FX Office from MTFX – Foreign Exchange & Global Payments Solutions

Do you make the most of your global
payments and foreign exchange transactions? Whether you’re a small
business owner or a large multinational now more than ever your company can be
truly borderless with a next-generation platform. Available 24/7 from virtually
anywhere in the world. Our payment platform FX Office
provides a full range of integrated global payment solutions. Specifically
geared towards meeting the demanding needs of your foreign exchange and
international payment requirements. With real-time streaming rates, FX Office
brings it all together in one simple and easy to use platform. Once you’ve
registered with MTFX you’ll receive instant access to FX Office
and discover how simple FX Office really is After logging in. you’ll be directed to your personal
dashboard. Where you’ll find all the tools you need to manage foreign
exchange and international payment needs FX Office offers rich integrated
features to help streamline your processes, improve efficiencies and
reduce the cost of doing business internationally. FX Office spots have been
designed around one main requirement, Simplicity. With spot transactions simply
book a deal select your beneficiary and fund your
transaction. It really is as easy as 123 FX Office forwards protect you
against volatile foreign exchange markets. You can book option dated and fixed dated forwards in multiple currency pairs. Drawdown contracts when funds become
available. Issue payments to beneficiaries and
settle funds directly into your accounts You can place orders 24 hours a day,
seven days a week with automatic execution against real-time live rate
streams with FX Office market orders Placed stop loss and take profit orders
or enter call orders that send you automatic email or SMS text when your
desired rates become available Our comprehensive foreign exchange risk
management applications also offer deal blotters, allowing you to manage the
balances of each outstanding deal. You can add or modify future payments including funding and payment instructions Keeping you in control of your future
payments. Let’s take a look at FX Office’s global payment processing
solutions Sending payments through FX Office eliminates the complicated
process of handling your cross border and in-country payments Making a payment
with FX Office is simple. Select currency you want to send, your
beneficiary and book your deal. It’s simple, smart and efficient FX Offices Multi-pay, Auto-Pay solution allows
you to consolidate all your payments through a single interface. Send multiple
transfers in multiple currencies to multiple beneficiaries, all with only a
few clicks. FX Office also allows you to generate automatic confirmations on
your beneficiary lists To automatically inform them once payments have been
released Our file to file FTF solution is truly
unmatched. FTF allows you to import data directly from your accounting software
into FX Office FTF simplifies high-volume payments with
no manual intervention and no data entry ensuring your payments are processed
error-free and in a timely manner FX Office also offers balance
reporting and account statements at your fingertips. View summary balances for all
your multi-currency accounts and move funds between accounts. Present and
historical activity is available for each account and account statements can
be exported or printed on demand FX Office is indeed the next
generation in payment processing. Simple, smart and efficient FX Office keeps you in
control. We welcome the opportunity to show you how MTFX and FX Office can help you get the most out of your international payments and foreign
exchange requirements

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