Easiest Way To Make Money In The Markets (w/ Michael Steinhardt) | Jim Grant  | Real Vision™

Easiest Way To Make Money In The Markets (w/ Michael Steinhardt) | Jim Grant | Real Vision™

What was it that led you to think that you
can make a lot of money on Wall Street? What led me to think that was that in the
period in which I started, which was probably 1960 in a vocational sense, and quite a bit
before that as a teenager as an investor, what became clear to me early on was– and
I suspect I’m using a phrase I used to use. I’m not discovering America by saying this–
that there were trends in the market, and areas of popularity and unpopularity that
reflected themselves in exaggerated price movements. And those exaggerated price movements became
the basis for that phrase that you use that I did and do use about what’s popular and
what’s not popular. And it seemed to me then, it seems to me now
that if one can find variant perceptions, not only which are variant, but in which you
can, in your own efforts, create a degree of confidence that you may be right, there
is no easier– and this a strong statement. There’s no easier way to make money in markets
than having correct variant perceptions. I must say, from my early teen years, until
I retired in 1995 when I was 54 or 55 years old, I was like very few people, totally committed
to one thing. Not building the biggest firm. Not having a well oiled organization. I was committed to one thing. And that was having the best performance as
a money manager period. And I was prepared to do all sorts of things
for which I wasn’t so well trained to achieve that.


  • mokwit

    July 14, 2018

    In other words he trades investor psychology not company/stock fundamentals.

  • Mr. Smith

    November 28, 2018

    God Bless Trump, the working men and women finally have a real President!
    TRUMP is a BADASS…..TRUMP 2020…..USMC!

  • Ricardo Morales

    April 17, 2019

    If not because YouTube would think I don’t like this type of content, I would tap on the dislike button.


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