Bu Takımda Yükselmenin Sınırı Yok!

REGIONAL SALES MANAGER Hello, I am Aylin Türk. I work for QNB Finansbank as the Regional Sales Manager. Today marks my 10th year at QNB Finansbank. How did this adventure begin? Let’s travel back to 10 years ago. MAKING MY APPLICATION CALLED FOR AN INTERVIEW PREPARING FOR THE INTERVIEW QNB FİNANSBANK CALL CENTER SUPERMARKET HAIRDRESSER GYM INTERVIEW TIME Hello, I am Özge Köse from HR.
Welcome to our interview. I passed the interview.
Now, it’s time for the two-month banking training. CALL CENTER
Here we go! Receiving my first call. My pleasure. We are committed to your satisfaction.
Is there anything else you need my assistance for? Sometimes we just need to stop and take a break! LOUNGE Here comes my favorite part!
It’s fun time: fun factory Chocolate?
I love it! NAP ROOM Here is the real fun! Weekly activity bulletin
An activity every week, with exclusive discounts Now, I am a team leader. Team, our goal is answer 600 calls in 3 hours!
Come on, show me how it’s done! A true team! We strive to reach the goal! You are the greatest team! It’s not even 3 hours and we have already reached our goal. THE BEST OF THE YEAR AWARD CEREMONY 2012
The best team leader of the year: Aylin Türk We are always recognized for our efforts! That’s it! I embarked on my career at QNB Finansbank Call Center. Then I joined the branch sales team, continuing to rise rapidly in my career. And now, I am the Regional Sales Manager. Besides, it is not just me. I have many financier colleagues who advanced their careers just like me. We see this place as a banking school. If you want to join us and kickstart your career at QNB Finansbank, one of the world’s most powerful banks, click now! Apply! Click to apply now!

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