Forex Strategies by Andrea Unger

Forex Strategies by Andrea Unger

I started trading more less in 2001, also
before losing a lot of money, buying stocks and so on, on tips from my colleagues but
in 2001 I made the big move from the company to becoming a full-time trader. Then later
on, I moved also adding Forex strategies which actually are the same models I use of the
Futures but I also add the Forex because I could have variety of different new instruments
in the different Forex pairs which by the way, each of them are different identity,
so it’s also interesting to discover on each different pair the best way to trade
it. I have a huge portfolio of strategies, I mean
I have plenty of strategies working together and I focused and I still focusing a lot on
the risk of the strategy and the risk of they’re working together. All my starting points come from the potential
scenario of losses and I work on that and only when I’m satisfied, let’s say with
the worst case scenario, I start focusing on the profits. Simply, I look what profits
could arrive from that acceptable scenario. Today my strategies are working completely
automated, they are working on a machine which is sending orders automatically, so I’m
here talking to you, while the strategies are working. I think the ideal situation scenario would
be two portfolios, two programs, two system, strategies or how you call it where one is
for quiet investors who think that this program has investing opportunity with stable return
of the years, small drawdowns and one for small portions of money for people who want
higher returns, obviously accepting higher drawdowns and higher risk on every single
operation. I met people from Axiory last year and they
presented their idea about MultiTrader which I liked and if I can put also my products
in there, would be great, what we are planning to do. Actually convinced me not in terms of numbers,
they never spoke about what could be the potential of the business. What I liked, they were,
the feeling I got, they were really worrying about the customers. I mean, they have a product
in mind, they have the vision about what’s going to be but the reason why this should
be fair is the customer. So I mean all the project is actually driven by the customer’s
satisfaction and I like this because they try to do the best they can here because I
want the customer here to be happy. So when I felt this, but vision I got is a feeling
talking to them and all the focus they had was always about what would be the outcome
for the customer if we do this, if we do that. When there’s so this attention to the customer
I said I think these are the good partner for me because they like to do something where
somebody is satisfied and I think that the cooperation could build, could be bulding
this direction to try to do the best things to give a product which is liked.


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