Day Trading Strategy HOW I PROFIT EVERYDAY!

Day Trading Strategy HOW I PROFIT EVERYDAY!

so people keep asking me to talk about
my current strategy what I’m doing differently in the last couple weeks
that has made me consistently profitable and I’m a man of the people so I’m going
to answer those questions on I explained my whole current strategy that I’m using
right now with day trading the small account so stay tuned so if you want to
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first so help me help you so the first misconception that a lot
people ask me they say are you short biased or are you long biased well it’s
not that I’m long biased or absorb bias it’s that I’m to divide if I see a stock
that’s getting crashed out it’s got bad news I’m going to short it if I see your
stocks got really good news it’s going higher and higher and higher it’s
squeezing it’s got a lot of volume I’m going to go long so recently the market
has just been kind of like slow it’s summertime the small caps really haven’t
been doing it and crazy been a while since we had like a real crazy runner
it’s been easier to short and for the last two three weeks now I’ve been
shorting more and more and I’ve actually just been consistently profitable every
day you know 200 300 400 dollars I think itís a couple like 700 800 are days but
really some amazing profits just from shorting and we’ll talk about how I
found those stocks why shorted those stocks and just talked about some of the
breakdowns on these stocks so I think a good example would be b/w shorter that’s
what a couple times the last couple of days and just kind of talk about why I
shorted it so BW had bad news it jumped down from $10 down here to 690 so I’m
gonna break it down from the start of us explaining the whole strategy what I do
and how I find these stocks so the first thing I do is I wake up in the morning
that’s that’s obvious but what I normally do is I get up around 8:45
maybe 8:30 because the thing is I feel like if I wake up earlier I end up
trading pre-market more and get riskier so the big thing for me is I like to
trade from that maybe nine o’clock really the best time is open but
sometimes I trade a little bit earlier and one of the things I notice while
I’ve been shorting these socks is even if I short the top pre market normally
at open we get a little bit of a spike so I could’ve got a better entry anyway
so it’s been better for me to wait till open sometimes you get those big draw
Spri market but a lot of times you still get a nice range there pre market so it
gives me a little bit of time to go short here pre market if I see a Sox
jumping up I got time to shard it kind of watching that pre market high check
out a couple of our websites the first website I check out is stock market
watch com I go to pre market here I look to see what’s got what’s gap in now
what’s gap it up you can see the top gaining stock top losing stocks so I can
see right there BB o X is on there it was it already gapped down 26% so after
after seeing that gap down I would go on my broker check out BB o X chart you can
see the 5-minute artisan got down from 750 down here to 565 there pre market
and it sold off huge and basically what I would do from there just you know if I
had time if I really like the chart if it looked like it was really bearish I
would didn’t go over to stock twits check out the feed there see what kind
of information was out in there see what kind of news is going on see why the
stock drop down just to get an idea just so I’m like okay this talks about really
bad news it’s crashing down and I’m gonna go short here and basically
waiting for open and I would see this stock jump up there it really the stocks
just crashed bracele right it open I didn’t exit rate as well because it
didn’t have volume but I’ll give you another stock to give you an example
BW I treated this one yesterday and you can see how this one worked out actually
you can see they’re pre market right before open it jumped up there 309
double top there I’ve opened it jumped up the 310 clinical higher had a lot of
resistance there and then crashed down down here the 286 area and I ended up
going short here right below this 306 I wanted to get 305 couldn’t get fit here
we got 302 instead and I end up covering here at 290 you see later on it end up
squeezing cut a couple squeezes and then crash down at the end of the day but
give you an idea so you can see the stock pre market really to do much kind
of sole it off as squeeze higher got stuck there at 292 so you know I could
have maybe shorted there but really waiting for that open spike waiting
first I’m actually open C in the volume seeing where stocks letting go and then
shorting it there at that kind of high resistance if I see that triple top
there give you a good example of why I short it there another stock I traded
this week was what else I trade so I traded fo SL you can see here on the
5-minute chart had a double top there at the 9/10 area once I follow that open
c910 pre market high was 927 couldn’t get close
to that got 910 double top clear example go short there so I’m going to go short
there as a double top I see that resistance there it’s not selling off
it’s not going higher it’s got a lot of sellers and I’m going to jump in there
or right at that double top maybe you know if I can’t get in maybe get in
there like 905 are the $9 area I think I ended up getting like 902 extra on this
trade and you can see it crashed down here all the way to 837 so had a big
sell-off there at open you get that continuation it gapped down after hours
and then pre-market kept selling off its sold off for 935 all the way down here
to 837 one of the things I find with these shorts is usually here at open if
it doesn’t want to run if it has resistance it’s getting that resistance
there are a lot of sellers you’re going to get that sell-off even if it runs up
later on the day right there it open what happens is people are kind of
waiting there watching if it starts to crash Evert starts selling it’s a panic
because I think it’s going to go lower and lower and that’s what happens until
it finds support it just kind of sells off you get that crash down you can
usually get you up 50 60 maybe a dollar move there depending on the news
depending on the stock some stocks I’ve seen you know two or three dollar moves
just in the first five minutes so really some crazy moves here shorting these
stocks that open watching for that key resistance that’s the thing you don’t
want to short it too early you don’t want to just short it right out of the
gate you really want to wait make sure you see some resistance there make sure
you see some selling make sure you see that there’s a lot of resistance you
know on the level to looking at level to sellers seeing how many shares they’re
making sure there’s a lot of pressure because I don’t want to just jump in
there and all this I get squeezed so I’m looking for those key things I like
stocks of bad news like I always say there’s sort of these stalks of bad news
usually bad news can help you suck to lower and lower one of the things the
lock people do they short stocks that have really good news that go higher and
higher really fast they short of taken to crash down but I don’t really like
that because you get a song that goes up really fast and then all of a sudden you
short the top and then it drops you’re like oh this is awesome then all of a
sudden boom squeezes again goes higher and higher something like this to talk
with bad news it’s a lot easier to kind of watch it and get an idea you get that
double top okay that’s a lot of seller pressure there this is looking good I’m
gonna go short and then you know if I’m for my risk for where I would cover out
I’d probably cover at you know if I got it here at short at nine ten probably
cover there at nine 21 which is a kind of a double top there pre market so give
me like a 10 cent move there and keeping my tight stop I probably
maybe cut a little bit earlier but I kind of watch that 920 area as a key
area to watch I would cover there you can see how that move worked out there
on fos L so I’ve been shorting a lot of different stocks last couple weeks the
trading literally for the first 30 minutes making my goal for the day
easily in the first five minutes sometimes you know really at open I can
just short a stock boom out and done for the day
I’m not saying that I’m short biased so right now is this is the way the markets
been working hasn’t been a lot of follow-through the stocks that have bad
news have been crashing now nicely I like to find stocks that I kind of have
a little bit of idea about you know stock like fossil it’s a watch company
they have bad news its retail it’s in that sector right as though it’s not
that good it’s going to be crashed down so gives you a little bit more
confidence when you’re making these big trades you know going into with two or
three thousand shares looking for that move lower you know I get in here at
9:09 can just move down with 870 area I think which is what I got on that SL SL
move that’s 30 40 cents the 2,000 shares make six hundred eight hundred dollars
on that move alone it’s beautiful so really capitalizing on these quick moves
right here at open and just being done so the same way these stocks gap up
sometimes you can do play the same way so if it stocks gapping up you’re
looking for those pre market highs to break you looking for pre market support
to hold everything I talked about with shorting I can talk about as well with
with long so if you don’t want to short you can use the same strategy to go
wrong go in five stocks that have good news
stocks that want to gap up but the problem with stocks and good news is I
find stocks was really good news sometimes the talk goes up up up up up
and all the sudden start selling off and you don’t really know why it’s really
hard to predict with a stocks got a sell-off yes are those really crazy big
news it’s just going higher and higher and higher and you don’t really know you
need some you know a might end up buying in there right before it crashes the
thing was shorting is if I’m going to short here if I’m gonna sort these
double tops I know there’s a lot of selling pressure there I know I’m kind
of protected I know you know sure it can squeeze higher I can go crazy but at the
same time it’s like okay I’m shorting there for a reason because I know
there’s a lot of pressure there to drop this stock down so it gives you more of
an idea I’ve been really consistently profitable the last couple weeks it’s
because I’ve been trading the setups it’s been sorting these double tops at
open shorting double tops on the chart looking for those double tops finding
stocks that bad news stocks that are already sold off big that’s really been
working out great for me changing my strategy keeping my consistent profits
and I’m gonna keep doing it as long as I can here
once I see a difference once I see my profit start to kind of go down as I
have a hard time I’m going to change it up goes more long by it so keeping an
eye on those things and just kind of trading what the mark gives me and
that’s really what it’s all about the day trader is being versatile being able
to see the different trends be able to see the different setups like these kind
of setups and being able to trade those ups when they have it the last couple
weeks really shorting these stocks open has been really profitable for me so
hope you guys learn a little bit I know it sometimes that is ramble on and on
but hopefully you guys got some kind of information out of this video if you
have any questions leave a comment below I’ll try to answer them to help you guys
with shorting or the strategy talked about it more in the video if you have
specific questions let’s leave those comments below


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