Dogs Saved from the Dog Meat Trade

in 2015 Humane Society International
shut down a dog meat farm in South Korea and rescued twenty three dogs from
deplorable conditions those dogs were all brought to the US
and I’m happy to report that they have found their forever homes before she was rescued by you know HSI they lived horrible lifestyles where they weren’t pet, they weren’t given a toy, they weren’t offered anything other than you know a little bowl of food every now and then it was shocking to see and to think about the conditions that they were living in and their ultimate fate, that was a lot to take on emotionally I just wanted them to be able to get out
and live a life that a dog should live and run
and play and have someone that loved it and to be served up on a plate, I just can’t understand that I work at the Animal Welfare League of
Alexandria and we worked with HSI to transfer in the first group of 23 dogs she was the last dog to come out of the carrier and I pulled her out, and I held her for quite a while that night and so I went back the next day and we just continued to bond Luna, unfortunately she was at the back of her kennel she just wanted to be invisible, didn’t want to meet anybody I thought she was going to need more work but when she first came into my house she made the connection with Sirius a lot faster than with me probably took about a little over 2 weeks before I felt that she accepted me, the day that I realized she totally accepted me was the day that she just started licking my hand that was like a sign to me that she had taken me as her new person I felt like it was meant to be that he was supposed to be with us I felt like this dog is meant to be in my household because he is one of the younger dogs, everything is new to him and so he will just take in the scenery, the birds flying by, the airplanes, it’s like a child it’s fun, it’s fun to watch she really enjoys playing with my other dog, Sirius I’ll tell ya what, I’ll just look out the window sometimes watching them just rompin around and runnin and kind of play fighting and just having a good time with that we love to talk walks we’re out in the community and people stop us and say “oh what a cute dog! she’s so happy!” and she really is, she’s such a happy little dog she’s doing all the dog things that dogs get to do I felt very fortunate that she hadn’t spent her formative years really learning that life was about being in a cage she didn’t have a chance to really have a puppyhood at all I can’t even imagine her with her
littermates and her mom probably being separated it’s almost like
she doesn’t even know how doesn’t even know how to be a dog because of where he came from, because of what almost happened to him I just want him to have the best dog life possible that’s one of the things I kind of want to do, I want to make up for the lost time as of right now, she has spent more time as a meat farm dog than as a family member pretty soon we’re going to get to that
mark where she’s gonna have been a family member longer than she’s been a meat farm dog I know that we’ve done a lot for him but
he’s done a lot for us too and it’s just a lot of fun to have him in our lives it’s at the point I caught myself saying I love you Luna and I’m like “oh! I’m there” you know I love her but you just can’t help it when you have a good dog you’ve got a good bond there and it just strengthens and there’s nothing you can do to stop it I hope that she lives forever with me and that we just continue to live a very happy life she’s part of my life and I couldn’t think of a better companion

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