Eve Online – Top 10 Tips for Station Trading – The Secrets the Pros Don’t Want You To Know

Eve Online – Top 10 Tips for Station Trading – The Secrets the Pros Don’t Want You To Know

hey guys fallen xion here again from Eve
expert guides first off I just want to say thank you so much for helping me
reach 100 subscribers. To show my appreciation I want to bring you
something very special and something that I’ve been wanting to do for a very
long time. I want to bring you the top 10 tips on station trading eve online and
these are tips that the pros don’t want you to know. I want to give you a
different look to spreadsheet online and hopefully these tips will fast put you on the
fast track to becoming in the EVE Online tycoon yourself! lLet’s go ahead and
dive right on in! Hey guys, rule number one is know your marketing & know your
customers. For example one of my staple drugs that I trade it for a long time
was quafe zero. I know that drugs in EVE Online are a luxury item and that people
that buy them are big spenders and they buy them without hesitation in addition
to this I also trade a complimentary item to quafe zero called Agency
overclocker SB 7 dose three and I’ll show you the properties of Quafe right now
and why it’s so good with the overclocker and as you can see in the
properties grave zero gives a plus five percent bonus of speed and a plus five
bonus to scan resolution let’s go ahead go ahead and take a look at the
overclocker here overclocker gives plus seven percent to max velocity so you can
actually use quafe zero and overclocker together and actually stack for a
overall 12 percent bonus to speed which is really really good!
Another reason i was trading quafe because at the end of last year
it was trading at about 15 million and since then it’s been training almost at
25 million so it’s about a 10 million isk increase over a year
which is really really good so you need to find your own item that works for you
and then once you find an item that works for you , then you need to learn more
about your customers and what caters to them the most and how you can really
bring value to them. Alright guys, rule number two is Plex always goes up. If you
have excess isk consider investing it in Plex because in the long run Plex
always goes up. As we can see in the graph here plex was down and then
went back up was down and then went back up and right now it’s on the decline
because CCP released another promotion or discount to Plex.
Whenever that happens the Plex price goes down a little bit but after the
promotion ends the Plex price goes back up! The most I have ever made in one day
from station training was 3.4 billion isk and I did that just from selling some
Plex that I bought a year ago for a higher price today, so basically you can
buy Plex and then wait a year and then sell it. On just that flip I made 3.4 billion so it’s a very powerful item and it’s what the pros, a
lot of the eve trillionaires, it’s what they buy and sell every day. They just
buy and sell Plex and that’s how they become beep trillionaires! All right guys,
tip number three – people pay for convenience. it’s pretty much
just like real life and that people will pay for convenience they want their
items right now and they don’t want to wait and that’s how we’re gonna get paid.
people also want isk for their item right now which is why we put up a buy order for it so we can buy it immediately so they can get the isk
immediately and we’re banking on the fact that they’re gonna sell it to
us at a discounted rate and we’re gonna turn around and sell it to a sell order and
then whoever needs the item right now we’ll buy it from our sell order. This
discrepancy between the PATIENT and the IMPATIENT is where we’re gonna shine
because we’re willing to wait for our orders to fill. Tip number four – is that
we can actually avoid high broker fees by trading in perimeter we actually use
this fortizar in perimeter called perimeter — I choose you trade hub. You can
see it on the screen here. It’s actually fortizar in perimeter we can go here
and we can buy remotely in Jita and I’ll show you a quick example of the
broker fees here; so say I just want to buy some Plex to place my order we can
see here that the broker fee is 0.3 percent in Jita it’s actually 2.5
percent (w/ max skills) so you’re gonna be saving a ton of money right off the bat just by using
this Fortizar instead of trying to buy directly in Jita and of course I’m
gonna talk about the skills that we’re gonna need to complete this remote
buying procedure the first skill we’re gonna need is marketing at least a level
2 I’ll show you marketing here. Marketing allows us to sell in Jita while being
in perimeter. The second skill we’re gonna need is procurement at least a
level one this allows us to place remote buy orders The Third skill we’re going to need
is day trading at least a level one this allows us to remote modify buy and
sell orders. The fourth skill we’re going to need is visibility – visibility allows
our buy orders to span throughout several jumps we’re going to
need this at least a level one and then we’re going to need -we don’t absolutely
need- margin trading for this but it’s going to help out a ton , because margin
trading allows us to multiply the power of our isk and diversify more than we
could without it. Tip number five as you can imagine – is learn what margin
trading is and learn how to use it to increase your buying power and your
leverage over the market. Margin trading allows you to put a small percentage of
what the item cost down as a down payment to place the buy order. Once the
item sells you’re gonna have to pay the full price for it. This allows us to
spread isk into many many different potential investments. I’m going to show
you guys an example of margin trading and why it’s so powerful here – so we’re
going to place a buy order for the Loki Loki is at 183 million isk so we’re
gonna go ahead and place a buy order for 183 million isk. 201…001 we’re
gonna make it one isk above the next highest buy order price. Then we
say great say buy , so we started first first it’s good to know I started with four
and twenty million isk , so we’re gonna click buy. it’s gonna put the our buy
order in. We see that it went from 420 million to 361 million – let’s
get out our handy-dandy calculator here so 420 minus 361 is actually 59
million and so if it only costs us 59 million to place this order for 183
million that means that it only costs 31 percent of the total isk to put a buyer
in it by order in that the item actually cost but once this once this order fills
I’ll have to come up with the remaining remaining money so be 183 minus 59
so whenever the order finally fills another 124 million will get sucked out
of my wallet my balance to pay for the Loki that I just bought but this
allows us to spread our is over many different asset classes.
Hey guys tip number six is – learn how to use zkillboard to find out what items
are trending and what is in demand right now we induced by going to zkillboard dot
com scrolling down the page and then going to top ships and top ships are
gonna pick a ship to look at its losses and what kind of modules that hard on it
when it when it exploded, so we’re going to select the Loki for this example
and then once the Loki pulls up we’re going to go to losses and we’re going to
look at a couple of different losses here – we’re gonna open them in two tabs
so we can do a side by side comparison so this is a very expensive Loki 1.8
billion isk that was lost , so we can see two different similarities and this Loki and this Loki. I’ll show you right now this Loki has a sisters expanded
probe launcher and this loki also has a sister’s expanded probe launcher ,so
we can safely say that these expanded probe launchers are probably high demand
right now for people who fly the Loki another similarity is that they’re both
using these faction shield extenders as you can see here – Republic fleet large
shield extender & Republic fleet large shield extender , so that let’s us make
a really good educated guess in determining that these Republic fleet
large shield extenders are in high demand. especially, if it’s on these two
random Loki’s that we just pulled up here, so we can probably go ahead and put
buy orders in for the shield extenders and the expanded probe launchers and
probably do pretty well trading those items on the market but yeah I just go
and find the top ships that are exploding these days and do a
side-by-side comparison just at look at what items are similar and that’ll give you some good ideas on what to be trading on the market
currently. Alright tip number seven is – never lose isk – if the price of the
selle order for the item that you’re buying tanks then you’ll need to sit on it
until you can start selling it for a profit again
this could take a week, a month ,a year etc. I learned this tip from the man
himself Warren Buffett this should be the golden rule to station trading do this
one thing and you will make money. I’ll show you an example of how I might have
lost some money here I was trading these tengu sub systems this tengu core
manifold and I was buying it for twenty six million five hundred thousand and
now the prices declined from when I was selling it before from 31 million all
the way down to 28 twenty-eight point five million so what
I need to do here is I just need to wait for all these orders before me to sell
and I want to sell it at a price that actually makes me a profit. Because I’m pretty
sure if I sell it at 28. 5 million I’m actually gonna lose
some money because I’ve paid such a high price for it and the market tanked so I
just have to sit on it now and wait for all these items of sell you can get a
pretty good idea about how long that’s gonna take by going to the price history
and then in a price history you can see the number of units that are traded per
day so this item is between 25 and 50 units per day, so I can safely say that
it’ll probably take a couple days for all the units in front of me to sell to
actually reach mine if nobody else enters the market , so just keep that in
mind. If you see that the market has changed significantly since you first
put it in the buy order and bought some items you may have just
have to sit on them. and sell them a for price you’re comfortable with so that you
don’t lose money on that deal. Alright, guys tip number eight is – learn how to
use the graph to find profitable items quickly. Look for items that are
gradually increasing in value and have a wide donchian channel. I’m gonna use warp
disruptors in this example to show you what I’m talking about
so we’re gonna select & we’re gonna go through the warp disruptors , so here we
can see it has a wide Donchian channel but it’s not going up , here we can see this
one – it has a wide Donchian channel but it’s kind of down trending so that might
not be a good one. We are going to select this one one alright, so this one has a wide
Donchian channel and it’s trending up so actually let’s move the graph to the
right place here, but we can see that it’s actually trending up and has a wide
Donchian channel, so if we go to market data it should be a pretty decent
discrepancy between the buy order and seller order and we can see that that’s the case here.
So, this will probably be a good item to trade since it’s trending up and there’s
a nice wide Dochian channel , so we can see that this one has a very weak small
Donchian channel, so this probably isn’t a good one
to trade because it’s actually trending down and it has a very small margin and this
one’s kind of all over the place but it’s only selling a few units per day so you
might not want to sell this one. something to watch out for
how many units per day because we want is to move quickly. same story with that
same story with that one. Let’s go to initiated compact – very small Donchian
channel here – probably not a good item to trade . same thing there. all right here’s
a pretty nice looking one – it’s the heavy warp disrupter tech 2 , so this is
actually kind of trending up right now and it has a wide Donchian channel, so
if we go to market data, we can see that people are buying it for 83 million and
selling it for a hundred million so this is a very nice margin there to make
some some good money so this way I one I would definitely recommend trading this item
currently and we’re gonna go to warp disrupter tech 2, so we would say it’s actually trending down and the donchian channel is OK but this downtrend does not
give me a lot of hope that this item would be a good one to trade, so just
practice by going through a bunch of different items and applying this
concept by looking at the graph and you can and soon you’ll be able to go
through all a bunch of different items and you can tell immediately whether the
item will be good to trade or not so yeah all these target painters we can
see that they’re not what we’re looking for
so yeah just keep practicing until you find items that meet meet those criteria
and then put in buy orders and then wait for your buyers to fill and then sell
that item and you’ll be in the money in no time. Alright guys, tip number nine –
is read the patch notes. You want to keep an eye out for big changes that are
going to influence the market we read the latest patch notes by going to
WWW dot eve online dot com forward slash articles forward slash patch – notes. I’ll put that
link in the description below for example the hunt just came out and
the hunt re-released some drugs back into the market and I bought a bunch of these
drugs because I thought that they were going be limited-edition and I
basically lost a lot of money because I didn’t read the patch notes and I would
have seen that and if I had read the patch notes I would have seen that CCP
was gonna release these drugs into the market and the price was actually gonna
go down but I was banking on the fact that these are gonna be limited-edition
drugs and there’s gonna be a limited supply thus raising the price over
time but they re-released them into the market and the price went in the price tanked so I
lost a bunch of money but if I had read the patch notes I could have saved a
lot of isk, so just take a few minutes of your time whenever a new patch comes
out and look at the patch notes and go through and go through what changes will
be coming to sov, so if some ships are buffed , then you can probably say with
a good degree of certainty that that ship’s price will increase but not in
every case – you just gotta read the patch notes and make your best educated
decisions. Alight guys, we finally made it to tip number 10 – tip number 10 is be
creative, and don’t do what everyone else is doing the opportunity opportunities
that you have available to you are probably gonna be different then the
opportunities that someone else has. You have to use your specific knowledge to
the game whether that’s in mining, PvP, PvE or drones ,etc to give you an
advantage in that field so I know a lot about drugs in the games but you may
know a lot about mining asteroids so you’ll have a insider’s look at the ore
prices, and like you know how rare a specific ores are so you need to you
know use that knowledge – find the items that you like buying and selling and
then get to know your customers and like what they prefer and what kind of
complementary items that you can provide alongside your main money makers
so yeah you guys, just get out there & get creative and find out what works for you
and how to best provide some value to your customers. Alright, I’ll see you
guys out there! Alright guys, that does it for this video.
If you learn something new please hit that like button, if you have any
questions please leave them in the comments section below I’ll do my best
to answer as soon as I can , and please consider subscribing I’ll be coming out
with a bunch more EVE videos in the near future. Thanks again!


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