Forex EA Ratchada V. 1.4 ( By FXIDTH ) 16-06-2017 | ENG Subtitle

Hello, There is a message asking me, how to make EA Ratchada make profit every day. Now let’s see how we can make EA Ratchada is a real money machine for us. The first is cost. The cost of using a trader is 10,000, but my trades are 100,000. I opened trades 4 Currency Pairs. Ex, EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, EURJPY, NZDUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD. The Currency Pairs of my trades to open are USDJPY, GBPUSD, EURJPY and EURUSD. So we already know that the capital used to trade 100,000 and trading 4 Currency Pairs. To set up EA, see Lot Step. Usually zero, that is when the order opens at 0.89, then it will open next to no stop. I will force this EA to open a total of 60 orders. When the order is cover 60, it will stop. Until closing profit The part of BalanceTakeProfit will be 1,000, I will set it to 2,500. Then part of TimeControl I will set it to zero, for to run 24 hours. Finally, if we run 4 Currency Pairs, we have to change the MagicNumber of each Currency Pairs to difference. Are you OK? How do we know that each Currency Pairs can make a profit for us? Each Currency Pairs will work differently to produce money for us. Let’s see strategy tester, I will look at the settings mentioned earlier. I will test GBPJPY first.We will trade at TF M5. Normally, we invest 10,000 to trade at TF M1 to avoid opening lots. But we open 4 Currency Pairs that will open at TF M5 to make the step to open order slow down. GBPJPY will have a spread of 35-40, I will set to 40, press start. This EA has already been profitable 154 252 Now profit is over 3000. We will need to get each Currency Pairs to trade at the same time, to cover. It will be profitable every day. Sorry, this cost 10,000. We will change to 100,000. Restart. Now profit is over 3,000. I run from January to May 2017. Now profit is over 6,000 only for the month of January. Starting the second month, the profit is 13,000. Let’s see report. Finish, it see that the profit 30,000. Look at the report to see that drawdown has 14.67%. We will save this report. Next we will test the EURUSD spread set at 20, press start. The principle of EA is that it will open the order continuously to profit, then open a new order. Now profit is over 4,000. This is an EURUSD report, we save it. Next we will test the USDJPY spread set at 20, press start. This is an USDJPY report, we save it. Final, we will test the EURJPY spread set at 20, press start. This is an EURJPY report, we save it. Now have been report of the 4 Currency Pairs. Report of GBPJPY We look at GJ pair to seeing the chart with some negative strokes. Look at the Maximum drawdown at 14.67%, but we see that we were dragged down to 18,500. Profit is 35,000. Next, We look at EU pair, profit is 4,400. But we were negative to 34,400, drawdown at 27.9% Next, We look at UJ pair, profit is 36,400, and drawdown at 18.0%. we were negative to 22,900 We look at EJ pair, profit is 29,100. we were negative to 23,000 This is the reason why 100,000 invested. If you invest 10,000, you will have the opportunity to clear the port. But if you invest 100,000, you have no chance of clearing the port. Make your port strong. Because the 4 Currency Pairs to negative on time the difference. Make our port profit every day. The simplest trading is if the day the money in the port more than 100,000, we will withdraw. But if the money in the port is less than 100,000, we’ll leave it until 100,000. The conclusion is that this EA we will not interfere with it, let it work 24 hours. you see that, if we invest 100,000, we will make money every day. The opportunity to clear the port is almost none. This is a technique to run EA with a 100,000 grant and make it a money maker for us. Hope this video is useful for investors. Thanks and see you next video.

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