Forex Trading Software How To Load Up The Trading Information

Forex Trading Software good morning guys welcome to another
week’s trading now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put the pears in I’m gonna
show you up for the pears in how to get out and running and hopefully you’ll see
the treads pick up so this is beginning of the week it’s the first of April so
let’s just have a looking look up information it’s a good drop this down Forex Trading Software Forex Trading Software okay so our pears for this week is
Canadian dollars and Swiss franc on a 5-minute setting Canadian dollars in
Japanese yen 5-minute setting and New Zealand dollar and Japanese yen on
5-minute we’ll set the grid to 100 and the lot size to point naught 1 and leave
everything else now if you’re not sure Forex Trading Software about what’s going on at the moment
you’ll get used to this and you’ll see you put the information in and the
software will start to become shreds and off we go
okay so again so Canadian dollar and Swiss yeah Forex Trading Software okay Forex Trading Software simples okay Canadian dollar and Swiss that should have there we go so what I’m
gonna do is we’re gonna drag this over some yeah click drag her over pop it to
the grey area okay Canadian dollar and Swiss that needs to be on a five-minute
charts so the five minutes that pops up so now I’m just going to drop that back
there on the next one once Canadian dollar and Japanese yen of the symbols yeah Canadian dollar and Japanese yen so
I’m just gonna double click on that one so close that mmm left click I’m going
to drag it over and pop it into a grey Forex Trading Software area don’t put it over the chart just
like that okay and then that needs to be on a m5 as well there you can see that’s
on n55 minute charts so I’m gonna drop this back down the third pair is a New
Zealand dollar and Japanese yen hmm New Forex Trading Software Zealand dollar and Japanese yen so the
note dis left left click there just left click right click sorry other symbols
and we just want to find the New York dollar and Japanese yen oh yeah double
double left click on that close there it is New Zealand dollar Japanese yen left
click drag over into the gray area and we’ve got three times so what I’m gonna
do now this little thing here Anthony left click on that that tide is at up we
need to put that onto an m5 okay hmm Forex Trading Software what I need to do now is drag Hamilton
over each chart individually and put the settings information in okay so left
click the Hamilton Forex Trading Software drop it onto the chart so the settings
change okay so over grid is 100 the lots needs to stay a point not one the max
spread stares at 10 everything else stays there let’s not look at what it
says in common these two top ones are ticked off and those two ticked on as
well so I’m gonna save this and what I’m gonna do is going to give this a date so
it’s a 104 2019 so we save that what it does is it saves this okay click on OK
now what we’ve got here is we’ve got a smiley face which says that Hamilton has
received the information that’s fine and even better this is running and a trade
is already being picked up on the Canadian dollar and Swiss franc how
amazing is that Forex Trading Software so we’re gonna left click and drag
Hamilton over the Canadian dollar Japanese yen and trade that there we are
so we’re going to load where is it now it is the first one the first of April
2019 open that and that we are the settings that we saved previously to
saves us time grid to 100 watts naught point naught 1 max Fred 10 the rest is
OK Hamilton is smiling we have a running trade and he’s already picked up one
there okay so same again drag Hamilton over we’re going to load up have a quick
look that’s all good we want to happy smiling face and we
want that to say running and now we have trades running on all three of their
settings okay so I’m just going to show you once more there we go those were the
this was the information it came through overnight it was a hundred grid point
not one lot size and leave the other Forex Trading Software settings as default okay we’re going to
leave this we’re going to check in back tonight have a look at last week’s
results videos dare fall should be up this three point one which was a second
video for day three and we’re currently running at a balance of three hundred
forty three dollars and forty-five cents we are in profit by 9345 okay so I’m
gonna leave that to do its thing I will Forex Trading Software be back probably later today with a
roundup of what happened last week I am NOT taking any affiliate so I’m there
for about a month so it’s just literally going to be results videos for the next
month and then if there’s a waiting list if anyone wants to join me in doing this
then I’ll put a waiting list together and we’ll all bring them on the same day
and large together okay guys enjoy weeks trading and I will
be back later Forex Trading Software

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