Blackwell Global | Opening a MT4 Demo Account

Blackwell Global | Opening a MT4 Demo Account

MT4 is the most popular trading platform in the world, and Blackwell Global makes it available to you at no cost. Just a reminder – Trading products with leverage involves a high level of risk. You may lose more than your invested capital. Before you make an investment,
you may want to try MT4 with us, so, we have made it available as a practice account and a demo platform. Downloading and launching your new MT4 demo platform could not be easier – Simply visit the Blackwell Global website at and find MT4 demo in the menu, where you can open your own practice account. Simply type in your name, email address,
your mobile phone number, your country of residence, and let us know how you heard about us. While you are here, you can ensure you get a daily market update. Click the “Open my Demo Account” button. The website will confirm your submission,
and you will receive an email very soon afterwards, asking you to verify your
email address by clicking “here”. Once your email address has been confirmed,
you will receive an email with the following information: 1) Your MT4 login and Account Number.
2) Your password. 3) The server to which you will connect
for your demo account. Click on the link and your download will start right away. When asked, tick the existing trade account button, and enter your login account number and the password from the email you received earlier. Your new MT4 platform will open like this. You should now see the connection status window on the bottom right hand corner. If you see changing figures here, you are properly connected and data is being transferred. If you see “No connection” or “Invalid account”,
you may have an internet connection problem or you may have entered
your account number or password incorrectly. Also, while you are investigating your new platform,
right-click here on “Market Watch” and select “Show All”, and you will be able to trade everything that
Blackwell Global has to offer. Later on, should you wish to have another practice account (to test a different strategy, for example), simply right-click on the “Accounts” menu item
in the MT4 navigator and select “Open an Account”. Select the Demo Server and click “Next”. Then select “New demo account”. Type in your name, email address and phone number. Select your account type, the amount deposited in your practice account and the leverage you require. For example, 1:100. You will then see a confirmation of your
account details, and we highly recommend your taking a screenshot to save the password. We also recommend that you change the
password to something you can remember for later. Simply click on “Tools”>”Options”>”Server”>”Change” and follow the instructions on the screen. That’s all for now. We will have more in MT4 and trading coming up. Happy Trading with Blackwell Global!

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