Day Trading Secret – Trading With The Trend!

Day Trading Secret – Trading With The Trend!

Good evening traders its a samurai trader
here recapping the NQ 133 tick chart once again doesn’t matter which market
you trade whether it be futures stocks forex all of these setups work in any
market where we have volatility and what I’m the chart i’m about to run through
on the market i’m about to run through what’s applicable to any market that
there is when the market is sideways you’re going to be chopped up now a lot
of traders ask me as I coach them or why did I get into coaching traders well
there’s a saying that you’ll hear me say on a regular basis who you teachers
learns twice and my trading results have gone through the roof I think the
biggest reason is I’m all of a sudden held accountable as a trader and as a
coach that is because I’m executing trades in virtually in front of
virtually every student that I have real-time trades and it makes me lift my
standards and and I think this is a really important thing I want to get
today’s session under way with is a question I want you to really ask
yourself is this if you’re not succeeding as a trader you need to ask
yourself why and I just quickly put together this slide just be for a
position under way and and as it says here let me ask you a question what are
the two most important actions you could undertake that would dramatically
improve your trading what are they they are is it no longer counter trend
trading is it no longer moving your stop is it trend trading only trading with
the trend you see what I’ve discovered is when army with either institutional
traders or private traders and they’re they’re not achieving their goals it is
usually because of their level of standards when it comes to trading that
is greatness is a choice greatness in life is a choice greatness as a trader
is a choice if you’re not achieving your results that you want to be achieving
lift your standards that is hold yourself accountable that is hold
yourself accountable now let’s have a look at and today I want to really focus
on trading with the trend because if you trade with the trend and stick with the
T1’s and the t2s stay out of a sideways market which will have a look
at and we’ll explore what constitutes a sideways market you will succeed as a
trader but to truly succeed you need to have a trading diary every single trade
that you take I want you to jot down in your diary and I have dozens of them I
that is manuals that I have of every try that I take and comments and notes from
every trading day and in this trading Diary I want you to write down the trade
you took the time you took it the market the entry signal your exit and any
personal feelings you may have had good bad or ugly it allows you to go back and
to review your trading day on a daily basis if you start to undertake these
sorts of things I can guarantee you you are going to dramatically improve as a
trader dramatically so let me just remove and indicate here and I’m going
to simply take off the trigger line as well right now so let me just remove the
alligator okay and let’s have a look now at the chart so oh and sorry and just to
finalize their the big thing is here lift your standards now remember for
2015 we’re only just into new year remember that your habits are going to
control your trading results so let’s have a look at trend trading today now
as we know the cyan line here is our 89 EMA the 89 is like a magnet and you’ll
see 89 bounces every single day in fact you could trade the 89 bounces on their
own what I also have on the chart is what I call my t1 the Super scalper
in TradeStation of plots automatically for me and when I have a super scalper
or the paint bar plot in the direction of the 89 that
gives me 90 percent of a case is a very very clear entry signal now I
have a trading plan where nearly all of my setups probably what I’d call
probably 90 to 95th, 90 to 95 percent mechanical in nature or
rules-based where the human intervention comes in is are there any news
announcements or am I in chopped am I in a sideways market so let’s have a look
at these so starting on the left here I’ve just taken it from mark the market
open and remembering from the market open a lot of these trades move that
quickly and for my students you know I don’t like to trade the first hour of
the market because generally speaking it’s moving very very quickly and and I
use the ES as an indication and because you get much less volume of course on
the NQ why do I trade the NQ because i love the volatility and i just tend to
find that you did it’s just fantastic but you need to be quick that is i’m
using market orders because unless the markets very very slow you’re going to
miss the trade so having look here we’ve got here a t1 with a an 89 EMA bounce
but in fact my entry was until here why is that remember with the zed lag I want
the zed lag when I’m going short to be turning magenta I want to see the
magenta color that’s just an additional filter that I use so we can see a bounce
off if he stopped was up here of course you’re mighty fine however rules
the rules stick to your rules and you’ll become a much better trader so this is a
lovely this is about 10 ticks I’m after 11 ticks which is $55 I’m on generally
seeking at least two hundred dollars net so what I’m really after is for 11 tick
trades a day now generally on the end cues as will go through here you’ll get
40 or 50 signals at least on a good day on a slower day you might get 25.30 so
to achieve 2 to 4 net traders arm is basically 19 out of 20 days probably on
average e to achieve so quickly we’ll run out of time
otherwise we’ve got an 89 bounce here I’ve got another one my entry was not
until this candle here once again 11 ticks now we had a very very nice double top
it’s what I call a t7 now I love t7’s in the direction of a trend you
can see here we’ve been trending down a very very nice double top my platinum is
falling and you’re in and you’ve also got of course confirmation with the
magenta now down here I don’t have a paint bar he is I don’t have a t1 and
this is what we call a t2 signal now it’s just after and if you notice here
the black line here is the long-term stochastic and it’s in a downtrend this
is borderline t10 and at t2 it is it’s a cross between really a money on the
floor and that in a slingshot now a slingshot is where the long-term
stochastic is oversold or overboard here we’re of course we can see what we’re
oversold and we come up we roll over and away we go now we have another trade
signal traders called the t25 which is a pullback of two to five candles so you
could have got in here or there but that was a very very nice living 220 tick
trade as well and you actually had another one here as well t25 or a
slingshot now notice how I’m still oversold we pull up and that sling slot
things let me give a right slingshot in the direction of the trend down the
bottom here I don’t want to talk too much about counter trend trades but you
can see here I’ve got to a two t1 signals counter trend trade I turn here
I turn cyan so for my counter trend traders you’ve got a beautiful trade
there now paint bar here why wouldn’t you take an active a short side well
look at my zero lag it’s in a very definite uptrend however you do have one
here and for the traders of the trading now you can see here actually only 25
minutes into the market here and many traders would have taken this one here
and then stop that even though when we turn to hear magenta
but the 21’s turn up but still a lot of traders would have been caught here
but here we’ve got a rising long-term Stoke a pull down and you’ve got a t10
a t2 again these are all rules-based mechanical entries if you noticed okay
so we’re all pulling back thank you very much now remember you’ll stop here is
two ticks below your low up here okay it would be this is what you call a t89
whoops and I promised I wouldn’t talk to you about counter trend trades today but
now I’ve mentioned a t89 is where you’ve moved well out of a channel and
you’ve got a gap of zero lag and your entry is outside the channel very high
probability trading ahead one right there but what I wanted to mention here
is notice how our 89 EMA is sideways here traders and I started to write to type
in their patients or this remove that for now but stand aside and wait and
this is the greatest and probably the most important rule for traders is you
know if you consider the skill set of a sniper and of course the movie the
American sniper is just come out and huge rave reviews and I recommend if you
see the movie the patient’s a sniper has to have I’ve got to lay there for hours
and really if I really look at my best traders is patience is a virtue they are
patient they are disciplined they are quick in many ways they’re they’re
ruthless that’s what makes a great sniper and that is what makes a great
trader so here you really should have been standing aside not taking trades
not that there was many in this area here by the way but the point is here
when you see your 89 and also not only that is I want to mention here a
pivot and 89 right on a pivot this is a real danger area here so we get those
sit on your hands they might remember you’re only after 2 to 4 trades a day to
financial independence 2 to 4 trades a day and you become very very wealthy if
you go back and have a look at some of my
earlier videos you’ll see where i talk about achieving just one hundred dollars
a day per contract on twenty thousand dollars with a stop of 2.8
percent your trading eight contracts on a hundred dollars a day it’s eight
hundred dollars a day but it’s four thousand dollars a week and as your
account billed you add extra contracts well what I actually recommend the first
thing I want to do is to get your risk factor down to one percent and I should
just clarify that where I’m talking about a risk factor of 2.8 that’s
extreme really what you’re after is comfort level which is one percent but
getting back to here now look at these to t1s movies paint bars bank winner 89
bounce winner winner here stopped okay here you would have been stopped on that
trade here you entry was not till he a bit a winner you had a t2 a winner a
paint bar a winner now that there was 11 ticks and just like this another winner
now what’s happening over here traders is once again we’re heading this
congestion now notice this what can you see the 89 is sideways but what else
have we got we’re right on the pivot so we’re self chopping around on the pivot
yes I know there’s some great skilled pivot traders but I’m really talking to
try to see that want to be very mechanical and lower their risk stay
with the trend trader stick with the trend that trend is your friend till it
ends so traders as a quick recap greatness is a choice as a trader
really you know I’m your success partner my job as your trading coach is to
really assist you and talk to you about lifting your trading standards and
becoming a sniper becoming patient so I’d like to thank you for watching my
video if you

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