Day Trading The ES 5 Winners

Day Trading The ES 5 Winners

Hello Traders it’s Samurai trader here welcome
to this recorded session I’m going to I’ll be covering some live trades at
under took today it’s the Globex market for Tuesday the 26th of fourth five
trades five wins but as you’re about to see two of them really or my scratch
trades you’ll see why they in the moment anyway but they were still winners they
won’t loses which is the main thing plus I want to give you some tips and
ideas so we’ll look up the live charts in a moment but before we get underway
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with the rent money learn how to trade correctly trading sim most of a
simulator until you go live please if you haven’t read this disclaimer before
please do bottom right hand corner to go to full screen where I are about to look
at some charts we’ll look at the charts life and so if you could go to full
screen it will just make it easier to see what you’re about to see so am as we
get underway traders so many of you know I’ve got hundreds of members around the
world I think the last time I checked about clients in members in 27 countries
around the world and the constant thing is is that over 70% of them are
experienced traders and some of them come to me really wounded that is I’ve
had a hard time of a blown their accounts multiple times etc and when I
get or have Skype calls or do one-to-one coaching this is probably the best bit
of advice I can give you a straightest because I’m going to show you some kick
butt strategies again today and I trade the same ones every day and for you to
do it simply hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than
anyone expects of you the biggest thing I hear from trade is every day and I
know you get sick of me talking about this is lack of discipline lack of
patience lack of focus I’ve been guilty of that and where I’ve
made mistakes in business and in my life it’s always been like a discipline like
a focus and lack of patience trade is absolutely essential for you to succeed
type this up have it in front of you you can develop the skill set to do what I
do you can learn how to trade successfully but what you got to do is
set a baseline standard that no matter what you will follow now what I’m about
to show you again today is traders I learn something new
every day I’m still a student after it’s now over 24 years I’m always learning I
learn some make new every day now if you haven’t already done so please grab your
spiral notebook and traders I say don’t have a notepad because signed up just
messy have a spiral bind to have a many of you have seen in other videos where I
love spiral binders that I take copies notes in every day it allows me to go
back and do my research it’s really important I’m gonna give you some ideas
today that are absolute winners but you need to record them because you forget
them are we human so in the end trading is not rocket science trading is nothing
more than a pattern solving exercise now once again I’m a moment momentum trader
the markets just coming out of a bit of a because of a London open now of a pre
open it’s just coming out of a sideways range
I hate ranged power markets if you see me and my losses usually it’s because I
get caught in chopped and I think most traders do so I’m after momentum so very
simply traders all you’ve got to do is learn a small number of patterns that’s
all you’ve got to do now before we go to the charts here’s something to think
about what is now it should be one word should know something to think about
is your daily target and how do you achieve my target or how do I achieve my
target stress-free well got for question marks because I’m after twenty
ideas I’m still not stress-free when I trade some traders are particularly if
you’re a prop trader you’re trading someone else’s money it’s not as much
stress but just something for you to think about this is something that
particularly because now with the prop work I’m doing with the firm I’m trading
purely the yes and the big thing rack myself every day and you’ll see it on
the charts in a moment okay my target is 400 plus a day per contracts so that’s
940 trades a day but of course with a six ticks stop it means my risk reward is
out however there are 4000 for tick opportunities everywhere little scalps
non-stop okay or if I want to make it less stressful I had dropped down to
seven five tick trades a day or whatever of course if you’re trading on the NQ or
if you’re trading the YM or or or CL whatever it may be just just work out
how many trades are Dane and have a look at how many opportunities or six and
that’s actually meant to be let me just train change that for you
six six tick trades a day 6 by yes now a check on the ears by the way for those
who don’t know the ear sits $12 52 so six ES tick tricks
let me get that right 6×6 here we go tick trades a day equals 400 a day so
only making six trades a it’s a lot easier than than nine you could allow a
couple of losses and losses in between here of course but for achieving for
taken 5 tick trades are a lot easier than going for six okay and you see that
all the time the way the market moves in waves okay and even on some recent
testing that Ricardo did as he pointed out one of the strategies with the
least drawdown was targeting well I think was 85% went right five ticks and
that was the optimum profit target so just something for you to think about
when you’re looking at your trading so anyway all of this and a whole lot more
of course is in my day traders fast tracked Kroger once again if you haven’t
we’re about to go to it don’t leave we’re about to go to the charts I
promise you I’m about to give you some show you some great things once again
all of this is in the day traders fast track program and read the room I just
so I just esprit the trading room I had a third interview with a great trader
who used to actually work with me previously so we’re getting closer every
date of a room so traders we’re getting really close so members I’m gonna give
an update on the live trading room in the members area on my Google Drive late
this week so if it’s progressing very very nicely so we are getting closer I
know a lot of you are hanging out for a live trading room so let’s have a look
at today’s action now what we’re looking at here is the ES 233 volume now let me
say a couple of things first of all this chart looks really busy we’ve got down
here we’ve got our stochastics indicator our two smooth we’ve got our wire our
platinum here do you know what in trading this I’m not even really using
these indicators here you saw I’ve marked them up here and here and and
here but trade is one thing when you really get used to trading pure price
action as the old floor traders do and as most of a prop traders still in the
firm’s and the banks you don’t you know you just really use your your moving
averages for your trend direction your trading pure price action and I just
wanted to mention that for those people that look at this chart because it looks
messy it also looks messy because I put a
whole lot of stuff on there a gunk but I because I wanted to explain some trades
okay so the market closed of course from harvest and in New York session close
for now then it reopens so I’ve got to hear what to do here now
you can see you’ve got a lot of support here on the 200 and the 89 look
at this here this is an area where it’s really easy to blow your account okay
and we’ll look at what’s just been happening now this is almost like a
killing field here you’ll just get chopped up really badly so I shorted the
market here on a t20 okay so I shorted taking a punt because he a price had
come down a couple of ticks I was prepared to take a punt right it went
down plus four so it hit plus four maximum it started it I let it come up
okay I thought well it might come up and come back down but it went back down
plus 4 then it reversed and I got out at plus one tick I was willing to roll it
the traders here’s what the point I wanted to make is really if you want to
have lower risk one if you’re more comfortable with your trading when you
see your 34 or your mas horizontal don’t even bother trading okay yes I
took it I was prepared for that but if you’re concerned or if you’ve got a
really small account just wait for these breakouts okay wait to see the bubbles
which I’m about to explain don’t trade when you’ve got all of these moving
averages horizontal because look at the support there bang up bang okay now what
do I want to bring up also is about these trend lines there’s a lot of
confusion about drawing trend lines if you use fractal points which is these
little black dots here and of course made very famous through Bill Williams
and his work with the theory of chaos and all that sort of thing in all of his
books down that road so the theory of chaos by drawing trend lines on fractal
points there there was one here if I remember correctly or wherever it was to
draw here of course then I did a parallel here there was a fractal point
there there were no other fractal points until there you draw it I then did a
parallel line is my channel and here’s my break traders if you’re not familiar
with fractals please google it and look it up but
don’t go and buy any expensive software or anything like it you don’t need it
now once again when you become a member with me I give you all the indicators if
you’ve got tradestation ninjatrader we’ve now got them all now I think for
think I’ll swim and I think a lot of them there we’ve got code of four mc4 I
give them to you in the course I don’t even go and buy them pay hundreds of
dollars for for indicators I give them to you so fractals are really important
for geometric trading okay so let’s get into here and talk about here we had a
really nice art t20 which I missed because I went for a work out why this
was on so here this is like watching a oil paint dry I got out a plus one so it
was 125 minus the Commission’s so it’s about 75 80 dollars there I then missed
out on the t20 a really nice t20 and off it went now what I want to point out was
on that little chart I showed you before on targeting these are mini 225 traders
these and for my students you know what 225 is our members but 225 is in strong
trending markets you only need one can of poor backs and they can really rock
it and they’re all about all of these are all great or good for 5 ticks 5
points are 5 ticks actually so really take notice when you really see these
moving quickly now here this price action move quite quickly up here but
you know you see a lot of this every trading day now one of the things I
wanted to say about trading Globex is this and here it is he a slower markets
are laid to move your stops and targets if required of course if you’re trading
the ES 1000 volume which I do during the New York hours that can really fly if it
goes too quick I’ll stand aside if it’s moving too quick lift for timeframe from
1000 there maybe 1500 or to 2,000 slow it down it just gives you some more
thinking time so up top here ah I jumped in a nother rah trade now got here why
was this a higher resetti trade traders is a savory video into your profitable
in trading please I recommend you do not to counter trend trade him which is what
these two trades are so anyway so why was this a higher restraint well there
was no divergence but what I had was was angulation and I had a bubble look at
the price section but kept right away from the ATM a when you see price action
gapping away from the magic 8 for trigger line eight okay get ready to trade okay
so if you’re going to do the kind of trend trades but just one in a way
shouldn’t even show you some of these because I don’t want your traders or
those that are rebuilding their careers to counter trend trade okay because you
can’t be slammed by them but when I see these and even down here which I wasn’t
here when this happened I actually left to go to my daughter’s school had a big
fire yesterday so I left early to go to the school but so up here I jumped in
here now this is high risk because I jumped in it and see here I didn’t even
have the clothes on the v8 I had no divergence but I was prepared for it but
the market was moving quite slowly so I thought I can move my stops it took down
three ticks in my direction started to tick up and I got a bounce off EMA hey I
hear and I got out at +1 okay so I was in early but then I had a perfect T7
here and I shorted to buy ten Lots now on the two whites in lot so I trade
point five percent of my account per lot so I can take up to four positions at
any one time so I shorted to lots here on the T7 I had a close under the eight
perfect T7 counter trend it’s just a classic okay and it was off angulation
and all for t89 right so that’s a very very high problem and look at this here I’m
well under the zero line okay I’m excited alright so I jump in two lots
okay it ticks up a little and then it turns down now here’s one thing I want
to show you I’m please write this down when you get a double top like this and
notice how here this is the below and then you get another lower load so see
there I know there’s a lot of crap let me get chilly just try to remove his son
for you can I just try to remove this stuff here yeah see this low here come
down down stuff in it rolled over but see this here see the tiles it’s lower
than this so this is a second lower low it’s gone up reversed which is a lower
high ok these are very high probability trades and it’s right on traders it’s
almost to T20 so I had a T20 and actually I’m gonna explain this to members it’s
brown line later on that’s I’ll put that in this one in the members area later on this sexually this one here by the way
traders on Mosul – it’s a 21 EMA it works really well as part evil T20 on
Globex and I recommend the Globex market only still use your 34 during the New
York session but have a look at the the 21 during the Globex it works really
nicely and it all gets you in 2 to 3 ticks earlier so not only did I then
have this low low come up and reversed ok but then I had basically a T20 now
here I placed an order it’s a short a nother ride actually was another 25 but
I only got short on one contract because it took off on me
ok so it took off I wasn’t prepared to chase it and I got out there I think it
was what was that six ticks or whatever it was here on only one contract instead
of the 14 and that’s the difference when you’re using market orders of course
generally market orders you’re gonna going to get filled on all the contracts
but you’ll get slippage and even on only a 10 lot on the ES after hours you will
usually get at least one six slip okay so you just could be aware of that
so if you’re just using a dome water which is what I did there I had specific
price the market took off and I got fueled on one of those so I canceled the
rest of the order now some of these contracts up here the same thing
happened so I got 86 on some some of the contracts and seven on the others
because the market moved away but to pull my order down to get filled at a
lower price so that was a really nice one and my target here was the 89 okay
so we come down we bounce that was 1925 I didn’t even include this little one
over here which I don’t know what that was I think it was only $75 as Ali won
but then we had these little – 25 – 25 okay – in a trend after 20 in a fast
moving market they kick butt really nicely now notice there’s no real major
pullback but they work really well now once again here we’ve got the fractal
points fractal point to fractal point okay and just for interest let’s just
have a look at this here I just want to do a parallel line just to show you this
so I’m just gonna have to pull this over here for a sec where are we here okay so
there’s your channel there you can see here you’ve almost going on the channel
but here then here we had the break alright so I just want to remove this
channel here but channels in you’re in a slow movie market start drawing channels
but notice the fractal points okay your black dot your black dot they’re the
ones you use for doing your your trend lines now some years ago going back
about eight years ago we did a heap of research on fractal point actually it
was in 2000 and what was it it’s 2009 we did people work on the forex market
research trading fractals and it was incredibly profitable doing fractal
breaks incredibly profitable so works really well so come down here the market
broke we had a pivot bounce or for pivot plus we had a nice double bottom
remember double bottom once enough to be perfect okay within
two ticks here you’re within one thing right really nice okay here then a nice
225 but then this is the spot here of God I just wanted to say here great time
to drain your account okay be really careful of this here when you’re
starting to see all of your moving averages intertwined now what I’ve done
here you can see here I take the trend line here basically here fractal points
here I’m looking for a break above here and here we get it and this would be a
good spot to get in okay so traders you know this is a T25
it’s also a et to and away it goes and of course the market has taken off so
point I wanted to make it make here while straightest when you see you’re
amazed sideways like this unless you’re really confident to trade it just wait
do your trend lines wait for a breakout and to confirm it let it run away wait
for your first pullback okay so you can see here we’ve had a breakout where do
we get in here we could get in here but got a place to stop down here somewhere
so here we had a nice pullback it was a 225 at T2 then you’re even get a nice T1
and away you go for a nice profitable trade so what you’ve got here is you
want to wait for at least three of the four EMA’s to confirm your trend and one
other little thing here of course is when you see your long term being pegged
at the over board you’re looking for Long’s okay and when you start to see
this your long term in the middle of a window here this is a great time if you
want to drain your account it’s really easy to get chopped up now of course
it’s 5:00 p.m. here well it’s actually five nine see now and we’ve had the the
market open in London over the pre market actually and the main market
opens up by in about 40 minutes so we’ll see a bit of us chopping around but
there’s some nice little T7 here you’ve got there as this is a nice 32B
actually see had a nice 32B got one here basically as well but you right at
the pivot so you want to be really careful at the
give it so traders of giving you a whole lot of information go back in and watch
it a couple of times but for my members just remember as I say always focus on
only two or three setups only and preferably trend trading only once again
you can get into your counter trends once you’re profitable but as you can
see they’re just on the trend trades today you could really kick butt if you
sit down when New York closed and we reopen so you get home from work in LA
or New York or in Canada you know you’ve got a good three hours two or three
hours of trading yes the market was very slow at the first 90 minutes wait for
your first breakout that is wait for it to break out of the zone you first pull
back and jump in on that okay so wait for that breakout wait for your first
pullback then get in the market so trade is if you’re not already a member please
go and request my ebook for four hundred and ninety seven dollars you get all of
my updates over 40 videos now all the the cheat sheets on the top eight
trading strategies I’ll teach you over twelve that are basically 90% plus
rules-based plus I give you a set of indicator some of the indicators things
still got some great members will put together by some of my members for other
members but we give them – you don’t have to buy your indicators so traders
so drop me an email thank you very much and I’ll see you on the next video


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