German Euro coins

German Euro coins

Lu people who are you going today
now these coins here a gyro point if you’re not in Europe and never visited
Europe these are all the coins that they use but in some countries they do not
use the 1 & 2 cent like in Finland Netherlands and I think Belgium okay if
you can see these ones German issued okay
these ones are issued before 2007 and they have individual countries that were
in the euro zone and now they’ve changed the map to just put the plain map of
Europe because other countries like Estonia Lithuania Latvia have Slovakia
have issued euro coins and they are actually not on this map okay if you
don’t know Germany is that country there right in the center then you got friends
here you got Spain Denny Italy it looks like
a foot and Gracie’s in between the five in UK’s up there Scandinavia see it
doesn’t include Switzerland or Norway or Eastern Europe okay the one two and five
just a global map centered on Europe they just are stars representing each of
the EU countries and so said the 10 20 and 50 have a divided map now it’s just
a full map okay and so 1 and 2 divider they don’t ever divide it
matches map of borders but now it’s just a full map as well okay and this is the
one and two euro this one’s a bi-metal copper nickel and
aluminum bronze okay this is the reverse of the German euro coins and as you can
see you have an oak this down below you have the date and the mint mark just
right yeah this is day I think that’s minik I think I might be frank that I
have to look this I can’t remember that’s like a mint marks and the same
the 10 20 and 50 have Brandenburg Gate and he says Jay mint mark and the stars
around the edge representing European countries same with d5 as well
so Brandon a burglar tall in the one and two just a the coat of arms of Germany
which is the German eagle ok so the 1 2 & 5 were just continuation
of the old 1 2 5 and 10 fennec coins in which I just happen out and that
represents Germans our rebirth after the Second World War and the coat of arms is
generally present on most German coins issued in its history okay so here we
have the German Empire before 1918 this is a coat of arms of Weimar Republic and
it’s pretty similar to the coat of arms of the bundesrepublik deutschland or the
Federal Republic of Germany okay and this is the coat of arms of Nazi Germany
this is a coat of arms of East Germany so generally German coins for our
history pretty much standard doesn’t matter if it’s red denomination or
change or bar ruler coat of arms on one side denomination on the other okay so
these are the German euro coins and now I will show you these sides of these
coins so here is the side of the coin so I’ve basically arranged them from one
cent to two euro so one to five okay the ten is just milled the 20th Spanish
flour the 50 is awesome yield the one is inter at the milling in the two is
milled with a lettering and I’ll show you a close-up of the weird coins okay
so the two cent has a security moon its way it’s just been pressed in and this
is to distinguish it from the other coins the twenty cent Spanish flower you
can see there looks like a it’s been pressed in and this was used on the
Spanish 50% a coin as well that’s where they got the idea from not many
countries actually use this type of an edge design
so in it we have icon kite which means unity punt just means and fuck turn
around okay red ones and by heart that just means unity and justice and
freedom which is the middle of the bundesrepublik deutschland and that is
the German your eye corners now I have to say there’s a Austrian and Greece
issue more imaginative designs okay so I hope you liked this video and let me
know what you think of German euro coins thank you


  • gio galaxy gaeta anime

    June 27, 2017

    I have a lot of those coins alone with the others one I have the new ones and the old ones

  • gio galaxy gaeta anime

    June 27, 2017

    I have been to German

  • Gracea Ducay

    December 8, 2017

    I have the 2002 coin ..i want to sell it

  • Britan extrem

    February 4, 2018

    i live in germany

  • Marianna Bentivoglio

    October 15, 2018

    c'è ne sono molti in giro molti in giro. …Ho le due euro e quella di un euro


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