 timeframe today..uhm Sunday 13 October , time now.. 10:34pm ok..then.. and if you can see in H4 timeframe previously i had made an analysis regarding gold and you can check it out i had mention that gold is now making a correction at.. wave A,B and C in zigzag formation and if you can see i’ll show you just a moment please.. on previous video the price were here and i make a clear point subwave should be from A B and then C and completing wave B and then further up to form a C wave and completing an X wave there and that is previous analysis for gold but as you can see right now, gold had going down as what you can see here.. graph had going down until 78.6 fibonacci level..yeah..if you noticed the red subwave in colour that is from previous analysis, and when you noticed the purple subwave in colour A..B.. and C yeah ..are developing uhm.. a bigger wave previously was A,B and C developing an X wave..but no more now and it transforming to be like this wait will become.. as the graph had going down for about 78% new wave that had been develop will be like this..A was there yea.. and B is here..and C is above and subwave will be count from here A.. B.. and C is here.. yeah.. and now we can define that it is only a corrective and it will go further up..i had marked the price here.. as you can see.. last Friday the price had fall down exactly on 78.6% fibo at 1473.32 78.6 fibo..uhm.. and now price started move and steadily on 1488 and we expected that this is the last support there..the last support and started to move up but you should remember X here is no longer exist, because it will become.. or completing a new X here.. and X is no longer on 1543 or 1540.. it will turn to be .. 1533 a new TP this is because zigzag corrective that fall towards 78.6 had surely pull the X wave to coming down towards 1533 and if tomorrow..uhm have an ample time to buy you should buy here..yeah when market open for gold tomorrow morning and gold will probably develop last wave in diagonal shape for wave C or uhm.. or other it will develop a regular impulse 1,2,3 4 and 5 yeah.. okay, that’s all from me now for gold chart for tomorrow yeah.. and best of luck from me till we meet again..peace be upon you!

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  • Victor Kh

    November 1, 2019

    Thank you a lot sir for your helping analisys!


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