Day Trading 3 Winners In A Row

Day Trading 3 Winners In A Row

good afternoon good evening good morning
depends on which poor in the world you are oats samurai trade here welcome to
our recap of today’s straight as usual my recaps are direct them raw and
unedited we’re going to be having a look at some of their key setups today three
trades that I took personally three trades for three winners and you would
have been able to pick exactly the same trades but before we get underway I’m
preparing a presentation for some traders that I’m working with at the
moment but I’m coaching and one of my clients has got an account size of
$20,000 now as you hear me say time and time again even if you have 20,000 you
never start off with 20,000 you start with a smaller can’t after the simulator
that is of course we get on the simulator active a simulator when we
move to a real account you’re going to start with a maximum of $5,000 when
you’re trading real money why because you’re going to make mistakes and a
whole lot of other reasons that that I won’t cover with you today but what is
really important here is that we start to look at preparing a business plan so
with the $20,000 accounts assuming that your stop was a maximum of 50 dollars
and you had a maximum risk of 2% per trade you’re able to trade eight
contracts now if you’re trading eight contracts and you had a profit objective
of $100 a day per contract which is 800 a day or 4,000 a week you only need to
be achieving on a daily basis 20 ticks net on the Nasdaq or on the minis 8 ticks or if
you trade in the European market which if you look at my YouTube videos on the
FESX you’ll see that kicks butt just as well as all of our other markets you
only need seven points a day so is that feasible well of course it is
particularly when you’re using winning strategies now what is critical for new
trader is that a new trader trend trades only and this is where most traders go
wrong they want to trade a handful of trading setups without specialized
now fill that up it’s a super scalper of a slingshot the two to five can to pull
backs to channel breakouts and the EMA bounce is what you see me talk about
virtually every day they are trend trading strategies they’re winners to
start off as a winning trader what you do is you focus and you specialize in
the super scalper so let’s have a look at how to be suit super scalper perform
today well the market opens up in my part of the world at 12:30 am. of
course over in Chicago you’re looking at 9:30
am. so we can see here in the first half an hour here we’ve got the first 10
minutes the markets moving very very quickly as you’re all well aware the
cyan is our 89 EMA that is our trend following and the white paint bars are
out t1 signals and we want to be following those or trading those with
the trend so as you hear me stayed on a daily basis I like to wait at least half
an hour for the market to settle down before I start trading for the scalpers
you can see here winner winner winner winner you’ve got here at t11 for our
experienced traders that’s a winner another t1 winner winner we were half an
hour in winner this one here you would have been stopped but then you had
another winner over here you’ve got you rolling over you can see we’ve gone
under the 89 that was a small winner you then had another one now here we’re
entering to an area of chop now when you see the 89 period EMA going sideways
stand aside because he’s going to be you know as I always say there’s another bus
coming just around the corner so let’s be patient and wait for the right setups
here we’re starting to reflect back up again
we had another t1 that was a winner then I had another beautiful t11 set
up at t11 of course is where we have a paint bar that’s lower than a previous I
see with a lower high then we had another one and we also had a t1 then we
had another T 11 t1 t1 t1 all winners a t1 a failed t 11
then we had a winning t11 89 bounce to your t11 winner and also a t1 so I
could go on and on with running through these the fact is you have that many
opportunities just trading the T1’s in the direction of our overall trend for
our experienced traders you’re going to be trading some of these pivot bounces
the 89 bounces etc but let’s now go and focus on because there was just a
fantastic trading day this is 20 out of 20 now that have been brilliant just
look at these with Trends trade so this winner winner winner and I’m not even
covering and putting in all the t25 trades because as you know my target is
25 sorry is 11 ticks so after getting 11 ticks I’m looking for another trading
opportunity I’m in and out that’s my style of trading now if you don’t like
trading quickly as these trades are here you’re going to be getting 50,60 trades a
night quite often you simply trade a higher time frame now a little comment I
put down here this is where I start trading live and I had to go to a
meeting at 6:30 I had to leave so I’ll quickly I just managed to snap in three
quick trades here but if you look at this here we have a love that lovely T
11 another t1 and a coming here we can see the black dots here
there our per pivot target for the pivot for the longer term traders your EMA for
the pivot because you’re bouncing between the pivots 90% of the time so a
T1 t1 all of these delivered 11 ticks so let’s quickly explore the
trades that I took personally you can see and as the traders know when I
execute on tradestation that plots automatically my buys and sells here so
you can see I shorted the market right here this was T89 trade that is on well
out of a channel you can see I exit I went
short hair and I was after 11 ticks so I limited out for 11 ticks here here I had
a beautiful T 11 trade but paint bar didn’t print but after a period of time
you recognize these because at the same time I also had a T 10 setup t 10’s are
an 85% trade so we can see this beautiful formation I’ve got a falling
long-term stoke we turn up roll over and you can see my trade entry there and my
exit there thank you very much I then had an 89 bounce now here I did
not take the 89 bounce and the reason being if you look at my blue trigger
line so my blue trigger line here is that line and I’m actually going to
disable that just to clean the chart up a little bit that was pointing down and
so is my channel. and so really I’ve got a lot of signals there telling me the
market is falling so I choose to stand aside once again if you’re not sure and
statistic low but a pretty good idea this is going to fail because I’ve got
all these winning trades against me just stand aside but I did take here this is
a t25 trade sorry this is a t2 trade a slingshot trade once again let’s have a
look what makes it a slingshot my long-term stochastic is oversold I come
right up I roll over and bang thank you very much
that’s 3 11 tick trades very very quickly now you know mum that my goal on a daily
basis is for well what I didn’t show you was on the FESX I fired off a trade
there and on the FESX it’s on another chart let me just quickly where
is that here just quickly pull that off because on that I actually picked up
where is it let me just quickly move this over for you you can see here I
actually picked up it was a t11 trade here I picked up five ticks 555 on that
particular trade as well so that was my target as you know my target is $200 a
day net net after commissions per contract and just before I wrap up if we
continue along we can just see just the signals are firing off left right and
center here that turned into a into a losing trade but you picked it up here
but you had one yeah that was a T2 to three loss winner so overall it was
another 90 to 93 percent winning trade day it was another beauty and here the
markets about the close so traders thank you very much for
watching my recap once again please subscribe to my youtube channel please
continue to send in those questions and also of the great news stories that I’m
picking up from some of our traders only too happy to help you my goal I’m
absolutely committed to your success as a trader
let’s make 2015 an epic year for all thank you

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