CloudCoin – The World’s First Cloud Currency: CloudCoin Explainer

CloudCoin – The World’s First Cloud Currency: CloudCoin Explainer

in traditional monetary systems the people who have the money owners with cloud coins the people that know the money on it cloud coins use a technology called raters the rate is like an artificial minds that is globally dispersed self-healing self-funded indestructible it knows which coins are real and which ones are counterfeit cloud coins are often embedded JPEGs so they can seem more like money when you get a cloud coin you don’t own it automatically to own it you as opponent you will use the code inside the cloud coins to contact the radar and change our codes for ones or you know why use cloud coins the patent later technology has been given exclusively to the cloud coin consortium to create the world’s most perfect currency cloud coins are the first currency that cannot be counterfeited or lost it only takes milliseconds to trade the 100% anonymous cloud coins can be imported camera exported from software and trader with anyone in the world seconds you can even store conjoint in your mind cloud coins make Bitcoin look like a dinosaur get yours today as cloud coin consortium got calls

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  • Pat Konelectric

    July 26, 2019

    And there's no transaction fees. 😎


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