Day Traders And Trading Coaches Wanted

Day Traders And Trading Coaches Wanted

hello welcome to my short video my name
is Ray Freeman many of you know My samurai trader and you’re probably
students of mine or you’re watching us on YouTube or my website I have a unique
situation available to a small number of professional traders I’m opening up a
number of live trading rooms that is live rooms where we call trades in real
time for forex traders futures traders and stock traders many of you know on a
consultant of a funds management industry I’m an active day trader I’d a
trade every day liked as a coach to one-on-one to an executive or a small
amount of clientele and there’s only so many hours in a day so I’m after some
additional staff or consultants to work with me in this area now my objective is
to run the world as best live trading rooms that is we’ve got to give the best
in education in coaching and of course calling trades in real time so I’m
seeking some outstanding coaches and traders to work in these rooms it’s a
remote situation it doesn’t matter where you are in the world as long as you’re
super reliable super experience have got a proven track record and a high-speed
internet connection of course I would love to hear from you in the end what we
want to deliver 12 members those that subscribe to our room is out-and-out
outstanding experience now all of these members would have already purchased my
day traders fast-track program now I retail that program for only one hundred
and ninety seven dollars I give outstanding value you’ve probably seen
one of my dozens of video videos on YouTube my strategies work so there were
strategies that you would be teaching in the live trading rooms I would also be
doing appearances as well of course but I’m very limited on time so you’d have
to learn my strategies never great thing here is and by the way should say hopefully
already a student it’ll make it a lot easier but my strategies are very
rules-based now they’re not 100 mechanicals because there’s things of
course it we can’t control such as red flag news announcements we need to make
sure that we’re in a trending market or if it’s a counter trend trade what we
call a t89 that it meets our criteria so it’s still a very hands-on role now
you also need to have a real passion for people I get a buzz out of this
virtually every day I receive an email or a phone call from a student or a
client that’s achieving outstanding results that’s a real buzz you as a
moderator in our room it’s going to you’ve got to really have it sort of
burning desire that passion to help take our clients to an epic level because
what I say to trade is is this you need to be in the top 5% of traders to
succeed in this business if you’re not in the top 5% you’re going to fail now
our role as our traders as their success coach is to take our clients to that
next level so we do that through passion through being exciting through giving
the right information my trading strategies will get them there but most
of my clients need help to get to that level and that’s where you as a traders
coach come in comes into it so a couple of key points I just want to bring up
number one you need to have a proven track record that is because over
seventy percent of my clients are already experienced traders so a very
high percentage already doing well or perhaps have been trading for a number
of years and not doing so well and they need our help then we’ve got around
thirty percent of our traders of brand new so you’re dealing with a wide
variety of different people in our rooms you need to be passionate because it
really comes through and I think that’s really important you’ve got that passion
that interest in our clients in our members now you also need to have that
proven track record now I really don’t care if you’re trading one contractor or
if you’re trading one hundred contracts you’ve got to be able to demonstrate a
proven track record because our members are in the live trading room for
one real reason well there’s probably two to gain the right education but
secondly to make money now you’ve probably heard the old saying give a man
a fish you feed him for a day teach a man to fish tattoo fish you feed him for
life well in the live trading rooms we’re really doing both that is we’re
tossing them fishes we calling trades in real time that meet our trade cards
criteria but we’re also empowering these traders that they can trade on their own
now another important factor here is that I mentioned earlier that your
investments only one hundred and ninety seven dollars to actually purchase the
program which has my top 12 day trading strategies in it but the ongoing monthly
fees of two hundred ninety seven dollars down to around one hundred dollars a
month so 297 a month down to as low as 100 dollars a month for our clients
without yearly subscription what’s really important for me is that we build
a community of traders that never want to leave us that is there our success or
their success is our success we help make them profitable through the right
coaching through the right mentoring and through calling those trades right
they’ll be trading with us in two three four five years time and that’s really
important for the success of my model keep the fees down keep it down very
inexpensive for them to buy our initial training and then to be in the live room
you’ve got to love helping traders as I mentioned you’ve got to get a buzz out
of that and you’ve got to be passionate this sort of really the key fact that’s
now I think I mentioned you also also will need a high-speed internet
connection super reliable computer there are specifications on that that I’ll
give you if we take it further the shifts are six hours and we’ll be
trading initially the US sessions and the London sessions of both the forex
and futures market so on my website or on the YouTube channel there you’ll be
able to see my email address trader at I’m a day trader
or if your it’s very easy if you’re already looking at this on my website so
please send me a email with your resume it will be kept totally confidential why
you feel you would make a great traders coach a lot about your background or
experience what markets you’re trading now how long you been trading for
because our members expect the best and that’s really what I want to deliver to
them renumeration is by negotiation I’ll discuss that with each of you so what
will happen from here you send your resume and I’ll peruse it get back to
you and we’ll set up a time to chat on skype so i hope this has been official
la if this role is not for you who do you know that maybe this role would work
for we’re going to need initially around six moderators so we need six top guns
that’s what I’m after top guns there’s no financial outlay for you to become
involved I’m looking to pay you to be in this room but I need top people I look
forward to hearing from you

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