Citi: Women in Sales & Trading

Citi: Women in Sales & Trading

♪♪ CARYN LEVENTHAL:My first time on the
trading floor was pretty memorable.
It was a really dynamic,
cool place to work. It just seemed like an environment
that I could thrive in. Sales and Trading
is a wonderful career, and we work very, very hard. JOANNA LEATHERS:When you
first step on the trading floor,
it’s unmistakeable.
There are a lot of people,
there’s a lot of noise– CHRISTINE SPERRY:You have to
be able to do something,
hear what’s going on,
and constantly multitask.
It’s kind of energizing
in that sense I think. The trading floor is dynamic.
It’s exciting! Mornings start early,
and as people start to trickle in, the floor just erupts
over the course of the day. I knew exactly what was happening
in the markets,based on how loud it was.LEATHERS:People are
buying and selling and trading
with people across the world.The results of there immediately,
good or bad, and I think there’s so much to learn,
but it’s really exciting! ♪♪ The one thing
that really ties people together, who work on a trading floor,
is that they care about markets,and they want to be in an exciting
and dynamic environment.
And exciting and dynamic people come
from a lot of different backgrounds,
and have a lot of different
other personality traits. ♪♪ SUNI HARFORD:By our own history,
we are made up of 160 countries,
the backgrounds we bring
to this business,
the talent, the skill levels
are all so different… I studied art history and economics. I studied operational research and
industrial engineering in undergrad. I was a gymnast at the time… I studied math and economics. HARFORD:I like to say we have a seat
and a job for every single person
and every single skills set
that could come in.
Part of the trick is finding that, so our rotational programs
for our recruits are unique. There are 70 or so desks,
that you can be a part of. DINA FAENSON VAROUS:This firm really
puts an importance on diversity
of all types, and I think there’s a
wide variety of programs that women can take advantage of. SASHA HANEGBY:For any woman
that wants to have a great career,
and is not afraid
to try something new,
it’s a great place to come
and kind of start, and see if it’s for you. I mean we’re surrounded
by some of the smartest people I’d ever dream of meeting. DIERDRE DUNN:Having role models
in this business
always helped me to see someonethat I perceived I could be like
in three years, or in five years. LEVENTHAL:
Sitting on a trading floor,
you are really mixed in to people
around you.
Behind me was an MD,
next to me was a director. YASSMIN MOHAMED:It gives you
the opportunity to learn from
really senior people who have a lot
of experience to share with you,
and I feel like
I’m genuinely surrounded by people that are really invested
in my career. HARFORD:If you have a good idea,
we want to hear it
and we will act on it.We had a young woman, recently,create a product from nowhere,
called “E for Education”.
We went out with our sales
and trading partners, and we’re giving money to charity for every dollar they spend
on the Citi Group platforms. My bosses, when I told them the idea,
thought it was a great idea, and they wanted to help
see it become a reality.Working here you kind of forget
how big of an organisation it is,
and what a great thing that is,
for someone coming into the business.
♪♪ HARFORD:This is an industry
that can accommodate
a tremendous number of lifestyles
and skill sets and jobs, which is why we encourage people
to try a career on Wall Street.Actually, it’s an incredibly
flexible career.
It’s up to you to create
your schedules. So you can
go to a client event every night.You can go to one a week,it’s up to you to create your
relationships that shape your career. You don’t have to think,
“Oh, I have to pretend that I like football”, and go to
football games, when you don’t. Before I started I thought okay,
it’s all going to be men. They’re going to go out every night
and talk about sports,but actually I started on a desk
that was half women,
and I was encouraged
to have different points of view,
and we didn’t go out
and just watch sports. We did a lot of different things. There’s definitely some fun
mixed in there with the hard work. ♪♪ ELISE KING:There’s such a focus
in sales and trading
to bring more women
onto our trading force
with a unique perspective
that we have,
so now is really the time to do it. There’s no point in not trying.
You can’t fail, you can only decide
you don’t want to be here,and that something might
be better suited.
If there are women out there
who aren’t sure whether this is
the right career for them, or they don’t know what they want
to do, give it a shot! Try it! We really want you
to come and work at Citi.We want to expose you
to a lot of different opportunities
that we have here.I’m betting we will find one
that’s a good fit for you,
that will be the skills
that you have
and we can help you develop,
things that you want to do,
and like to do,
which makes you enjoy it.
We will help you find that, and I just encourage everybody
to give it a shot.Check out Citi and see what
Sales and Training careers
are all about.♪♪


  • Marion Ntiru

    March 11, 2014

    This is a great recruiting tool. Wish there had been a bit more diversity in the women profiled.

  • Mariska Morse

    March 21, 2014

    Love this video!! Such good energy and very informative. Thank you Citi.

  • william

    April 12, 2014

    bien que se muestre a la mujer así.

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    October 4, 2014

    anyone know what the song playing in the background is? it's really good!

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  • Max

    November 2, 2016

    oh please.. they are sales people and liquidity providers… they arent traders… put them on the prop desk and then talk

  • Firoz Muhammed

    January 12, 2017


    I have a taken a loan from citi bank on my credit card 2 years back and in the name of a new service tax ruling from RBI they are charging me INR 23,000 extra. Contacted the nodal officer and no response for 12 straight days when their SLA says they will contact me back in 2 days.

    Very bad customer service and experience from Principal nodal office. NEVER conside citi again for credit/loan services..
    Below given the mail I sent to Citi bank..

    I just noticed a discrepancy in my last credit card statement that an additional 15% ST component has been added to my monthly EMI. I contacted the customer customer( ticket number – 6498 ) and what they told me is a shocking thing. It is an additional ST imposed by government and I have to pay an additional 860 per month for the next 28 months which is close to INR 23,000/- extra.

    This is outrageous, I took a loan on my credit card after Citi bank agreed me a fixed EMI, and now you are charging me an extra amount on the top of the agreed monthly EMI. That also you are charging on the total Interest for the total principal I have taken, not on the remaining interest.

    When I made the customer service agent to do the ST calculation on the phone, she agreed that there is an error in the amount added to statement. Instead of charging a ST amount of INR 444 per month citi bank charged me 860 rupees per month.

    This is so saddening and frustrating, without any CRM contacted me or any proper communication from Citi bank side you are charging me an additional INR 23,000 to my existing loan which I had taken 2 years back. I have been using your bank services for last 8 years and next time I will think twice before I go for a loan from your bank.

    I would like to see the government gazette, tax number and related docs on this new rule before you are charging me this INR 23,000 on my existing loan.

    Request for an immediate action from your side, otherwise I would go for a legal action on the same.

  • Irene Wesley

    May 9, 2017

    I'm Glad to have seen this video but i will always advise all traders to ensure they know the basics about trading before injecting funds or better still have a good mentor to guide them through

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    my poor English~ The video posted in 2014. I just want to know at present whether S&T still is attractive as they used to be.Some experts say AI will change everything

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    Advertising video of CITI bank.

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    Me: applies for citi

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    "smartest people they've seen"….. I had the opposite experience, probably why I wasn't filmed, I am not used for propaganda purposes

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