Forex Trend Indicator Trading Signals For MetaTrader 4

Hey everyone it’s Johan here from Trading
Walk and today I want to show you this AUDCAD trade! We had a buy and a sell.
As you probably see here we’re not picking bottoms and that’s the theme of
this video you don’t need to pick bottoms. Picking bottoms will often cost
you money because you’ll get stopped out a lot and I hope you get some value of
the techniques I’m going to share in this video so looking at this chart here
what made me take the decision to buy here? Well, applying the Trend Pulse Pro indicator you can see that we had two buy
signals down here and I took action on the second buy signal here because I
missed the first one and that’s okay if you miss a first buy signal if you
believe the trend is strong and price will continue up you can take entry
on the second buy signal as well and I entered on a limited order turn out very well.
I want to show you now what made me take this decision to trade and I will also
discuss these signals over here why I didn’t act on them. So zooming out to
a big picture time frame, so for this chart we looked at the one hour and
zooming out to the four hour we can see that we are in a pretty strong uptrend
here and it’s in this area we just looked at so what made me take the
decision to buy was first we had a resistant level and I’ve talked about this
before the more times you see a resistant level being tested the more
likely it’s going to break so we tested this one two three times
I took the trade based on the price action tell me that we would see a break
on the fourth test because this level is now used it’s too obvious to many
traders see it the big money will most likely trade against the
average trader that’s one of the reasons why I took this trade one
more technique is one that I talk about sometimes it’s the break of previous
lows and as you can see here we had this low right here and the second low
right here and when we see the break of those lows and immediately turn back up
again that’s an indication that there’s buying pressure basically people buying
stop losses down here. The thing why I didn’t like this buy trade for example
right here and basically a break of three the reason why I didn’t like that
is because this price action right here it’s to V-type I talked about it before
in previous videos you want to see rounding off bottoms that’s exactly what
we see here where I took my trade it’s basically you see this rounding off the
bottom up here it’s to V-type move and you can see that you could have made
some money off this move from the signal but immediately turn back down again the
same for these two sell signals here the reason why you don’t want to take them
is because they’re at support levels you could have traded on pretty successfully
scalping them and taking quick profits short that’s completely fine, good for
that, but you always want to trade in the direction of the trend to have the
highest probability of success so even though those two short trades was pretty
good we want to trade in the direction of the trend to have the highest
probability of success we can see that well we had the rounding of the bottom
here and we’re starting to and we’re starting to make higher highs and higher
lows now and we get the first signal I missed that one that’s okay
I just have to be patient and wait for another signal when I get the signal I
put in my entry limit order at the same signal and enter my stop loss and take profit
and the reason for placing my take profit in this area is because
I expect the break of the resistant level I then placed my
take profit based on the distance between the entry and my stop-loss
so for every dollar I risk I made five so risk reward one to five a very good
trade completely fine to not pick bottoms as long as you trade in the
direction of the trend have the probability in your favor
follow these strategies and stay disciplined I hope you find it valuable
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I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for watching to your success!

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