Bulgarian Championship of folklore Euro folk 2017 / World Cup of Folklore VT 2017(Official Film HD)

VIII Bulgaran National Championship of Folklore “Euro folk”! Second edition of the World Cup of Folklore “Veliko Tarnovo”! May 11 – 21, 2017! Veliko Tarnoco, Bulgaria! The Bulgarian National Championship and the World Cup of Folklore held simultaneosly with the 21st edition of Stara planina Fest “Balkan Folk”, were attended by 200 vocal groups for folk songs, choirs, dance groups, folklore ensembles, groups for old urban and popular songs, orchestras, groups for recreation of customs and many individual performers. Musical forums’ main organizer is Euro Folk Academy in copartnership with the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo. The three musical events were held under the auspices of the European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017. The Association which has more than 350 members – folklore festivals, is a globally recognized accredited organization with a consultative relationship with UNESCO in the sphere of preservation of the World Cultural Heritage at the UNESCO Committee of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. The successful implementation of the VIII Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore “Euro folk”, the II World Cup of Folklore “Veliko Tarnovo” and XXI Stara planina Fest “Balkan Folkê” was also supported by business companies, hotels, tourist and advertising agencies, many TV, radio, print and internet media. The task of filming and transmitting online all the concerts in the global network has been entrusted to the media partner of the events – Internet televison EurofolkTV. The official opening ceremony of the XXI Stara planina Fest “Balkan Folk”, VIII Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” and the II World Cup of Folklore “Veliko Tarnovo” took place on the Summer theater’s stage in Veliko Tarnovo in the attendance of Bulgarian and international folklore groups. The event was also honored by te Ambassador of Indonesia in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania – H.E. Mrs. Sri Astari Rasjid. Congratulations were expressed also by Mrs. Nelina Tsarova – director of Culture and Tourism department of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality and Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov – president of the European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF. Your Excellency, honorable Mr. Nikolov, ladies and gentelmen! Dear guests and participants! Welcome to the old capital of Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo! On behalf of the Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality – Eng. Daniel Panov and on my behalf I would like to congratulate you on the occasion of the XXI Stara planina Fest “Balkan Folk” opening. I would like to congratulate the European Association of Folklore Festivals on the occasion of its 10th anniversary this year. Let the goals, which in 2007 were set forth to the association by its founder – Iliyan Nikolov, namely to preserve the folklore of the European nations through the festivals and use of modern information technologies to be continued and developed by the heirs of his work. I believe that this noble initiative will have its continuation in the future. Good luck to everyone! Good evening! Firstly I would like to address to the participants in these spectacular events, because they are the most important people, who actually make this festival happenning. Your Excellency! Dear Mrs. Tsarova! Honorable guests! It is a great honour for me to stand in front of you at this nice moment, in the eve of conduction of the first festivals held in Bulgaria from the system of the European Association of Folklore Festivals. This year the festivals – members of the European Association are more than 350. In fact, it makes the Association the largest organization for folklore festivals in Europe. I am announcing the XXI edition of the Stara planina Fest “Balkan Folk”, the VIII National Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” and II World Cup of Folklore as opened! Congratulations! One of the accompanying events from the program of the XXI Stara planina Fest “Balkan Folk” and the simultaneously held with it VIII Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” and II edition of the World Cup of Folklore “Veliko Tarnovo” was laying flowers on the Monument of Iliyan Nikolov – founder of the Musical feasts Euro Folk and the European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF. The monument was inaugurated in May 2016 in the old capital of Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo in presence of the UNESCO Director General – Mrs. Irina Bokova. A year later, H.E. Sri Astari Rasjid also expressed her gratitude to the work and ideas of Iliyan Nikolov. First of all I would like to express my greetings to Bulgarians. I am happy to be here as an Ambassador of Indonesia in Bulgaria. Yesterday when we laid flowers at the monument was a special moment for me. I am so happy to be here attending the folklore festival “Balkan Folk” and I think that such folklore festivals that gather people from all around the world, just like this international festival and there are participants from Asia, from Europe, from everywhere and I think this is a way of communicating through cultural diplomacy. We just celebrated 60 years of bilateral relations between Indonesia and Bulgaria. Last year the Minister of Culture came here to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Cultural Minister of Bulgaria. From then on I have been promoting the Indonesian culture to the Bulgarians. We have versatile activities in the field of cultural cooperation. On May 12 all the guests and participants in the musical events had the opportunity to see one of the most interesting attractions in Veliko Tarnovo – Audio-visual show “Tsarevgrad Tarnov – sound and lights”. The spectacle was carried out with the cooperation of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo! I’ve been so impressed with the audio-visual show “Sound and lights” on Tsarevets. I hope that you will make more and more of those kind of things in order to promote the Bulgarian sights, the beautiful sights, the beautiful landscapes of Bulgaria. “Sound and light” is my favorite memory from Bulgaria, you just have to see all those lights and the story of the show! Light and sound have made the experience magical! Magical spectacle! Among the accompanying events was the parade of participants at Stara planina Festival, National Championship and World Cup of Folklore. It was held on May 13 and the route included one of the emblematic sights of Veliko Tarnovo. The procession started at Vasil Levski Str., groups presented short programs near the Mayka Bulgaria Monument, they marched through Marno pole park to the Summer theatre in the town. We were impressed, because the citizens and guests of Veliko Tarnovo had the opportunity to see the participants at the festival before we even go out on the stage, to see the costumes we are wearing. We just hint, we just open the curtain very slightly. The parade is actually an invitation “Come to watch us!” It was an honor for us to take part in the parade! We were together with another groups, with people from various places. We met them on this parade and it was magical! The atmosphere was festive and we liked it very much! The Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore “Euro folk” is a competition and has an assessment system. The jury estimates the performances in 9 categories and 2 age groups. Participants presented themselves in front of the jury comission composed of: Maestro Georgi Yankov – vocal mastery specialist, Valentin Halvadzhiev and Raycho Dimitrov – choreographers, Maestro academician Ivan Danchev – conductor and composer, Miglena Hadzhipencheva – musical expert. Within the 6-days contest program, the jury awarded the participants Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” 26 bronze, 34 silver and 30 golden medals in separate categories. Main evaluation criteria are complexity level and technique of performance, costumes, props, stage play, repertoire, stage presence. We take part at the three festivals each year. The jury evaluates the work of the kids and we win golden as well as silver and bronze medals. We are very happy, women are willing to come. They love the Northern songs and the jury assessed them nobly. An incredible euphoria, because we all really did a lot of work, and I think we prsented ouselves well. This is a gratitude for the efforts we have made, for the efforts to create something like this, to devote ourselves and to put our souls in it. It is very special feeling for everyone, who understands it, who has experienced it. So I think this is a gratefulness to all of us – about doing it and giving our hearts. Nomination for the Grand Prix Golden “Orpheus” and for the title Absolute Bulgarian National Champion 2017 was given to 5 groups – participants in Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” 2017. You impressed the audience, the jury. Now I’m expressing my compliments to you. Thank you! We are pleased that we are here once again at this wonderful festival. Because all of us performed very well, all the ensembles and soloists. I really am very pleased and happy! We generally sing songs from all folklore regions – we sing songs from Rhodope, from Thracian folklore region, from the Pirin folklore region. I am the art director of Thracian association “Rodopi” in Asenovgrad. We managed to attract new people, who continues the vocal art. Through my work as a teacher in Unified Children’s Complex in Asenovgrad, I try to teach young performers to enter the ensemble gradually. Young performers who will continue to sing, because this is very important. We try to make new costumes, to look better. As much as we can we try to look better and to sing better. We work calmly, the Municipality support us and I am pleased indeed, we work very well! We are participating for the first time and we liked the “Balkan Folk” format very much. You are participating in the National Championship of Folklore as well. You won the biggest awards there… Your group is nominated for the Grand Prix. Yes, we are grateful for that and we hope to win it! We all established the group. We all decided me to become their leader. We works together year and a half yet. We have a lot of awards. The group always presents authentic folklore. The costumes are more than 100 years old, of the grandmother’s dressers. Shoes “tsarvuli”, socks, aprons, “zavelki” we called them “fusti” (underskirts) and “valnenik” (pinafore). The girls wore velvet aprons in general, and the married women wore the woolen costume. Now, tell us about the dances we saw on the stage. What are their names, what is specific about them? The first specific thing is that they are authentic. The round-dances are 100 years old and have been danced in our region. “Alunelo” is the first round-dance, the second one is “Starinsko” and the third is “Kalush”. I made the choreography for both processed dances, authentic steps from authentic round-dances. We are very excited right now, because we’re just getting off the stage, we’re happy with the performance and how can we not be happy for all those prestigious awards, which we received. We congratulate you as organizers. In order to come back here again, then there’s something. Trio “Kalina” is founded 3 years ago. We found Mrs. Deneva. As women with a sense and sentiment we select the songs and process them together, and we get things up and generally have fun. We are happy that we can present the Bulgarian folklore. Our work is based on the authentic folklore, of course we perform processed folklore as well – according to the occasion, according to the regulations, according to the holidays. Women besides singing, have a very rich collection of authentic folk costumes and on big holidays, as in Kazanlak is the Feast of the Rose, they participate with wonderful exhibitions. I really like working with them! It is very nice and exciting. We are excited, of course. We are very happy. The jury awarded us, we did not expect such a high prize. We created the choir less than a year ago. This was Vladi’s idea and I embraced it. of course. This is my dream indeed. The music is my life. I always wanted to work in this field – to sing, and of course to teach younger performers. As you can see, there is a continuity between the generations in the choir and it is a great pleasure to me. The idea of making a choir to the ensemble came as a natural extension of the folklore ensemble. We started as a dance group, now there is a choir as well. We will also have an orchestra in the future. We presented songs from the folkloric regions of Northern, Thracian, Shopska and Dobrudzha folklore regions. You can see it in our costumes. We created “Balgarani” in 2011 as an association of amateur enthusiasts, dancers. The only purpose was to have fun, to dance, to preserve the Bulgarian folklore. And we are glad that for a short time, only 6 years, the ensemble is developing in a very good way. Two years ago, here at the National Championship we became national champions with the dance group. Now we have a Grand Prix nomination for the choir. We hope that our next participation, which will be at the World Championship, to be that much successful and to take the world title. Congratulations for the nomination! You will take part in the final standings, where the first, second and third place places will be allocated. But how do you feel right now? Thank you very much, thanks to these young girls! We have been existing for 10 years, many children have changed. There are few children from the old group. Almost all of them are new. We recreate dances from the Shopska region, Northern and Thracian region as well. Where is Novachene village located? In the municipality of Botevgrad near Sofia. 1200 people. Our municipality is big. There are many sights and things to see there. How do you cope? Well, with a lot of hard work, they play a lot, they are fun, they are perfect. They prove themselves! With more effort – we will have better results! I hope in the future, we will become even better! Thank you very much – you, and the whole team! Part of the participants in Stara Planina Fest “Balkan Folk” and the Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” had a performance at the second edition of World Cup folklore “Veliko Tarnovo” 2017. Depending on the level of performance, all participants received points for ranking in the World ranking list of Folklore. In the competition program of World Cup folklore participated dozens of groups and individual performers from Bulgaria and abroad. The jury of World Cup of Folklore “Veliko Tarnovo 2017” awarded the participants in the forum with 7 bronze, 4 silver and 16 gold medals in 9 categories, structured by genres and into 2 groups, according to the age of the performers. Nomination for participation in the selection of the first, second and third place of the World Cup of Folklore “Veliko Tarnovo 2017” were received by 6 creative compositions. We are from Indonesia – from Aceh, in particular from Banda Aceh. We are students. We work together to develop the art of dance. The dance we presented is traditional and is called “Musari Sari”. “Musari Sari” is part of Aceh culture. It involves movements that mimic, imitate the work of farmers in this area. This is “Rapai”. We call this instrument a “serune kani”. It is an Aceh instrument. We are very happy. We are very happy with the medal. Our hard work is rewarded. We are very happy. If you invite us, we will come again. Hello and welcome to Veliko Tarnovo. I am glad to meet in the days of Stara Planina Fest “Balkan Folk”, but I still have to specify, that you also participated in the National Folklore Championship and the National Championship of Folklore and in the World Cup of Folklore, where you already won a nomination for participation in the ranking for the Grand Prix for the Cup. You have two gold medals. How do you feel? With two gold medals and this beautiful thing, I suppose everyone around me feels very happy. What songs did you present? It is a Rhodope song – “Goritse sitna zelena”, under my processing, especially for choir. For the possibilities of women’s choir. And the song “Slantchitsa, milo mamino”. Basically, participate year-round in all – municipal and national championships, world championships, regional. We have won a lot of first places, gold medals. We thank the jury and the organizers for appreciating us. We hope, there will be more such festivals in the future. I am glad, that there are young people around us, who continue being involved with folklore. We hope in future we will take part in more festivals, we will receive more prizes! We feel good! We are glad we took this prize! This obliges us to work more! Everything goes according to plan as we had planned – with participation in the Championship of Folklore, at various festivals, in different places. And we wish health and many, very creative successes. This group works since 2012. Until today, we have not stopped. I even think we do not have a holiday month, right? – One. We must have rested for no more than a month at all this time. This time, we presented a “Igri ot Trakiya” (Games from Thrace). Various rhythms from the Thracian ethnographic area. I think people have done well. We dance Thracian dances in general, but we have a repertoire from all ethnographic regions in Bulgaria. And so! We continue to work! We are from Jakarta and have come here to participate in this contest. Thank you for the time and for the opportunity, as Indonesians, to represent ourselves in Bulgaria. Thanks for receiving this nomination for Grand Prix! The local culture of Jakarta is called “bataui”. We have a lot of dances in Indonesia, and the ones that we presented are Pucat, Rafai and Tudjaro. This costume is special, from Aceh. Aceh is a province in Indonesia. The female costume is also the region Aceh. Your country is wonderful. People are good. The weather is nice. Everything in Bulgaria is nice. The Bulgarians welcomed us very well. Your folklore also impressed us. It was a great opportunity for me and my friends. We thank the Indonesian Embassy and the Ambassador of Indonesia, for being invited here in Bulgaria. I wish to this folk festival to continue to gather many countries from around the world. Let all countries around the world to come and take part in the festival in the next year or the next 5 years. Thank you, Bulgaria! Hello, we are dance group “Ludi Mladi” – 11th “V” grade. From “Sava Dobroplodni” Secondary School, Shumen. You have won many awards with this participation here in Veliko Tarnovo. Are you happy? – Yes! Last year we won the silver medal and that motivates us to prove this year that we can win Cup and Gold medals. I am a class leader of this class. They are incredible children! 11th grade. They are not an ensemble, they are a class, that works very hard. The best children from Shumen were gathered, the most polite, most beautiful, most successful, most radiant and of course, the most stubborn ones, so we could achieve this success today in Veliko Tarnovo. Our participations in the cultural calendar of Shumen are a lot. Numerous competitions at national level, at regional level, internationally too. Since last year we have 60 certificates and respectively, first, second and third places. We are always in the top 3. We have many awards. We hope, that we can continue our success! We come from Indonesia – a very beautiful country! There are many islands – Jawa, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua, Sumatra. You must visit our country. You are welcome! There is an Art class in our school – Unit Kesenian SMAN 28. We try to make folklore programs. This trip is fully supported by the pupils’ parents. In other countries, we have participated in Spain – in Barcelona. In Turkey, in China, in Germany and here. We are from Jawa Island, but the dance is from Kalimantan. The story of the dance is related to the bird Angang from this island. This is part of the Enggang bird. These are the feathers of the bird. Enggang is the dance of the bird enggang from Kalimantan. The costume is for prayer. This sign is special for the island of Kalimantan. The dance is performed at a special ceremony. Usually people from this island pray to the Gods in this way. As a ritual. In fact, this dance is more like a ritual – one of the rituals of our country. We liked the festival a lot! We are happy! We wish to come and participate again. I hope next year. – Are you happy? On May 20, after the end of the competitive programs of the Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” and World Cup of Folklore “Veliko Tarnovo” 2017, took place the official awarding ceremony of the winners in the final ranking of both forums. The ceremony was held in the presence of members of the jury committee and Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov – President of the European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF. The third place on VII Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” 2017 is for Dance Ensemble “Ludi mladi” at “Pravda 1905” Community center, Novachene village, whose artistic director is Stefka Alexandrova. The bronze medal of the Championship and the Bronze “Orpheus” is being handed by Valentin Halvadzhiev – choreographer from the jury commission. The second place at Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” 2017 is for Folk choir at Folklore Ensemble “Bulgarani” with artistic directors – Ekaterina Kostadinova and Vladimir Nedev. the ensemble receives the Silver Medal of the Championship and the title Absolute Vice Champion for 2017. The Silver “Orpheus” is being handed by Maestro Georgi Yankov – chairman of the jury. The winner of the first place at VIII Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” is Dance club “Zharava”, Vidin, with artistic director Fidanka Asenova. The ensemble receives the Gold Medal of the Championship and the title Absolute National Champion for 2017. The Golden Orpheus will be handed by Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov. Mr. Nikolov will hand the check at the amount of 1000 leva, provided by the European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF. After the awarding of the winners in the VIII Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” 2017, the ceremony continued with the announcement of the collectives ranked at third, second and first place in the World Cup of Folklore “Veliko Tarnovo” 2017. The third place in the final standings took the Ensemble “Al Azhar” from Tangerang, Indonesia. The ensemble became the winner of the Cup for third place at the World Cup of Folklore “Veliko Tarnovo” 2017, Diploma and voucher for 30 Euro for participation in the World Championship of Folklore “World Folk”, provided by the European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF. At Second place in the World Cup of Folklore “Veliko Tarnovo” 2017 was ranked Dance ensemble “Ludi mladi” at “Sava Dobroplodni” Secondary School, Shumen. The ensemble won the Cup for second place, a Diploma and a voucher for 500 Euro for participation in the World Championship of Folklore “World Folk”. Winner of the World Cup of Folklore “Veliko Tarnovo” 2017 and winner of the Grand Prix World Cup folklore, Diploma certifying the first place and voucher worth 1000 Euro, provided by EAFF for participation in the World Championship of Folklore “World Folk” became the Ensemble “SMAN Jakarta” from the Indonesian capital Jakarta. The official closure of the 21st Stara Planina Fest “Balkan Folk”, 8th Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” and the 2nd edition of the World Cup of Folklore “Veliko Tarnovo” 2017 took place minutes after the prize-giving ceremony. Good evening everyone! Dear jury, dear audience, dear participants and dear friends! It is a great honor for me to attend these huge forums. I am extremely glad that in our century we can use the most advanced technologies and record all these wonderful performances, so they could be hand over in the future. I am extremely glad that there are so many children, so many young people, who are engaged in folklore. I would like to wish to everyone happiness, joy, good health and a lot of strength! I announce the 21st Stara Planina Fest “Balkan Folk”, the 8th Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk” and 2nd edition of the World Cup of Folklore “Veliko Tarnovo” 2017 for being closed! I wish all of you health! Until next time! Past, Present, Future … The debt to keep alive the memory for the history and culture is a quality of only the nations responsible for their future obtain. Preserving folklore and its popularization are among the main tasks of the festivals held under the auspices of the European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF. At the end of their stay in Veliko Turnovo, many of the participants and guests headed greeting on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Association. I wish success and health to all the members of the Association! Good luck in all your endeavors! First, I am very glad that you exist! Second, besides health because it is very important to all of us, I want to wish you many successes, many groups and very nice moments with these festivals and competitions, that you organize! Àbove all, we wish you health! Keep doing all these great forums! They are a big step for groups such as ours, to develop. Our participation with the Male folklore group many years ago connects me with your team. What we have done and created together, leaves a very thick and lasting line for the selfmade creativity in our town. I love you so much! And I wish you success with all my heart! If I could be helpful with something, I would always do it for you! 10 years is a good number! But we, or at least I, have performed in five years of those 10. I wish you many more times by 10 to make these world festivals. This is what will support the Bulgarian folklore, because it is an incentive. To perform at a global forum is something extremely important and prestigious. I wish Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov to run these festivals not 10, but many times by 10 years. I would like to congratulate everyone from the European Association. Big congratulations to them! And best wishes for having created such a beautiful platform, where artists from different places and cultures can gather together and perform. The world calls for peace. The European Association does a great job. Work that is an example! My best wishes! I would wish this association, led by Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov, to expand more and more! And I wish someday to come to Indonesia, to Bali. and make conference and not only conference, but make festival in Bali. We are rich with cultures. We have 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia that inhabit 17000 islands, and we have 260 million people. If such a type of folkloric festival cames and is being held in Indonesia, will be very appropriate and perhaps the place is on the island of Bali. To enable people from around the world to come and join such a festival. I hope that this will happen and I just told him that he will maintain this kind of festivals in the future.

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